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I’ve had requests for some organic/safe shopping places. Below is a list of a few favorites. I’ll add others with each newsletter, you might wish to visit and bookmark any that interest you.

(I do not make any profit from anything or place that I share.)

June continues to be a rather nasty month at the farm - more rain and destructive weather.

A good thing all the vegetable gardens are fenced and staked, so the winds and heavy rains have not destroyed anything so far.

Kentucky Wonder green beans are beginning to produce, as are the tomatoes, bell peppers and Roma tomatoes (best for red sauce).

Cucumbers and squash are coming faster than we can harvest. Boiled eggs and fresh cucumber makes a fabulous breakfast (the grandsons love it)!

Strawberries are offering up a second crop…if we can beat the birds to the fruits.

It’s time to plant the okra - once the ground dries a bit.

Lots of activity this month, on the road a lot - day trips and outings, visitors, new projects to start and some to complete.

Lots and lots of herb harvesting…just finished all the lavender; the crop was awesome this year.

A Great Place for Healthy Recipes ~ (Tara Burner) Tell her I sent you!

Healing and Healthy~

Natural AloeAloe Vera is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin healthy and nourished during the summer.

After swimming or spending time in the sun, cut open a section of the leaf and rub directly onto the area that needs attention. Cool and soothing to the face and feet. Nourishes the lips and hands better than any prepared or commercial product.

July is just around the corner, lots of fun things happening here, will share in the next newsletter.

http://action.responsibl - Gourmet Tortillas - The ancient khorasan wheat - A farmer owned cooperative - A delicious organic wine with no added sulfites (California) - For those in the SF Bay Area - Organic + delicious and with a mission to admire. Located in the Traverse City, Michigan area with 0nline Shopping - I love this company for Hemp products - A great information/resource and product site geared to young or new families/children/parenting. - Great choices in products - Lots of nuts, dried fruits/berries-snacks - A non-GMO project - A Vegetarian choice - A Non-GMO verified creamery - Voted best pickles in the “Men’s Health Magazine.”

Other factual and informative sites /Pesticide/Monsanto-Roundup-Glyphosate.htm - A great video by Jeffery Smith on GMO’s and how it works in our system. Also a link to a non-GMO shopping guide.

Happy Summer~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz and The Sage Hill Farms family~