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Well-developed agriculture, forestry, organic waste availability, as well as feed-in tariffs determinate the great potential of bioenergy sector in South-East Europe.

The countries in the Region are building up plants for biofuels as they are good alternatives to conventional fuels in the context of rising fuel prices, their depletion and global environmental targets.  In Bulgaria there are real opportunities to expand biofuels production having in mind the crops resource - the country annually produces over 2 million tones.

The Region has favorable prospects for pellets. For example, in the recent 10 years, the wood briquettes production in Bulgaria has been significantly activated. The Rural Development Program (Measure 123) funds new investments in the industry. There is a shortage of quality pellets supply and a growth of users of pellets for heating in residential buildings and hotels. 

Taking into consideration the latest trends, bioenergy will be a highlight of the 2014 edition of the 10th South-East European Exhibition and Forum on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Waste Management, which will be held from 5th to 7th March in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event will raise the awareness of business and state administration on bioeconomy.

The event organizer Via Expo is expecting again a strong international presence. For the 5th consecutive year advanced Austrian experience will be demonstrated at the Austrian Pavilion.

A special session with the international speaker line-up will be devoted to the biofuel production, bioenergy and composting.

In the present newsletter you can get acquainted with the company activity of our exhibitor Costruzioni Nazzareno and presentations of the event partners: AgreCompost & Biogas (Germany), Bioenergy International (Sweden) and Pellets Markt und Trends (Germany)

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Costruzioni Nazzareno was established in 1988 by Nazzareno Carlesso, whose twenty years experience in constructing suction/extraction, filtering and scrubbing systems enabled him to set up a company that from the very beginning specialized in making machines that recover and transform industrially produced waste. The product portfolio includes briquetting presses, crushers and boiler feeding systems.

Costruzioni Nazzareno will participate at the Exhibition for the 2nd time.

Today Costruzioni Nazzareno is renowned in Italy and abroad for its wood shavings and dust pelleting systems, crushing systems and technological systems for recycling manufacturing waste.

The company is also one of Italy's leading manufacturers of systems for the production of wood pellets.

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The Austrian Biogas Congress biogas13 will be held on 4th and 5th of December 2013 in St. Pölten (Austria). The Austrian Compost & Biogas Association invite biogas plant operators, researchers, manufacturers, policy makers, stakeholders and interested persons to the already 7th biogas congress, with the support of klima:aktiv, the climate protection initiative of the Ministry of Life.

Please find the first draft of the program here and for further and refreshed information visit the homepage under

Figures released by the Swedish Pellet Producers Association, PF, show that the demand for Swedish pellets has grown during 2012. Export from Sweden was up almost 10 % while import to the country dropped markedly, by 26 %.

Compiled annually by the Association, the figures are based on producer sales volumes as well as data from Statistics Sweden. Although the 2012 total Swedish market volume of almost 1.7 million is still well below the 2010 high of almost 2.3 million tons, the 2012 trend is clear. It shows an increased demand for pellets produced in Sweden, both from within the country and abroad.

More people realise that Swedish pellets are of high quality which is important for product performance and heat value. Locally we see more industry making the switch from fossil heat production to locally produced and sustainable energy. At the same time overseas companies and households request high quality pellets from Swedish forests all of which is positive news for our members, said Hampus Mörner, spokesman for the Swedish Pellet Producers Association.

For over 30 years “Building the bioenergy market by spreading knowledge” has been the motto for Bioenergi Förlag publishers. With 7 issues per year the main Bioenergy International magazine is published in English. Local editions, not translations, are published by partners in French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

The head office is in Stockholm, Sweden with an affiliate office in Beijing, China. Our global freelance reporter and partner network are your assurance of a truly international product. Bioenergy International is distributed to subscribers in 66 countries and at all major bioenergy events, to players in the bioenergy business, associations and on the internet.

Pellets Markt und Trends is the official German trade magazine, dedicated exclusively to the topic of pellets.

The magazine is published six times a year with a circulation of 10,000 copies.
A special edition per year is for final consumers with 15,000 copies.

Trade directory with over 240 contacts.

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