(L-R)Congressman Waxman, then Andrew C. von Eschenbach, M.D., Commissioner, FDA

IAHF List: As I type this I'm listening on headphones to the House Oversight Committee's Oversight Hearing on the FDA. Commissioner Von Eschenbach is being grilled about deaths caused by Avendia, the diabetes drug that killed 35,000 Americans last year.

Please join me in viewing the hearing on the Oversight Committee's website at http://oversight.house.gov/story.asp?ID=1325

In his opening remarks, Von Eschenbach begged the House to pass HR 1561 which would give the FDA the Reagan Udall Foundation for the FDA, a literal pharmaceutical development company to be located inside the FDA, the biggest conflict of interest imaginable as well as the biggest threat to the dietary supplement industry and to DSHEA that has ever existed.

As I type this, Congressman Henry Waxman who is the FDA's biggest friend in the House, is going through the motions of putting Von Eschenbach on the hotseat, but his "Oversight" is nothing but a dog and pony show. So far, the hearing is clearly being conducted in such a way as to JUSTIFY the creation of the Reagan Udall Foundation- the whole thing is propaganda, totally SCRIPTED and ORCHESTRATED PROPAGANDA.

Please alert everyone you know to watch it RIGHT NOW, its 11 AM eastern time, 8 AM Pacific Time as I type this.

This whole scam is an insult to every Diabetic, and every man, woman and child in this country.

Long Live the Second Amendment. We'll need our guns to protect ourselves from these murderous KILLERS in the FDA and the Con-Gress. They're awash in Pharma PAC Money and a Revolution is long overdo.

Join the REVOLUTION by assisting Congressman Ron Paul in his bid to flip the BIRD to the pond scum who run the Republican Party!! He did really well on the Daily Show with John Stewart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qrwy3mR3Mo  and he KICKED BUTT in the New Hampshire debates where he beat the S.... out of all the stuffed shirts by taking 75% of the polling votes in the aftermath: http://www.vote.com/vResults/index.phtml

Join the REVOLUTION: http://www.rescue-us.org/ronpaulrevolutionhome.htm


IAHF is in direct communication with Norm Singleton in Congressman Paul's office about the DIRE NEED for an amendment to HR 1561 to remove the word UNREASONABLE- see http://www.wellnessresources.com/health_freedom.php where you can send a form letter to Congress with one mouse click and where you can hear the AUDIO ARCHIVE of the Jonathan Emord Radio Show where Emord and Byron Richards go into real DEPTH explaining exactly WHY we MUST get this amendment to protect DSHEA!!

You MUST call all your friends, family, neighbors, and pass out flyers at health food stores to urge people to take action on this!!!

You  MUST do this because DSHEA is dangling by a THREAD right now, and the NPA (Natural Products Assn, formerly NNFA) is LYING to its membership on this issue- telling them its a non issue, that we're "protected". IAHF has just gotten ahold of the propaganda that NPA is sending to members who inquire about this, and we'll be shredding it later today and I'll send it out to you all so you can see my analysis and what I am sending out to NPA Members as I urge them to REVOLT and to STOP PAYING MEMBERSHIP DUES to these miscreants.

The summer is the most challenging time of year to rally the grass roots due to people being on vacation and spending more time outdoors. The Committee that we have to get our amendment through is run by WAXMAN, the guy who you can watch running this bogus sham of an "oversight" hearing. So be sure to watch it and come to KNOW your ENEMY.