2013 Fall Newsletter
Every fall, there seems to be a flurry of recruiting activity.  Coupled with this, is often a sense of frustration around the difficulty in finding great candidates, recruiting them to your company and ultimately in building a dream team.
Finding the right candidates is tough, whether you use your own network, or leverage firms like ours.  Assessing them can be even more difficult.  Gwen Moore offers some insight in her blog on what really makes a great candidate.
Anyone who’s recently recruited a Millennial knows that takes a special touch, not business as usual.  Bill Firing offers some tips on how to change and enhance your approach to close and retain young talent.
Whether your company is a technology play or not, you’ve probably been forced into competing with the top tier titans like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.  With a wealth of resources at their disposal, it’s tough to win in the ‘ring’ with them.  But it can be done; I suggest a number of tips in my piece on hiring against the titans.
Recruiting is tough stuff, and the best play an active role in all phases of the process, from creating a brand that resonates with people to a warm and engaging process to lure talent to their teams. 
Latest from the Blog
Here are a few recent posts from The Pachera Group Blog.
What makes a great candidate ultimately depends on how well the individual fits within, and contributes, to the overall success of your organization after they are hired.  Looking into the future and assessing this during the interview process is a challenge and one of the reasons many companies turn to experts like us to figure this out... Continue Reading
Challenges in Recruiting the Millennial Generation
Finding – and employing – talent is getting harder and harder.  I suspect there are two things at play here:  On the one hand, talent pools are shrinking and on the other, the millennial generation (born between 1980 and 2000) present new challenges in attracting and retaining talent... Continue Reading
Most startups get off the ground with a few people who know each other really well and can often get a few more recruits from their networks.  At some point however, all small companies exhaust their network and are forced into to the difficult task of recruiting for talent.   And nowhere is it more difficult than in technology in the Bay Area... Continue Reading
20th Anniversary of Apple’s Newton – The Magical Team
We just celebrated the 20th Anniversary Apple’s Newton launch on August 3rd, and I’ve been reflecting since on what makes an incredible, magical team of people.  After all, isn’t that what every startup strives for?... Continue Reading
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Here’s a sampler of what we’re working on now:
SVP HR:  Lead a cultural change @ this mid-size, public play in a hot segment.
Head of Engineering:  Develop the next gen architecture & team @ a small, well-funded gaming startup
WW Sales Exec: Bring your entrepreneurial spirit & big brand to a midsize, innovative play in manufacturing & design.
VP Marketing Analytics:  Lead and build a next gen team @ this top tier independent marketing agency.
Director Mobile Product: Own mobile product and help disrupt a category for a leader in the publishing/media space.
VP Product: Open new markets with leading People Search company.
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