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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

October 12, 2014

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia




Community Vehicle Out of Service
Monday 13, October to Monday 20, October

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Scotland Island Cafe

Sunday 26 October


WOW Meeting

SATURDAY 18 TH OCTOBER 2014 @ 12 30 for lunch.

THE NEXT WOW is to be HELD @ Angela Cooney's home Elvina Bay North Wharf  - house on the right as you disembark
Hi everyone

Spring has sprung and 3 x months has flown by and Angela who is a zoologist has very kindly offered her home and her interest zoologly. Living in the semi wild as we do life is not the same as in the suburbs as we live at a very close proximity with nature and at times it can drive us mad but unless we humans learn to live with the animals , the plants and the elements, we will devour our very planet that sustains us all.

Angela and her colleague  are going to demonstrate how to live with and handle snakes, particularly  the python which is harmless, and we all have our snake stories.

So come with food / wine and  curiosity.

Antonia Hoddle
P: + 61 02 9999 4201
M: 0410 594201

Cup Day at the Fire Shed

4th November from 2pm


Pittwater Paddle

for our children

Sunday 9th November 2014

Register: www.pittwaterpaddle.org.au



Syringe and Cargo Beach.

Last Sunday evening at Cargo beach, a group met to party. The results I cleaned up today. The emptied contents of the drum used for a fire, spilled onto the beach. Amongst the charcoal where shards of at least 4 bottles, splintered  and dispersed over the sand. In the water were 3 'freshly' thrown empty whiskey and beer bottles. Ten minutes into my  scavenging for glass, I found a syringe, complete with its extended unsheathed needle. This all wasn't neatly tucked away in a little walked on section of the beach, it was slap bang in the centre of the beach,  two steps away from the picnic table and swings.

Whilst I don't mind the colourful mess of kayaks, this is just  supreme willful selfishness. I hope those who meant just to have a good time, think about it and self regulate their behaviour before this island becomes a bureaucratic nightmare in order to protect, mainly children, from stupidity such as this.

Juliet HaC

Dogs !

To the dog owners on the island who obviously know NOTHING about dogs

The poo fairy does not exist, Scotland island is NOT an unleashed dog area, some dogs DO nip & bite even when not provoked

1. There is NO DOG POO FAIRY  to pick up your dogs poo even though you obviously believe in them when you selfishly let them roam the island UNLEASHED to poo everywhere.

2. When you say "OH he won't bite, he's only excited !" when your unleashed dog comes sniffing/jumping up near my 3 year old son .....I DON'T CARE!  MY SON  IS SCARED OF DOGS - I don't want your dog sniffing or jumping up around my children or myself - End of Story!

My family and I recently had our evening ruined down at Carols beach when 3 unleashed dogs - a white lab., brown & white spaniel & small brown & black dog came down at the same time. The Lab started running down the stairs when he saw my son (which obviously sent me in a tiff) so whilst I was chasing him off the small brown dog pooed on the beach RIGHT NEXT TO where my baby was playing. NOT ONE OWNER TO BE SEEN!!!!

The rules for dogs on the island are the same as on the main land - This is not a unleashed dog island, I don't want your dogs pooing in my garden, pooing on the road or pooing on the beach, I don't want your dogs in my garden, attacking my compost bins, or scaring my children - If you can't take responsibility for your dogs -

Skye Fields

Urgent Accommodation needed.....13-17 October

We are a family of 2 adults/2 kids (5 and 9) who moved to Elvina Bay end July.
We are having our floors sanded  and treated 13-17 October (this Monday to Friday)
For these 5 days we cant live in our house and are looking for an alternative.

Please contact us should you have any suggestions.

Rikke Bukh

E    info@onlythebeginning.com.au
M    04 1976 5421
T    9997 4597
W    www.onlythebeginning.com.au

House to Rent

From late November

  • 3 Bedroom House For Rent 60 Richard Rd
  • 2 Double Bedrooms
  • 1 Single Bedroom
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 1 Laundry
  • Huge Deck
Comfortable home for rent available from 21 November 12 months minimum rental.
At present fully furnished
$600 per week.

PLEASE CALL Jules 0n 0438261252 to discuss
Or email Julie.munro24@gmail.com

Boat for Sale

Brooker Aluminium

Length: 3.670 metres
Hull:  Yellow Runabout
Engine: Tohatsu 18hp
Registered until FEB15

It comes with:
  • Lights
  • Life jackets (adts & kids)
  • Fish Finder
  • Rows
Ready to go!

Currently near Bells Wharf, Scotland Island.

Call Magali 0419 436 042

Outboard for Sale

Yamaha 30DMHS outboard motor

  • 2 stroke
  • 30 hp
  • electric start
  • short shaft
  • tiller steer
  • professionally serviced (with logbook)
  • 2006
  • good condition
  • $3,000 ono
Roy Baker 9999 6891.

FREE IKEA chaise lounge couch

Free IKEA chaise lounge two-seater plus third chaise seat (nb. coloured cushions not included).
L 2.7m W 1.53m (chaise) H 650mm
Dark brown material, removable and  easy machine washable cushion covers.
Come & have a look and if you want it it’s yours to collect from our house above Bell Wharf.
Lisa m. 0418 428 511 lisa.ratcliff@bigpond.com

Make an Offer...

slider 1

2 year old Aluminium Sliding Doors

1 x 4 pane door0
2 fixed
2 sliding
2 x screen doors
3600 x2040

slider 2
1 x 2 pane door
1 x fixed
1 sliding
1 x screen door
2040 x 2040

Free -  used Aluminium Windows windows

Various sizes and conditions
some with fly screens
2400 x 1020
2400 x1200


Call Nathalie
9999 4449

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