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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
May 26,  2013
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Council Community Forum on Amalgamation & Planning

Pittwater Council is hosting a community forum this Tuesday 28 May to discuss major state government reforms.

The community forum is to inform the community of the implications for Pittwater of the planning "White Paper" and proposed reform of NSW councils.

Both reports were released by the NSW government last month. Make up your own mind by attending the Council forum :

Time:  6.30pm - 8pm
Venue: Mona Vale Memorial Hall

This forum is hosted by the Mayor and Councillors and they want to hear the community thoughts.
A detailed presentation about the issues will be given at this meeting with the opportunity to ask questions.

Council has devised a number of pages on Council's website that may be helpful to you.

These pages will be updated over time : http://www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/reform

The following flyer is about the impending changes to the NSW Planning laws and the proposed amalgamation of Councils.  All of which will effect the local community.

The flyer is to encourage folks to come to a Council Community Forum meeting ( May 28th) to hear council views on this matter and give the community an opportunity to express their views as well.

Download Council flyer HERE

Pittwater Online News  (May 26 - June 1, 2013: Issue 112) has an interesting Front Page discussing this matter  - with comments from our Mayor...

If you are interested in learning more about the proposed changes identified in the Pittwater Council's Flyer, you may find these links useful:

Gadens' Independent review of NSW planning overhaul:


Warringah Council Commissioned discussion paper of Amalgamation:

History of Pittwater's 'succession' from Warringah 20 years ago:


Pittwater Council is hosting a community forum on Tuesday 28 May to discuss major state government reforms.

The community forum is to inform the community of the implications for Pittwater of the planning ‘White Paper’ and proposed reform of NSW councils.

Both reports were released by the NSW government last month.

The forum will take place on Tuesday 28 May at Mona Vale Memorial Hall between 6.30pm and 8pm with Councillors and senior staff.  

Mayor Jacqui Townsend said the proposed changes to planning and local government were ‘the two greatest challenges to the Pittwater way of life since the creation of the council in 1992.’

“The White Paper essentially puts development and growth ahead of our environment,” the Mayor said.

“The proposed changes directly threaten our community’s vision statement which is “to be a vibrant sustainable community of connected villages inspired by bush, beach and water”.

“The planning changes could see up to 80% of DA’s approved without any consultation, and buildings of up to 20 units built without notifying neighbours.”

“The state government is attempting to bring in these changes by the end of this year.”

The Mayor said the state government’s Independent Local Government Review Panel has proposed the amalgamation of Pittwater with Warringah and Manly councils.  “This will create a northern beaches council of 250,000 residents and reduce local representation for Pittwater at a time it is needed most!”

“Over-development and a lack of services and infrastructure were the reasons this council was formed back in the 1990s.”

“We are in danger of going back to that situation with next to no local representation.”

“I strongly recommend that local residents come to this forum and find out what these changes mean for you and for our valued Pittwater environment.”

To find out more about the Planning White Paper or to lodge a submission at www.planning.nsw.gov.au   Information and lodgement of submissions for the Independent Government Review Panel can be found at www.localgovernmentreview.nsw.gov.au 

Media contact:     Mayor Jacqui Townsend       Ph:  9970 1104

Sustainable Food Matters
Wednesday June 5

Pittwater Council has a sustainable living event coming up on Wednesday 5th June, at the Coastal Environment Centre, to celebrate World Environment Day.

The theme this year, is Think : Eat : Save, and the focus is on sustainable food and food waste. It should be a good night, and we hope to see you there.

Please pass this invitation on through your networks, if appropriate.
(See attached file: Sustainable Food Matters - SingleA5.pdf)

Follow the link below, to book online:

Joanne Tulau
Senior Environment Officer - Sustainability
Phone: (02) 9970 1339
Mobile: 0417 461 703

Dog Attack
On Thursday 16th May our pets were subjected to yet another dog attack behind our house near Bell Wharf during the day when we were all out. Animal hair strewn all around the yard and two much-loved pets missing was the scene that greeted my children when they arrived home from school.
The cage wire was pushed in, which would have required some effort, and our last guinea pig taken, presumed killed. We found the bunny and she’s safely caged again. Last year our mummy guinea pig and three babies were also killed by dogs.
I am sending photos of dogs who wander into our place and who aren’t familiar to us on to Pittwater Council. We are happy to have harmless dogs through our place; it’s the rest we want kept at home where they can’t kill small animals, whether they be pets or native animals.
If anyone saw the attack or has any information that might assist please email lisa.ratcliff@bigpond.com

Does Your Child Need Some Extra Help with Learning?

I am a fully qualified Primary School teacher (Kindergarten – Year 6) who can assist your child with their learning.

Sometimes children need a bit of extra help, time and some alternative strategies in order to grasp key concepts in maths, reading and writing.

I can provide tutoring and help with homework and home reading at reasonable rates.

To discuss, please call Anne Dennis on 0435 870 096

A Review...

Hello Islanders,

I believe you are all interested in doing a review.  Well I would love to be involved and help put things together.  I think it would be great to put on a night / nights with a mixture of old and new talent - and there is so much talent on the island! 

I was wondering if we could put some of the money raised towards helping out Tanya who worked at the Kindy but had to leave as her eight year old son has bone cancer?  He is going to be having several operations and it is going to be a long and painful road for his family - and I would really like to help them somehow.

I was hoping we could meet sometime soon and discuss your ideas and make a plan to encourage / enlist other members of our community.

I don't have Paul Birchil's email address - so maybe someone can forward this to him.  Boyd has made a really funny video that would get us started and it would be cool to have a mixture of videos and live sketches / songs etc. 

I am happy to host a wine drinking meeting of the minds / planning session at my house.
Fridays are good for me.


Pre-loved corrugated iron ideal for that shed you were always going to build. Light grey in colour, good condition.

Five length 8.5 m long. Free delivery to anyone who takes the lot.
Phone John  99975867.

For Sale
Black Bimini

25mm diameter tubing, approx 1.8 meters wide at base. Was used on stacer 399 proline.
Very good condition. No rot, rips or frame damage and will fold back into an 'envelope'.
Can be modified to accommodate a clear enclosure.

Price: $400 negotiable.

Contact Jack on 0413096393 or xboxerlegend@gmail.com

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