Message by Father Michael Lapsley on behalf of the Friends of Cuba Society (FOCUS) on the passing of Fidel Castro

28 November 2016

We join internationalists everywhere in sending a loving embrace to the Cuban people. 
We join our tears with yours.
We share your pride that your greatest son Commandante Fidel Castro Castro led and guided the Cuban revolution for five decades and inspired generations to fight for and transform their own societies.  

From the triumph of the Revolution in 1959 under your unwavering leadership Cuba taught the world the meaning of international solidarity.  

Whether in achieving universal literacy, reducing infant mortality and providing comprehensive quality health care to every citizen or with with free education from creche to university the Cuban Revolution under your guidance became a beacon of light for the whole world.  

As South Africans we can never forget how you lead Cubans to willingly shed their blood for our freedom.  

You audaciously built socialism within sight of US imperialism and succeeded despite every attempt by the US to  kill you.  

With your towering intellect, moral vision and iron resolve you never wavered in building a more humane and just society for all Cubans and taught the world what is possible. Your life and example inspires us as it will for generations to come.  

We are Fidel.  Fidel is us.
Father Micheal Lapsley
 +27 82 416 2766
Friends of Cuba Society (FOCUS)