IAHF List: Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto's "Roundup".Glyphosate exposure is linked to the following diseases: Autism, Gastrointestinal diseases such as: inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarreah, collitis, Crohne's disease, Obesity, Allergies, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Infertility, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and more...
We all must avoid eating foods containing this deadly pesticide, and if you live in an area marked dark brown on the map shown above, you need to be especially careful to counteract its effects since it is all around you. Glyphosate also potentiates and worsens the effects of all toxins in the body, making them that much more lethal.

This excellent article "Glyphosate Harm Through Gut- Brain Connection" explains in simple terms how Glyphosate impairs sulfur metabolism, destroying all good bacteria in our gut, wiping it out to create a maladaptive chemical factory in our gut (serious gut dysbiosis) that causes all the illnesses shown above including a massive rise in autism.
Avoiding Glyphosate it is a very good reason to only eat organic and to consume sulfur because glyphosate seriously disrupts sulfur metabolism causing acidification of the body and a huge rise in all the diseases discussed above.
(Sulfur opens up cell membranes by making them more porous, more permeable, allowing oxygen to flood into the cells pushing toxins out. Our health suffers badly when our sulfur metabolism is impaired by Glyphosate! So along with protecting ourselves from the toxins in chemtrails, this is another reason we need sulfur!)
Glyphosate seriously disrupts the good bacteria in our gut by disrupting the Shikimate pathway, allowing pathogenic bacteria to take over which creates a very dangerous maladaptive chemical factory in our small intestine that causes a host of different debilitating diseases.
This disruption in our gut flora robs us of sulfur, and causes nutritional deficiencies and an impaired immune system so along with protecting ourselves from chemtrails, it is yet another reason why we not only need to ingest supplemental sulfur, but we need to use other methods of detoxification such as Dr.Schulze's Bowel Detox (Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, Super Food Plus) and to boost our immune system.
You can learn more about the dangers of Glyphosate from the following articles and videos which I've been studying in preparation for having a booth at the Weston A. Price Foundation's conference in Anaheim CA this coming weekend. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior scientist from MIT will be giving a lecture on Autism/Glyphosate/Sulfur metabolism and I want to hear her speak and ask her questions. Please see her information below

 Please see:

(Notice that even just 1 PPB (Part Per Billion) was enough to destroy gut bacteria in chickens.
Notice that certain foods are ESPECIALLY high in Glyphosate such as non grass animal feed which is allowed to have 400 ppm. Notice that Soybeans and Hay can have 200 ppm.  Cereal can have 30 ppm, Almonds can have 25 ppb, Peas can have 8, Hops can have 7, Carrots can have 5, corn can have 3.5, Sweet potato can have 3, but there are numerous foods that can still have enough ppm at only 1 to destroy good bacteria in your gut, causing gut dysbiosis.
2. See this article and video from Dr. Mercola's website:

Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide May Be Most Important Factor in Development of Autism and Other Chronic Disease

The video in this article is an interview of Dr. Seneff of MIT by Jeffrey M. Smith (a researcher of the dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods.)
3.  Mom Receives Glyphosate Task Force Studies on Glyphosate Submitted to the EPA
Here you will learn about a massive cover up involving the studies that were used to fraudulently approve Glyphosate as a pesticide.  The mother who reviewed all the studies is interviewed in a video in this article, and the most egregious aspects of the coverup are discussed in the article. The EPA is reviewing their horrendous  decision to allow Glyphosate on the market by Christmas and if enough of us complain they could ban glyphosate. You will learn how to complain in this article so that glyphosate won't be re-registered.
However- It is unlikely that the EPA will listen to consumer complaints due to massive corruption- Monsanto greases a lot of palms and pays off members of Congress routinely via lobbying pressure.
A better way to get glyphosate banned is to study the foods high in glyphosate here, then bring them to the manager in any supermarket you shop in, tell him you will no longer buy these foods. Urge your friends, neighbors, coworkers, anyone within your sphere of influence to join your boycott! 
No more BREAD, or CEREAL especially as all grains in commercial cereals and breads are very high in glyphosate! as you can see from the list cereal contains 30 ppb of glyphosate!
Animal Feeds have 400 ppb (no more meat unless its grass fed so you're not eating glyphosate! Go to places like US Wellness Meats instead of your local supermarket, pressure them to supply grass fed meat!
Almonds have 25 ppb (only buy organic to protect yourself!)
Peas have 8 ppb
Hops have 7 ppb
Carrots have 5 ppb
Corn has 3.5 ppb
Sweet potatoes have 3 ppb.
(Even just 1 ppb is enough to destroy good gut flora in rats.)
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Please join me in boycotting foods containing glyphosate, please educate the manager at your supermarket, and if he won't work with you, boycott his store!
If any of you live near Anaheim CA and would like to meet me, I will have a booth this coming weekend at the Weston A Price Foundation Conference. I encourage more of you to join our Foundation, we educate people about nutrient dense foods such as home made bone broth which I have written about here. It costs nothing to join your local chapter.