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Stitchin', Bitchin' and Taking Over the World 1st March 2007
Mad March Mohair Greetings to You People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter find you well, and full of joy at the fact that tis the season lambs are being born who will grow up to make the stuff that you knit your fave jumper out of.

There is a giant, brightly coloured ball of news goodness this week. It has been a bit of a crazy one. You are now a member of the UK's Biggest Knitting Group! More on that later.

Last weekend at the Stitch and Creative Show at Excel (see pictures here) was a StitchandBitchLondonarama. Never have we seen so many knitters knitting for a good cause. We raised over £300 for the Lion Scarf Fund, knit more Lion Scarf than we could have possibly imagined (those HUGE broomstick needles lured them in from across the room), and made lots of new knitty friends.

You can see the whole story on the Lion Blog.

The last meeting at QEH was the usual cultured affair and involved two group members knitting a Jesus Beard (don’t ask) in loop stitch, a knitting spy complete with fedora, trench coat and an accent (we swear it is true), and lots of newbies to the group braving their first meeting and knitting in public.

Lion Scarf Tales

In Lion Scarf news the Lion Bescarfing is creeping close and closer. It will be on the 20th of March at 11.30 AM. We really would like as many of you as can make it to come down and cheer the warm beasts.

The deadline for Scarf patches is the 9th of March and the sewing has already begun. The total now stands at a proud lion-like £1,723.41. There is still plenty of time to donate and enter the FREE DRAW to win a Giant Lion Scarf too. Hop along to the donation site and chuck in a few quid, and you could win a piece of Lion-flavoured London history!


Stitch and in Sniffing Distance of those Lions

Next meeting sees us smack bang next to those Lions we love at the Silver Cross pub. Yes the carpets are hideous. Grab a beverage, pull up a ye olde wooden chair carved by peasants 4000 years ago in return for a turnip, and knit something nice with us (or something horrible if you feel that way).

Details of the next meeting:  

Thursday 8th March
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: The Silver Cross
Address: 33 Whitehall  London
Phone: 020 7930 8350
Nearest tube: Charing Cross, Embankment, Westminster


Stitch and the Last Lion Scarf Social

Details of the meeting after next:

Wednesday 14th March
Time: From 6 PM

Normally we would tell you where the meeting after next will be here. We have run into a bit of a technical problem though (which is that we haven’t sorted it out yet).

This meeting will have all the usual stitching and bitching if you like, but it will have the added bonus of being our last Lion Scarf Social.

This means that we will be sewing some Lion Scarf and finishing off any pieces that still need doing. It will be your very last chance to be part of warming those lions. More details in next week’s newsletter.  

Stitch and WORLD KNITTING DOMINATION!!! Mwa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

We got some very, very, very good news this week. The lovely folks from the UKHKA (United Kingdom Hand Knitting Association) have awarded Stitch and Bitch London the title of biggest knitting group in the UK !

Tell random people that you sit next to on the tube, shave it into the fur of your cat, write it on your forehead and go to a party. You, fellow knitter, are part of a huge knitting beast and you should feel proud.

Our prize is £50 worth of yummy yarn that Laura and I have agreed should  be shared between the lovely Lion Ladies who have worked so hard on our Lion Scarf campaign. There may also be other goodies in the works too, more on that in a future newsletter.

This week the UK. Next week the world. The week after that the known universe. Sometime next month we’ll go for the wizard world too, so watch out Hogwarts.

And as for World Domination through Knitting Stateside, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, otherwise known as The Yarn Harlot and author of a few excellent knitting tomes, seems to be taking over the world too.

 In a recent blog post she tells the world that hundreds of knitters are swamping book shops at signings of her new book like zombies at the fresh brain factory.

 On March 22nd in New York she hopes to cram as many knitters as she can into New York’s The Fashion Institute of Technology, to show the muggles (non-knitters, hee hee. That is so cool) what knitters are made of.

She says, and I quote, “There will be surprises, there will be fun stuff, there will be New York City FILTHY WITH KNITTERS that day.” Keep your eye on her blog . It is going to beauuuuuuuuuuuuutiful.

We love it. We are also desperately trying to get her to do a tour of Europe too. If you agree, then email her at She can't ignore all 500+ of us surely!


Stitch and What Shall I Knit Next?

Free patterns anyone?

Knitting Fool - A FREE interactive sweater pattern generator. Make yourself something cosy. Go on.

Garn Studio - Garnstudio dwell in lovely Oslo, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden. They sell lovely yarn and have bucketloads of “creative zest, a diversity of colours and simple, but eye-catching effects.”

They design patterns that they aim to make as easy to understand and follow as possible. Trust us. If you don’t find something on their site that you want to knit then you may need to check you are not dead… :P


Stitch and Sweet Cakes

Londoner’s feel free to do a knitting-joy dance. A new yarn shop is opening its doors in our fair city! Yay!

All the Fun of the Fair  - Just off Carnaby Street has blossomed a little place called All the Fun of the Fair which sells all manner of craftiness, including woolly wonders such as knitted cakes, knitted bunting, a tea cosy that says “More tea vicar?”, Cornish Organic Wool you would sell your granny’s gold dentures for, a haberdashery, and sparkly shinies galore.

For the non-Londoner you can email them, phone them or send your most reliable shopping-homing pigeon along too. So you can buy their tasty knitted goodies wherever you may be. 

<<<< >>>>

Well that is about all the news we can unpick for you this week. We’ll let you get back to your ham sarnies and lukewarm tea. Don’t forget the mySpace board is there for you. Hope to see lots of you at the next meeting for some serious public knitting. New People of the Knit please don’t be shy. We promise that everyone who is anyone is more than welcome to every meeting, please don’t be afraid to just sit down and knit with the masses. Oh, and any good knitting links you find or good venues you want to knit in, please pass them onto us.

Until next week happy knitting and watch out for those knitting spies. Their needles have eyes! (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

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