Easter Wishes
We love the season’s change as most do.  A few warm(ish) days, daffodils, buds on the trees and all that beautiful blossom; and we say goodbye to this wintery scenery for a while.
It brings about change too in the kitchens as we move away from blood oranges and citrus and endless braises into asparagus, new season Sicilian tomatoes, Welsh spring Lamb and the early season Gariguette strawberries.  A very exciting time for chefs; their creative juices start to flow with an abundance of colourful and delicate new produce coming through the delivery doors.
Try making this simple but delicious (and of course oh so seasonal) recipe over the Easter weekend for a light and easy dessert...
Salad of Gariguette strawberries, yoghurt and sorbet.
Gariguette strawberries are the first to come into season and have a unique bittersweet flavour; they also happen to be one of our favourite varieties.
Simply cut in half lengthways and sprinkle with a little castor sugar and leave to macerate for half an hour or so at room temperature, the juices will seep out and this will make a lovely dressing.  We serve this simply with a light yoghurt mousse but at home they will work perfectly with crème fraiche - La Fromagerie in Moxon Street produce a marvellous one, and a strawberry sorbet. You could also scatter some crushed meringue for texture.
Good luck and taste the spring!
On the restaurant floor we too reflect the change with lighter style wines and delicate cocktails abound. In particular we can never get enough Riesling or Pinot Noir on my wine lists; representing fine and elegant drinking, clean flavours and freshness.
With wine in mind though we are just finishing a celebration of Rieslings at Arbutus with superb examples from Germany, Alsace, New Zealand and the New York Finger Lakes.  Our winner from the pack is Josmeyer’s stunning Le Kottabe, soft and sensual is what they say; and we couldn’t agree more.  It is a mere 11.5% too which is a lunch time drinking bonus.
We are starting April at Arbutus with a section on Greek Wines, promising 3 whites and 3 reds each; there’s definitely going to be something new for you to discover.  Great wines to match with food too.
Easter eggs for all the kids – big and small - at Arbutus on Easter Sunday.
The lunch menu is still priced at the extraordinary £23.00 for Sunday Lunch or the a la carte is there too for the taking.  Bring the family and take the pressure off cooking at home.
Important Announcement
After too long we are finally undergoing a refurbishment of the Arbutus toilets.  This will unfortunately mean that the restaurant will have to close just after the Easter Weekend for 4 days (Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th April).  We hope you’ll like the results.
From Anthony, Will and all the Team we wish you all very Happy Easter.

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