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December 2015  IN THIS ISSUE:
  • Christmas: ideal time to collect and create Magical Makeovers for Memorable Stories…ones you may even have used or heard before!
  • Also, hurry and take advantage of special timely discounts on home-study educational resources by world class speaker, Craig Valentine, 1999 WCPS  

As Marshall Goldsmith said: "What got you here won't get you there!"
Remember you need 4 items to enhance your speaking skills: time, practice, live audiences, and the correct TIPS, TOOLS and TECHNIQUES! (scroll below)
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Quotations of the month:
  “The holidays mean a lot of family time. This is a perfect opportunity to fill your notebooks with killer comedy material.”
- Judy Carter, author, comedienne
  “In the end all we have are stories and methods of finding and using those stories.” - Roger C. Shank, from ‘Tell Me A Story’ 
'Tis the Season to Collect Compelling Content and Make Magical Makeovers for Memorable Stories!
As a speaker, you know that well-crafted stories with a positive life-changing message are necessary for effective presentations. What a perfect season to listen to others' old and new stories that contain great messages or lessons! After all, isn’t that why we speak? To teach other lessons we have learned,  and consequently, create  positive change in others' lives?
During this festive season of holiday gatherings, take note of what you do and what you hear from people in your family, friends and colleagues. At these events, you can collect and compile a catalogue of life lessons and as a result, have high content rich stories, that are also entertaining and humorous!
Follow this proven technique to determine whether or not you have the foundation
for memorable stories!
  • start with the end in mind: the clear, concise point/lesson you wish to get across
  • decide whether or not the story has 5 of the 9C's, known as the skeletal structure, upon which you can build a story
  • for each C write just 1 sentence; this will ensure you have a solid foundation for your story
  • use this format any time you wish to develop a story
Character(s) _________________________________________________________________
Conflict ____________________________________________________________________
Cure _______________________________________________________________________
Change _____________________________________________________________________
Carry-out Message  ___________________________________________________________
Once you have your skeletal story structure, then add the details, the flesh and blood to humanzie your stories
(I've added a few audios to give you a tiny sample of Craig's Edge of their Seats Storytelling home-study program)
 Yes, you CAN breathe new life into old stories and revive them,
so they’ll be remembered and repeated by others!
Until next month, I wish you a safe, healthy Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours!   Wink
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