++Wooden Wand Connects with Kickstarter ++
++Remember Remember confirms UK dates incl. Mogwai support++
++ Årabrot CONFIRM ONE-OFF SHOW curated by The Stool Pigeon & The Quietus ++
 Wooden Wand Connects with Kickstarter:
A Letter from James Jackson Toth
Hi Friends,
I was recently invited to record for a split 7" with my friend Duquette Johnston (formerly of Verbena) and his band the Gum Creek Killers, for release on the Communicating Vessels label. Instead of just sending a track I had in the archives, Duquette suggested I visit him in Birmingham and we record our sides together, from scratch, with the same band. It was one of the most positive recording experiences I've ever had, and I immediately wanted to make a whole record this way.
After much hemming and hawing, deliberation, and advice-seeking, I’ve decided to use Kickstarter to fund this project. Initially weary of this new model, I have since come around to it in a big way. I feel that this sort of interaction with fans (and the removal of middle men) is a revolutionary step in the right direction toward fixing a decrepit, crooked music biz. I thought that using the interim between my latest record Death Seat and the next wide release Wooden Wand full length would be the ideal time to test these waters.
The idea is to release the album on limited edition vinyl, and then offer downloads for a limited time. The money raised would be used for studio time, travel accommodations, mixing, mastering, and 500 LPs with professionally printed sleeves. We also need to feed everybody. We're hoping to exceed our goal, and we are undershooting quite a bit to meet it no matter what. I think this record will be a great one.
The LP will be under the name WOODEN WAND & THE BRIARWOOD VIRGINS. The Briarwood Virgins is the name I've given the band that features all four members of the Gum Creek Killers, plus Jody Nelson (Through The Sparks) and Brian Lowery (Wooden Wand, The Only Sons).
Ideally, we would record in March / April and have the LPs and gifts ready to go by summertime. These gifts range from super limited versions with letter-pressed covers, to zip drives full of demos, to a private gig in your living room where you choose the setlist.
You can find the project here:
Upon request, I will gladly email you a demo of a song I’m planning to cut for the record, so you know what you're getting yourself into. :)
If you receive this in error, or get it more than once, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. There will be no follow-up email unless you express interest in the project.
Thanks, as always, for your support.
James Jackson Toth, Wooden Wand

03-Feb UK York The Basement
04-Feb UK Glasgow Nice & Sleazy

‘Death Seat’ I sout now via Young God Records
 Remember Remember
Announce UK dates
Based in Glasgow, Scotland Remember Remember (AKA has been playing elaborately staged shows in and around the city for the past few years, originally the solo project of Graeme Ronald (ex-Multiplies, ex-The Royal We) 2007 saw R.R start to collaborate with additional musicians  - the outcome, being the band’s critically acclaimed s/t debut with some of the most epic-sounding and ambitious music to emerge from the city in a long time.
Time has seen Remember Remember metamorphose into an incredible seven piece live band. Last year, Remember Remember’s released ‘RR Scorpii’ - with 4 brand new tracks and showcase the full band in full psychedelic rock stride.
Tapping into the hypnotic repetition of Steve Reich and the endless instrumental landscapes of 70's rock, Remember Remember's intricate compositions make for an entrancing listen on record, and an increasingly stunning live show.
Absorb yourself in Remember Remember's unique musical world.

07-Feb UK Newcastle The Cluny 2 w/ Young Liar and Grandfather Birds
08-Feb UK Leeds The George
09-Feb UK London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen supporting MOGWAI
10-Feb UK Brighton The Green Door Store, w/ Nordic Giants and Plurals + Stuart Braithwaite DJing.
12-Feb UK Liverpool Don't Drop The Dumbells,
13-Feb UK Glasgow Nice & Sleazy w/ Tangles

The band will release a brand new album later in the year via Rock Action
Confirm one-off London show
Listen to tracks from 'Revenge' here

Årabrot have been confirmed for the Ja Ja Ja - a monthly club night at London's Lexington. Curated this month by The Stool Pigeon & The Quietus, showcasing the best emerging talent from the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
Årabrot are a band continually evolving into something more raw and intriguing, represent quite a different breed of metal establishing itself in our most northern outpost. Fuelled and educated on a diet of Amphetamine Reptile’s roster (The Jesus Lizard, Karp and the Melvins) Årabrot are at the forefront of a scene that holds no preconceptions of what it is to be normal.  They are a force unto themselves. What other band would complete a nine-day tour after the vocalist blew a lung at the first show?
Released six months after their UK (and Grammy nominated) debut ‘The Brother Seed’, the band’s most recent album Revenge is a grinding sonic document, closer to the compositional techniques of experimental film and theatre than traditional song. It is an album marking a certain closure for the band, yet makes headway towards a new era, one characterised by Årabrot’s secret vendetta and assault on  music in general.
Årabrot represent for this generation what the sum of Melvins, Birthday Party and Swans was to the generation before; a source of pleasure from both auditory and moral excesses. 

24-Feb UK London Ja Ja Ja @ The Lexington curated by The Stool Pigeon & The Quietus
with Kellemensch and Deathcrush


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