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There is a damn good reason why I live 3000 miles from Washington DC in a place thats geographically separated from the rest of America on the tip of a penninsula attached to the BC Canada mainland http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0408/feature7/  I do not trust America. It is an evil country, and you come to realize this fully when you've spent the amount of time that I have on Capital Hill trying to do anything constructive to defend consumer access to dietary supplements and alternative medicine.

I am very cynical when it comes to the recent election as you all know. I did not vote for McCain or Obama, I wrote in Ron Paul. With Democrats Henry Waxman, John Dingell, Ted Kennedy, and Dick Durbin having all vowed to repeal the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, I am skeptical that Obama would have sufficient spine to refuse to sign a repealing bill that they could easily shove through a Democrat controlled Con-gress into law.

But I might be wrong, and I FERVANTLY HOPE I AM WRONG because my LIFE literally depends on my maintaining my access to healing nutrients for which I have a genetic need http://iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html

Given that Obama and McCain both helped shove the Bankster and Foreign Investor Enrichment Act down our throats, and that they're both equally in favor of the dismantling of the USA and the ushering in of a dictatorial North American Union patterned after the EU Dictatorship, I felt highly skeptical upon seeing this form on Obama's website in which he's claiming to be interested in our personal views on what must be done to "get this country back on track" (See http://www.change.gov/yourvision

On the chance that he might actually read it and care, I did take the time to send him a long message detailing my views on why we must have policies which support consumer access to dietary supplements and to alternative medicine.

I'll try to recreate what I sent him from memory in the hope that all of you on the IAHF list will FLOOD HIM with your OWN personal views on why YOU oppose any effort he might make to REPEAL the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 since its highly predictable that Kennedy, Waxman, Dingell, and especially Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois WILL make a HUGE EFFORT in the coming congress to push this repealment through on us.

Here is the gist of what I said to President Elect Obama- and I offered to go to the Whitehouse to meet with him personally to discuss the dire need to usher in Alternative Medicine as a way to keep this country from being destroyed by the high cost of so called "health care":

"The high cost of so called "health care" has bankrupted America, and it should be clear to you that we must embrace policies which foster a move to PREVENTION, and that includes fostering more widespread use of dietary supplements and non toxic alternative healing modes.

Unfortunately, Senator Kennedy, Congressmen Waxman and Dingell, and Senator Durbin have all vowed to ignore the will of the American people as they seek to REPEAL the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, despite the fact that when it was passed (in the direct face of a draconian FDA rulemaking effort) we generated the largest flood of mail, faxes, phone calls and personal visits to the US congress on ANY issue in the HISTORY of Congress including the Vietnam War. When a bill appears on your desk that would repeal DSHEA- I must ask you NOT to sign it!!!

If you do, you will be directly threatening my LIFE due to the genetic need I have for the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, hormones and herbs that I take on a basis of orthomolecular lab work.

If all that talk about wanting to usher in "change" was more than just air talk, I urge you to take a very serious look at all the money the government could save by embracing more widespread use of such alternative healing modes as orthomolecular medicine which saved my life 30 years ago after mainstream psychiatry almost killed me. Please read my personal story at http://iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html and see all links at the end of it.

We've got huge numbers of homeless people who would not be homeless or on public assistance if they merely had access to the suppressed alternative treatment mode that helped me throw off the shackles of schizophrenia. These suffering people crowd our prisons and hospitals where they're being warehoused and they're not getting the help they need due to the political power of Big Pharma to suppress the truth about orthomolecular medicine.

I am one of the authors of a book published by the US Government Printing Office that I want you to read and to be aware of. Its called Alternative Medicine- Expanding Medical Horizons: A Report to the National Institutes of Health on Alternative Healing Systems in the USA http://www.amazon.com/Alternative-Medicine-Expanding-Institutes-Publication/dp/0160454794

I am also in a documentary film called "We Become Silent" which you can see at www.welltv.com You can learn about the global push for health freedom by watching this film which is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the famous British actress. The film was produced by Kevin Miller, an award winning documentary maker who also helped pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 into law via a previous documentary titled "Let Truth Be the Bias".

Currently, we don't have a health care system. We have a DISEASE care system in which dangerous, toxic, patented pharmaceutical drugs perpetuate illness on behalf of the world's #1 investment industry which has a dangerously counterproductive politcal stranglehold on governments world wide.

The dietary supplements that helped me throw off the shackles of schizophrenia after 4 years of torture inside mainstream mental hospitals almost killed me cost mere PENNIES per day.

At age 51, I am the model of good health. I'm a competitive swimmer on a Masters Swim Club (age group competition swimming), and I'm very conscious of what I eat. I've helped to create a global health freedom movement, and I'd like very much to come to the White House to discuss my views on how you can radically reduce health care expenses by doing things to expand consumer access to dietary supplements, to truthful health information about them, and to alternative healing modes that foster PREVENTION.

All I want is for other people to have the same chance to heal that I have had, and I don't want to lose my access to healing nutrients when Durbin, Kennedy, Waxman and Dingell make their move to repeal DSHEA on behalf of their pharmaceutical masters. (At http://www.change.gov/yourvision where I put this statement, I also gave my contact information.)

Please join me in FLOODING Obama with similar personal comments. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you want to you can copy what I said here and just tell him you agree with it and hope he'll grand me an audience, or put in your own comments and mention that you learned of this from John Hammell of Point Roberts WA and that you hope he'll grant me an audience. Please forward me a copy of what you send him.

If MILLIONS of us flood him with comments like these, and he turns his back on us, we can feel very good about total rebellion against these terrorists, but for now, I am attempting to suspend my deeply ingrained cynicism in order to give this guy the benefit of the doubt because you never know. Obama himself might use dietary supplements, or maybe his wife does. He likes playing basketball, and his health appears to be generally pretty good. He might have sufficient humility to actually hear us on this stuff.

We can only hope he might seek out the counsel of such Democrats who are on our side such as Dennis Kucinich and the others who are members of the bipartisan Dietary Supplement Caucus http://www.naturalproductsmarketplace.com/hotnews/dietary-supplement-caucus-briefing-highlights.html  Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus
Rep. Chris Cannon (Rachel Dresen, 202-225-7751)
Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (Robert Clark, 202-225-4671)
Rep. Dan Burton (Brian Fauls, 202-225-2276)
Rep. Edolphus Towns (Sherry Newton-Dillard, 202-225-5936)

We must hope he seeks out leaders such as Senators Tom Harkin, and former Congressman Berkley Bedell- who were both instrumental in creating the Office of Alternative Medicine at NIH which was later sabotaged by Pharma as it morphed into NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine). Bedell created the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (www.nfam.org ) due to Pharma highjacking OAM.

We must make Obama aware of these things in the hope that he might be on our side. If he turns out not to be, we can then feel VERY GOOD about instituting FULL SCALE rebellion against Uncle SCAM and the equally collectivist tyrants at the UN and their CODEX Commission which clearly opposes individual rights.

Please forward this to more people and urge them to also flood Obama via http://www.change.gov/yourvision to defend our access to dietary supplements regardless of whether they voted for him or not, because its an absolute certainty that Kennedy, Durbin, Waxman and Dingell will attempt to repeal DSHEA, and the only thing that might stop this from happening is a massive grass roots effort to reach out to Obama and to everyone on the Dietary Supplement Caucus in Congress.

We also need to work much harder to force congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico via which Codex restrictions are being ushered into America: http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113337.htm


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