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The different nature of disasters and industrial accidents requires an implementation of professional experience, appropriate technology and intensified trans-border interaction.

In the most cases they affect humans, environment and global economy.
'Save the Life' is the first science-to-business (S2B), business-to-government (B2G) and B2B event in Bulgaria concerning the prevention, preparedness and reactions, damage recovery, etc.  
We are pleased to introduce EverGlow - an exhibitor at 'Save the Life' 2015.

How to improve evacuation in emergency situations - answers will be given by the company managing director Markus Thrun in his presentation included in the Conference agenda.
'Save the Life' 2015 will provide exhibitors and attendees with good opportunities to:
• get update marketing information;
• network with local decision makers;
 display their products in a cost-effective way to professional audience;
• establish long-term presence on the emerging South-East European market. 

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It's not very green to replace batteries, lamps and entire fixtures every year.
As one of the global players specializing in photoluminescent safety guidance systems, EverGlow is the leading brand for outstanding safety products in technology and quality. The word and figurative marks EverGlow® and EverGlow HI® are registered international trademarks and have been extended by the product designations EverGlow® TL and EverGlow® E.
Complete escape route marking and fire equipment signs are a material part of occupational safety. In this respect, we offer all required components ranging from luminous paint up to complete marking according to national and international standards (signs, floor marking, coating systems, fluorescent and luminescent colored pigments, etc).
• consumes NO electricity
• needs NO batteries
• NO toxic components
• NO radioactive components
• LONG LASTING- expected life of more than 25 years
• can be 100% recycled
• uses very high content of recycled materials
• NO PVC- no vinyl or polyvinyl chloride components
• manufactured responsibly using low VOC inks and coatings Photoluminescent signs, markers and coatings require charging fromnormal lighting when the building is occupied. Glow pigments onEverGlow signs and markings can be adequately and safely chargedwith daylight and ordinary interior lighting.

Buildings have a huge appetite for energy; more than 30% of the energy consumed by your building is for lighting. Make the most of your investment. Our glow pigments are designed to perform with new LED, compact fluorescent and other higher efficiency lighting. They do not degrade under artificial interior lighting or bright daylighting conditions. In fact, with few exceptions, as you move away from incandescent lighting, our photoluminescent signs and markings perform better and help you save more money! 
We will be glad to meet you at the fair in Sofia!

EverGlow Photoluminescent Signs & Markers are VINYL Free!


EverGlow Photoluminescent Signs & Markings Consume ZERO Energy! 

EverGlow Emergency Lighting Lasts Many Hours Longer than Batteries or Generators
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