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IAHF List: Please see the FDA's Press Release of a few days ago titled



In the coming 12 months we will be under a level of attack that we haven't seen since the early 90s. We're going to have to fight on the domestic front as well as on the international front if we wish to maintain our access to dietary supplements. Many of the avenues by which the FDA will be attacking in the coming year will be vi pharma created loopholes in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994.

These loopholes were created by pharma interests dominating the vitamin trade associations in the early 90s and were intended to enable them to line up their sell out deals with drug companies as they bailed out of the industry.

An example of this is Ken Murdock Jr., former owner of Nature's Way. He was one of the chief instigators of the trouble we're having right now and was instrumental in putting language into DSHEA that would give the FDA a long range ability to turn the tables on us all. Meanwhile, a few years ago, he sold out completely to Madaus, the German phytopharmaceutical company that took over Nature's Way while he has since bought a car dealership in Utah.

Recently the pharmacists published a white paper (see http://www.iahf.com/20041013a.html ) that was signed off on by all the mainstream medical associations including the AMA which clearly indicates that they plan on attacking DSHEA in the coming Congress- perhaps via a new bill we haven't seen yet, or perhaps through a renewed push behind Durbin's bill, but I suspect they might try dropping a new bill on us.

What form this attack will take remains to be seen. Senator Durbin has just been named Minority Whip, which could be either a good or bad thing for us. It could be good because he could get so tied down with Senate business that he might not have as much time to spend attacking us and pushing S.722, or it could help him get momentum behind it.



The Emergency Health Freedom Meeting that I told you about will be held at the ACAM Conference on Friday November 19th from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM in the West Tower of the Sheraton Hotel at 1380 Harbor Island Dr., San Diego, CA in the West Tower's "Coronado A" Room. Phone of the Sheraton is 619-291-2900.

Phone of the Super 8 Motel where I will be staying is (609) 692-1288 Super 8 Motel is just 15 min drive from the Sheraton.

Rob Verkerk, PhD, Exec Dir of the UK's Alliance for Natural Health will be presenting a power point presentation about their lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. This has huge global importance- see http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

Suzanne Harris, JD of the Law Loft will be discussing the Codex meeting in Bonn that she just attended, as well as the Codex General Principles meeting in Paris which she will be attending next week.

I will be providing an overview of the whole situation we're facing both domestically and internationally to try to tie it all together and to get people pulling together. Maury Silverman will be addressing the issue of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice Regs) which FDA will be coming at us with this year. Note that FDA intends to violate the law with the GMP regs they come at us with which will force us to sue them again. Jonathan Emord's Writ of Certiorari on Saw Palmetto was denied by the Supreme Court, but he's trying again at the District Court Level in California. Emord will be spearheading a lawsuit against FDA's upcoming GMP regs which will be a bid to bury the more innovative companies in red tape.

We're in a TRIAGE situation here folks.

Its going to be DO OR DIE time for the dietary supplement industry in the coming year.

I have seen Rob Verkerk's Power Point Presentation about the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit which clearly shows its global importance, and urge as many of you as possible to come to our meeting in San Diego to hear what he, Suzanne, and I have to say.

It would be great to meet any of you who can attend. Our meeting is free. The ACAM meeting itself is not free. If you would like to attend the ACAM meeting itself, go to http://www.acam.org/events.htm


IAHF will be making a DVD of the Emergency ACAM Meeting, and we will be making copies available to list members. We still have some thank you letters to send out for donations received recently, and hope to get them in the mail very soon. I just have to generate a new, updated thank you letter reflecting where we stand now that the CODEX meeting has concluded in Germany.

If you just signed on to the list and did not receive my last update sent yesterday, please see info on the Codex meeting which just concluded at http://www.thelawloft.com/Freedom/11042004_bonn.htm As you can see, we're under the gun.

IAHF just purchased a new computer with DVD burning and video editting capability. We hope to be able to put more streaming video in the Media section at http://www.iahf.com and to get DVD disks out to people in an effort to spur the creation of IAHF chapters nationwide in the coming year.

One year ago I moved from Virginia to Washington State, but I want to emphasize that IAHF has a very solid contact in Washington DC who has been doing extensive work for us on Capital Hill. As we get set up here in our new location, its becoming easier to gear our heads into all that will have to be done to turn IAHF into a membership organization.

Right now I only have one part time volunteer helping me in my office in Point Roberts. If we can get enough donations here we can bring this person on full time which would free me up for public speaking gigs nationwide, and to do a weekly radio show. Some people have offered to set me up with my own radio show, so good things are happening and I just would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support.

NOW is the time for all vitamin consumers to come to the aid of IAHF so that we can continue rolling this boulder uphill together. The life you save via donations here could be your own. IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal at http://www.iahf.com see paypal button on the scrollbar inside the site.

Hope to see as many of you as possible in San Diego on November 19th, and thanks for your ongoing support. Please snowball this information by mass forwarding it and by posting it on your websites. Also seeking reciprocal links between IAHF.COM and your websites. This is a TRUE grassroots health freedom campaign, don't be fooled by phony imitations!!