IAHF List: My main mentor, Clinton Ray Miller, alerted me to this C-span program today. Clint is the oldest most experienced health freedom lobbyist in the world. 50 years from now this C-SPAN Broadcast will be regarded as a truly historic DEFINING MOMENT of our present time-- here is why:

Its very important that all lovers of freedom, alert EVERYONE you know around the WORLD to also watch it!

Its going to re-air on Tuesday August 1 on C-Span at 6:10 PM EST, 5:10 CST, 4:10 MTN, 3:10 Pacific but you can also view it ANYTIME in the archive right here: http://www.c-span.org/videoarchives.asp?CatCodePairs=Series,APS&ArchiveDays=100  (View the first item titled "American Perspectives- September 11th, VP Cheney & Congress"


For months now I've been very frustrated trying to educate my main mentor, Clint Miller such that he can fully grasp whats going on in the world today. Up until he viewed this C-Span program, Clint was the staunchest and blindest supporter of Bush/Cheney and the Neocons imaginable.

He had fallen for ALL the lies swirling around 911, and which continue to swirl around our involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he was starting to buy into the lies swirling around what is unfolding in Lebanon right now- but this C-span program SNAPPED HIM OUT OF IT!!! Clint is a Mormon, but on this C-span program you'll hear impressive testimony from a physicist from Brigham Young University named Stephen Jones providing hard evidence that the Twin Towers were brought down via a controlled demolition via Thermate.

I haven't felt this happy since the time during the Nixon watergate impeachment hearings when I came into the kitchen of the house I grew up in and saw my dad at the kitchen table, his head down on his folded arms, and he was sobbing with tears streaming down his face.

As I walked into the room and saw dad crying, I asked him what was wrong, and he said: "John- I feel so ashamed about how I mistreated your brothers during the whole Vietnam war when they could see the truth about what was really going on in this country, but I was blind to it. Well now I see what they were seeing all that time."

(Dad was a Navy Captain who would have disowned my oldest brother if he hadn't gone to Vietnam. When my brother returned from the war- he burned his army uniform in the storm sewer in front of our house along with all his medals and had a huge shouting match with dad who couldn't yet understand- but when Nixon was finally impeached due to Watergate THEN he understood and right now.....

If CLINT MILLER finally gets it that Bush and Cheney are TRAITORS..... and he finally GETS IT that they're part of a ruling elite plot to strip us of our civil liberties and force us into a global totalitarian state..... then there is yet HOPE to avert the currently impending WW3, there is HOPE of averting Armageddon, and there is HOPE of stopping the CODEX genocide agenda.

There is HOPE of stopping the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico.

There is HOPE of exposing the fraudulence of the so called "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" via which our would be masters seek to destroy the sovereignty of Canada, America and Mexico.

There is HOPE of stopping us from being slammed into the planned N.American Union via which we'd be yanked off our Constitutional moorings, have our dietary supplement laws HARM-onized to Canada's and Mexico's far more restrictive laws as an incremental move to full on CODEX restrictions.

Along with Aaron Russo's film From Freedom to Fascism http://www.freedomtofascism.com this C-Span program really gives us ALL HOPE! It gives us HOPE of thwarting the NEOCONS evil collectivist agenda to dominate the world!

It gives us HOPE to avert the next 911 which is more than likely planned to occur in EUROPE as a vehicle to get Europe into a war with America and Israel against IRAN and Lebanon.

It gives us HOPE to avert the nuclear strike which the Neocon whores doubtlessly have planned for China, Russia, and N.Korea which could easily trigger off Armageddon.

Remember something important here folks: our totally GUTLESS ruling elite masters have start of the art fallout shelters to retreat to- places like Mt.Weather, the underground command post underneath a granite mountain in Northern VA designed to house the entire executive branch of our criminal government in the event of a nuclear strike which Cheney is more than insane enough to initiate, but we have NOTHING to protect us..... except our faith in God and our political astuteness and willingness to act together to outmaneuver their cunning plots.

We don't have any fallout shelters, our civil defense system in this country was dismantled years ago.......

Whats the BEST WAY to monkeywrench their outrageous plans? Forward this message around the world so that everyone will watch this C-Span program.

That way, if they do another 911, this time in Europe, people won't fall for the lie. The state of Israel is one of the most evil constructs the world has ever seen. Israel sank a US warship in 1967 called the USS Liberty and the whole thing was covered up by the Zionist press and by a US Congress which is very heavily controlled by AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) see http://www.ussliberty.org/  

I've seen photos of Red Cross ambulances in Lebanon that were shot right through the middle of the red cross on their roofs by Israeli rockets and the USA is guilty of war crimes as well for supplying Israel with Depleted Uranium ordinance being fired out of Tanks in Lebanon right now. http://www.stopwar.org.uk/

Am I condemning the Israeli people here and am I an antisemmite? No. I'm not condemning the Israeli people here anymore than I am condemning myself for being an American. I am not against Jews, and I am not against Muslims, I am against the New World Order ruling elite SWINE that are trying to get us all divided up via the Hegelian Dialectic and via False Flag Terrorism. 

