Blues Project- My Favorite Band When I Was 9 Years Old in 1966 & Still a Favorite Today! Uplifting Blues & Sulfur Alleviate Depression, Allergies, Arthritis, Numerous Other Ailments While Detoxing Toxic Heavy Metals Being Sprayed on Us via Chemtrails!
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In this alert I have a lot of valuable information on how to use organic sulfur to prevent seasonal and food ALLERGIES which cause horrible brain fog and depression, and also information on how you can heal and seal your leaky gut to reduce allergies dramatically! I wish I'd known these things decades ago because they literally changed my life!
In this alert I also have all the information on how to use sulfur to prevent Alzheimers, cancer, diabetes, how to lose weight, and to decrease the pain caused by arthritis as well as how to detox all the toxins from smog and from chemtrails so you won't be pushin' up daisies before you hit age 65 the way our would be masters at the satanic UN seek to engineer via UN Agenda 21...
When I get down in the dumps from thinking about articles like this about whats really going on with that whole Boston Marathon mind controlled bomber scenario intended to manufacture consent for accepting a massively increased police presence, I enjoy listening to an uplifting blues song to help get into a happier state of mind!
Yesterday I re-found this gem "Wake Me- Shake Me" by the Blues Project that I hadn't listened to since I was between the ages of 9 and maybe 14. If you really like it you can either listen to the audio file or download an MP 3 file of the song here.
Listen to it as you do your morning commute, or any time!
This was my favorite song in '66 when I was 9 years old, and my brother Steve was just graduating from High School. Steve used to listen to it all the time, and since I used to idolize him (he was an awesome football player and played in a band that played a lot of blues like this so it became my favorite song, and still is today 46 years later.
Not sure what it is about this song I like so much except that it really captures the loneliness I feel from being in a relationship with someone 7,000 miles away who I long to be with and it lightens the load somehow, making the intense emotional pain easier to bear.
I feel a lot of emotional pain when I think about the huge numbers of people who have never seen Why in the World Are They Spraying? and who don't realize the importance of ingesting sulfur water to chelate all the toxins being sprayed on us so they can be safely removed from the body.
Far too many people fail to realize we've all been set up like bowling pins to be set up for Alzheimers, Cancer, Morgellons disease, and other serious illnesses by the nano sized aluminum particles and other toxins as I warned you about via Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD's article about the dangers of chemtrails that I sent out in this alert.
I love the energy in this uplifting song, making it possible for me to keep hoping, to keep dreaming, to never give up! What I think of the most when I hear this song was the emotional pain I felt when my brother Rob was drafted and sent to Vietnam. I remember feeling afraid that I'd never see him again, but he came back in one piece. He was shipped off to Vietnam in 1969 when I was 12 years old. By ingesting sulfur, we neutralize the acid caused by stress, and God knows we're all experiencing heaping doses of stress in today's complex world.
Even the worst forms of emotional pain can be transcended with help from prayer and from good music like this, but sulfur also helps a lot because by making your cell membranes more porous, blood sugar that would normally flood into your brain via your blood stream causing brain fog, depression, fatigue and irritability can be absorbed into the cells, and removed from the body- especially if you exercise.
Using blood sugar lowering supplements such as chromium polynicotinate helps, while l-glutamine lessens carb cravings.
This morning I began my day by riding my Diablo stepper bike down the hill to the gym where I lifted kettlebells for an hour before coming back to the office to generate this alert. Drinking sulfur water makes it possible for me to write these alerts and to do the work of 5 people here, packing and shipping sulfur, and answering all of your questions. No matter what sort of work you do, you will be at the top of your game if you drink sulfur water twice a day. Its the edge you need to do your best, day after day, despite all the toxins we're being assaulted with from chemtrails, smog, food additives, etc.
Drinking sulfur makes it possible for me to destroy competitors in the 200 meter breast stroke, one of the most grueling races in swimming, because I've learned the fundamental fact that all pain is caused by some cell's cry for oxygen, and sulfur makes it possible to really FLOOD your cells with oxygen which will also keep me from ever getting cancer. Please tell everyone you know that we've had a cure for cancer since 1929 called oxygen. Here we see Daniel Gyurta of Hungary breaking the world's record in the 200 meter breast stroke in 2012. Watch this youtube lecture by Ed McCabe: Flood Your Body With Oxygen and read his book of that same title.
I used to suffer horribly from brain fog before finally learning the things I have about hypoglycemia and how to control my blood sugar. Taking sulfur gives me the energy from minimizing lactic acid build up so I can stay out of oxygen debt in order to exercise longer and harder which in turn lowers blood sugar to help eliminate the brain fog that goes with it. (When you exercise, it helps blood sugar enter the cells to be metabolized and burned as fuel which is what you want. This can eliminate the roller coaster moods that come with hypoglycemia that are often mistakenly misdiagnosed as "bipolar illness".
People must stop eating sugar and cut way back on fast acting carbs. Get a glucose meter and start using it to give yourself feedback on what you're eating. When you eat carbs you'll see a spike in your blood sugar. Keep a food log! Go Paleo! Read Dr. Nora Gedgoudas excellent book Primal Diet- Primal Mind.
The information I got from this book helped me lose 60 lbs, and reverse a prediabetic condition, it helped me get back to my "fighting weight" so I won't be mowed down like a bowling pin by the NWO genocide machine. Gedgoudas is a person who "walks her talk." You can tell that by her photo. She exudes good health, and you can too!
I want to leave America and never come back, but sometimes I just feel stuck here where I feel a huge sense of foreboding. Drinking Sulfur twice a day, singing, and praying helps me stay calm and grounded despite this pain, helping to neutralize the acid caused by stress that is dumped into the small intestine. Please share this with more people. The world needs more uplifting blues like this!!
Steve was never drafted the way my oldest brother (Rob) was. When Rob was sent to Vietnam in 1969 when I was 12, I thought I might never see him again and felt a lot of stress, a lot of real anxiety because every night on the news we'd watch the war, and there were always stories of huge numbers of casualties. At the time that I first heard "wake me- shake me" I could have used sulfur water at that time to neutralize the acid caused by stress thats dumped into our small intestine.


SULFUR does not act as a anti-histamine substance, that inhibits histamine production. It's effectiveness is due to it's ability to block the receptivity of histamine in the sensitive tissue of the mucus membranes of nasal passages. This process is believed to prevent the histamine from creating the inflammation, swelling, and fluid build-up that can come with allergies. SULFUR does not produce any serious side effects, unlike prescription medications and over the counter pain killers, and there are no known drug interactions.
SULFUR does not produce the drowsiness, slowed reaction effects that come with the conventional anti-histamines. Patients that have taken SULFUR have reported back to their physicians that their pain levels were 50 percent less, or better, after taking the supplement. Most of the patients reported improvement and a drop in pain and allergy symptom levels within a weeks time.
When I was a kid, we had a brook flowing through the backyard of the house I grew up in in NJ and there were a lot of perennial weeds growing which combined with a lot of pollen from trees, molds and and grasses causing me to have horrible allergies that caused me to set a record for missing more time in the classroom at Washington Elementary in Summit NJ than anyone had ever missed.
You couldn't purchase organic sulfur in America when I was in K-12 years ago, but if it had been available, it would have been a godsend! I would have been spared years of ill health! Along with sulfur it would have been good if I'd been aware of the way gut dysbiosis (leaky gut syndrome) contributes to allergies...
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We can bankrupt Big Pharma if we get enough people drinking sulfur water! It is the simplest single thing anyone can do for their health! When you help oxygen enter the cells, so wastes are pushed out of the cells, miracles happen! Protect yourself!!
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