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May 2006 Update

In This Issue:
1 – Membership Meeting – May 30, 2006
2 – Annual General Meeting – May 30, 2006
3 - Your Subscription & Privacy

Be sure to join for our last membership meeting of the 2005/2006 season. 
It promises to be interesting, enjoyable and very informative.

1 – Membership Meeting on May 30th

Date: Tuesday - May 30, 2006
Time: 6:00 PM -  Dinner (Cash Bar & Buffet
  7:00 PM - Section Update & Annual General Meeting
  7:15 PM - Technical Presentation
Venue: Pinetree Restaurant - 397 Centennial Parkway North - Hamilton
  Follow this link for a map and directions to the Pinetree Restaurant.
Dinner cost is $5 for ISA Members and $15 for non-members.
  Please be sure to confirm your dinner attendance!!
Reserve your space for dinner and confirm your attendance via:
- Submitting the online Attendance Confirmation form -or-
- E-Mail message to Jack Vincent -or -
- Telefax sent to the attention of Jack Vincent - (905) 569-6244 -or-
- Telephone Jack Vincent -

The ISA Hamilton Section's Annual General Meeting will be held just prior to the Technical Presentation. During this short business meeting the nominees for the 2005/2006 Season's Executive Board will be presented and as needed, an election will be held to confirm the Committee Chair positions.  Additional details are included below.

Subject: Your Energy Future - You May Be Shocked

Professional speaker and author Randy Park, B.Sc., M.Eng. is a "thought provoker." He specializes in helping forward looking organizations anticipate, plan for, and take charge of their future. Randy wrote the book on thinking - “Thinking for Results - Success Strategies”.   With "Thinking for Results" Randy has worked with associations and corporations to help them see their situations different ways and get more value from their peoples' thinking.


As both a physicist and an expert in how people think and make decisions, Randy Park warns that not enough big picture thinking is going into our energy situation. Randy follows and analyzes energy supply and demand issues and the often obscure interrelationships between oil, natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, transportation, and the economy. In this presentation he cuts through the spin, delusions, and just plain fantasies that are all too common in the energy discussion these days. Randy explains why you haven’t heard about this issue, and what you can do about it.
Why are energy bills going up? Are renewables the solution? Are we running out of oil and gas? And most importantly, what effect will it have on your situation? These are the questions Randy addresses in his presentations.
In fact, for ISA members there are opportunities in this situation. Energy control, conservation, and diversification will become increasingly important - and ISA members can provide the solutions to tough technical problems.
A straight talker, Randy’s greatest strength is taking complex issues like the Energy Predicament ( and distilling them down to the essentials. His presentations are interactive and entertaining. You won’t look at your energy situation the same way again. Come out for a look at your energy future - you may be shocked.



2 - ISA Hamilton – Annual General Meeting – May 30th

As a volunteer organization we rely on our members and volunteers to develop and deliver the events and activities for our ISA Section and the local community of Instrumentation and Automation professionals.  On May 30th, as part of our section’s Annual General Meeting, we will confirm/elect the directors and committee chairpersons for our 2006/2007 season.  Based on the feedback provided to date, our Nominating Committee will propose the following:

President: Jerry Gelata   Vice-President: Jack Vincent
Secretary: Mike Bovenkamp   Treasurer: Alice Kelly
Education: Berny Portolesi   Exhibition: Alice Kelly
Golf Tournament: Bob Popek   Historian: Bob Popek
Honours & Awards: Tammy Mairs   Marketing: Ashok Saha
Membership: Sunil Karandikar   Newsletter: Len Marchesano
Parliamentarian: Kenneth Hamilton   Program: Jack Vincent
Standards & Practices: Sunil Karandikar   Webmaster: Wally Nickel

If you’re interested in a more active front-line role in the ISA Hamilton section and you’d like to assist in one of the many positions available in our various committees… now is the time to let us know.  Please contact any one of the Executive Board members and let us know how you’d like to become more active and involved in the ISA Hamilton Section.
ISA Hamilton Section Executive Board --> (



3 - Your Subscription & Privacy

We value your personal privacy and your right to choose what e-mail messages you receive. If you've received this message in error we apologize. If you would like to have your e-mail addresses removed from the ISA Hamilton mailing list, please reply to this e-mail message and simply add "REMOVE" to the subject line of your reply message. Please allow 4 to 6 days for this change to take effect.




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