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June 2013- In This Issue
  • Stop Sameness of many habits; Start Stellar Storytelling Solutions!
Quotation of the month:
“Sameness is the enemy of the speaker.” Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE
Simple Stellar Solutions  to make your Stories Sparkle!
 What do you think is the most important element of a speech or presentation? When I ask this question, I hear: the opening, the closing, audience involvement, stories, vocal variety, gestures, humour and so on.
They are all great answers; however, Darren LaCroix says: “The most important element is the thought processes going on in the minds of the audience.”  When you speak, are you in the moment and aware of what the audience is really thinking?
Have you ever heard a speaker tell a story that left you on the outside looking in, feeling totally disconnected, bored, and as a resut, you zoned out? (just because they look at you, it doesn't mean they are with you!!)
 Have you ever delivered such a story or two? Come on, be honest! I know we all have at one time!
Sameness habits into which we often fall and Stellar Storytelling Solutions
Sameness in Delivery
-   stage movement: either moving without purpose or staying glued to one spot:
-   one dimensional emotion reflected in monotone voice ( no variety in volume, pitch, tone, rate)
 Audience thinks: “This story is so flat, so boring, so uninteresting, so uninspiring!"
Stellar Delivery Solutions
  create actual different scenes on the platform for the different story events
-   demonstrate emotional shifts in character(s) using vocal variety in sync with the emotion i.e. despair to humour to humility to the Aha moment after experiencing results of the life-changing process
 Audience thinks: “Wow what a roller coaster ride of emotions; I felt like I was really there!”
Sameness in Content
-  always using narrative format
-  rambling on and on all about yourself, creating distance/superiority, never connecting
Audience thinks: “Great persoanl story, but it’s all about him/her! What’s in it for me?”
Stellar Content Solutions
-   use flesh and blood relatable characters, with their own dialogue, expressions and reactions which breathes life into your story and a great technique to uncover humour
-   use reflective questions occasionally, so they are involved mentally and emotionally
Audience thinks: “Wow, I can relate to his/her similarities; maybe I can possibly overcome my obstacle and achieve success too!’
 Which habits are you ready to Stop and which ones are you ready to pick up to create Stellar Stories?

Join me next month when I discuss the letter “T” as it relates to another story-telling skill.
Until then, happy speaking!
Kathryn :-)

                                               My 3 beautiful Maltese Islands in 1 frame!
Off to my beautiful country of origin, Malta, for a few weeks of  R&R, after a very busy month in Toronto! It’s been many years since my last visit there; so I'm looking forward to catching up with cousins, friends and even manage to squeeze in a few speaking workshops!

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