What I AM saying is that ALL of us, from ALL COUNTRIES around the world have got to get AARON RUSSOs message which that the ENEMY is not Israel, or Lebanon, or Iran.... the ENEMY are the Rockefellers, the Duponts, the Rothschilds, and all the OTHER ruling elite who are trying to get us all fighting against each other as they move to destroy the sovereignty of all nations, force us all together into a planned global totalitarian state, with their wet dream being to MICROCHIP us all............ Please folks...... JOIN IAHF in trying to help get Aaron Russo's film shown in theaters around where you live. http://www.freedomtofascism.com

Join IAHF in helping more people understand the tactics being used by our would be rulers, but the scum who are trying to force us into a planned N.American Union as the FDA seeks to harmonize our food and drug laws with Canadas and Mexicos via their Trilateral Cooperation Charter..... Urge MORE PEOPLE to sign our petition against this Trilateral Cooperation Charter to help us get Congressional Oversight: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body

I just returned from the District of Criminals where I got 5 signatures on a letter written by myself and Scott Tips who is the legal counsel to the National Health Federation http://www.thenhf.com We got Congressman Paul to put it on his letterhead after he tweaked it some, and I got 4 other congressmen to sign it before it was send to Acting FDA Commissioner Von Echenbach at FDA last week.

Please THANK Congressmen Dan Burton (R-IN), Peter DeFazio (D-OR), Virgil Goode (R-VA), and Joann Davis (R-VA) for having the COURAGE to sign this letter!

NOW lets KEEP the pressure on---- here's what I'm doing, and heres how I'll be asking you again for help in the near future: I had 18 meetings with congressional staff when I was on the Hill last week. What I'm doing now is I'm systematically contacting all the people I met with whose bosses did NOT sign our letter to the FDA.

I am asking them WHY they didn't sign. My goal is to try to learn who would have signed if our deadline hadn't been so imminent and if they weren't so busy leading up to the end of the legislative session as they wrapped up loose ends before adjourning for August recess. I also want to determine who the traitors are so we'll know who the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) traitors are because we'll need to drive THEM out of office.

My own congressman (Larsen) is definitly one of the traitors, there are others, but IAHF is gonna smoke 'em all out WITH YOUR HELP!! Stay tuned....... and if you forward this, just make sure you delete the unsub link at the bottom first otherwise someone you forward it to will click on it which will delete YOU!

Urge more people to sign onto the IAHF list via http://www.iahf.com  Yeah, I know, thats the old archives site, but I'm still using it to sign people onto the distribution list til I have a chance to switch everything important to the new site..... the old site will continue to remain up for informational purposes, but we're going to be doing more and more with the new site in the coming months.

IAHF will need ongoing donations for more trips to DC in the fall. We're going to be BUSTING A GUT to blow out the New World Order to MONKEYWRENCH their despicable plans by exposing them through the lens of the FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter which is the way they're trying to usher Codex in here.

We'll never have the ability to stop Codex AT Codex, but we DO have the ability to defend AMERICA from its planned destruction just as we ALSO have the ability to defend the WORLD from the Neocon Mad Men who if not stopped could set the spark off that plows this planet to smithereens. I am not a racist. I am not an antisemite or a hater of Muslims.

I love our Creator who gave us the vitamins and herbs and all of us together are going to expose these bastards who are trying to grind us all down to nothin'. As my good buddy Norm Singleton in Congressman Ron Paul's office would say: "They're muggable!!" God bless ya Norm, and long live Congressman Paul!! Want to make sure you guys all realize how great these people are and be sure to kick some cash into Congressman Paul's campaign coffers because without them, none of us would have a pot to piss in. Congressman Paul gets grass roots donations from all 50 states for the same reasons IAHF does and we make a good team.

Please help send IAHF back to DC this fall and make sure you kick in some extra so Candace can come with me next time, eh? With her there, I can cover a lot more acreage of messed up Congressional office buildings. With her there, I can give the pond scum far more trouble! Also, when we return, we'd like to have some of you join us!

One of you in New England wanted to this last trip but too many factors made that impossible, but the next go round will be different! So if any of you want to join IAHF in the halls of CON-gress this next go 'round in September some time, please let me know and we'll talk by phone!

Your donation of just $25. will bring you a package with a kick ass book in it by my buddy Byron Richards titled Fight for Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America. Kick in $50, $75, $100, $200. or more and will kick in Audio tapes, video tapes, magazines, all kinds of cool stuff to help you kick the #$@@ out of the FDA and their international counterparts so that the Pharma Cartel will gnash their TEETH as they get booted deep into the Stygian depths of HELL where they belong!

Remember- there are groups out there that go through the motions of fighting back then theres IAHF. We take NO PRISONERS because I am driven by the memory of the 4 years I spent mired in the psychiatric system almost being KILLED by the cartel's drugs before God's vitamins turned my life around, freeing me from a prison of pain.

I tell this to everyone on Capital Hill. Some staff and some members of Con-gress who have heard my story http://www.iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html have used it to help family members. This is how paradigm shifts happen folks. We're the fife, the drum, and they guy with the bandage around his head and we're going to WIN this battle against the FDA and the ruling elite pond scum the old fashioned way...... any way we can! If you have any ideas for radio shows which I or Byron Richards can do, please let us know.

If you have any contacts who can help us, please let us know. If you can make a link to http://www.nocodexgenocide.com or to http://www.truthinwellness.com please let us know and we'll look at making reciprocal links.