Happy April, Happy Spring

April is here and spring is doing what spring is meant to do. Clean out the old and make way for the new.

Lots of rain is falling in Tennessee it will find places to store itself until the dry hot days of summer reach deep and draw from the reserve. Natures way of protecting us from drought.

Earth Day is April 22. Sage Hill Farms is planning a day of action and education for some younger members of our community Playing in the dirt, finding and learning about bugs, slugs, and all manner of garden thugs will be the agenda for the day.

I borrowed this idea in part from my friend Richard Rossbauer. Richard has been a friend and teacher to me for a few years now.

You can visit him at: www.richardpresents.com

Richard is the "go to guy" for good information on being and staying safe on the internet with our websites and networks. He is also a really nifty gardener.

Children spend many hours of every day inside, watching tv, playing video games, and otherwise engaged in activities that do not include outside time.

Gardening with our children is a fabulous way to connect. They have a natural connection with "dirt", so designing a garden, planting, tending and harvesting will bring many hours of fun, education, and memories, both for us and for the children.

Keeping a journal with your child about the things you do together in the garden will be a great read later in their lives.

People and Places we love:

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is America's most visited park. It logged 9.4 million visitors in 2007. With eight hundred miles of hiking trails, hundreds of mountain peaks (16 of which reach 6,000 feet or more), The Great Smoky Mountain parks are the perfect vacation spots for families.

My family has covered many, many miles and looking forward to more.

Kevin and Lisa Owens

Those of you who know me well, know that I promote people I know and believe in. Please help me promote this program that Kevin has developed.


Kevin has the experience and education that brings the much needed knowledge and validity to this type program.

We are working to get this program into as many schools as possible.

A link to the website above will be much appreciated by Kevin and by me.

Many children don't get the education about internet safety from home and parents. A program that is part of the regular classroom subjects would fill that gap, and...if one child is kept from harm, the project will have served its purpose.

You can contact Kevin at e.coppe@blueknightproductions.us or kevin038@mindspring.com

I wish you each a very fruitful spring, in the gardens of your life.
Bea Kunz