Media Release
Tuesday March 14th 2017
Equality advocates have welcomed Cooper's decision to join the marriage equality campaign.

Just.equal national campaigner, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said, 
"Marriage equality is an issue all Australian companies can get behind because it is about love, commitment, family, fairness and respecting diversity." 
"We welcome Cooper's demonstrated commitment to civil debate and to reaching across traditional divides." 
"Marriage equality is about what unites us as Australians, not what divides us." 
Mr Hinton-Teoh said Cooper's has responded appropriately to an outpouring of frustration at the unnecessary delay to marriage equality. 
"Many LGBTIQ people and our allies are frustrated that marriage equality is taking so long and want commitment to reform rather than protracted debate." 
"In a spontaneous national reaction, everyday Australians stood alongside their fellow LGBTIQ citizens and called for less talk and more action." 
"We strongly encourage Cooper's to celebrate the bicentenary of the Bible Society in a way that does not combine the very separate issue of marriage equality." 
For more information contact Ivan Hinton-Teoh on 0419 124 826.