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  11th February 2008

Stitchin’, Bitchin' and Valentine Knitting

Valentine’s Meeting... Ladyfest London ... Knit Commandments ...  Yarn Forward Magazine

Chilly February greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, that your fingers haven’t turned into icicles and that you are speedily knitting that jumper you’ve been working on for the past nine months to get it finished whilst it’s still cold.


After a busy post-Christmas period with new knitters galore, S&B London are looking forward to the approaching spring with exciting events coming up. We’ll be taking part in Ladyfest London on 9TH to 11TH May, celebrating female creativity in our fair city.

The launch of Going Straight, a new book coming out Tuesday 12TH February will be at the home of Angelknits in Islington this week. This snazzy book is full of contemporary hat designs using the sideways construction method. Check out the Angelknits blog for full details.

The International Speed Knitting Championships are also happening on the 16-17 February in Minneapolis, USA. Click here to see more info on the UK's representative Hazel Tindall.

And don’t forget the London Stitch and Creative Crafts Show at the end of the month at London’s Excel Centre Thursday 28TH February to Saturday 1ST March, with stalls, demonstrations, and workshops.


The last few meetings have seen us take over some of our favourite venues as we knit with faces old and new. We livened up the caverns of the Old Star, stitching and enjoying bowls of risotto around the huge banqueting tables.

Last week at the National Theatre we met more newbies, drank plenty of vino and saw some great feats of knitting goodness by you talented lot. You never fail to impress us with your skills.


Stitch and Be My Valentine

Details of the next meeting:

Celebrate Valentine’s with us at this new venue for knitting over a pint and some good old pub grub. Who needs a hot date when you have your knitting to keep you company?

Time: From 6pm
Venue: The Wellington (opposite the Jubilee Line exit at Waterloo)
81-83 Waterloo Road

Tel: 020 7928 6083

Map Nearest Tube: Waterloo


Stitch and Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll

Details of the meeting after that:

Yes, we’re revisiting an old favourite for an evening of stitching to the sounds of the 50s. Join us for a row or 12 in the retro diner, where they serve the tastiest shakes in town. Just don’t get mustard on your WIP... 

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
Tavistock Hotel (in the basement)
Bedford Way

Map Website Nearest Tube: Russell Square



Stitch and Pecan Pie

Details of the meeting after that: 

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Leon at Spitalfields Market
3 Crispin Place
E1 6DW

Tel: 020 7247 4369

Map Website Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street


Stitch and Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Ladyfest London will be taking place from FRIDAY 9TH - SUNDAY 11TH MAY, and you are invited to join S&B London in knitting up a storm at this fabulous arts festival, celebrating female creativity in all its forms.

This year’s Ladyfest London aims to focus on London as a cultural melting pot; and all you S&B Londoners are part of the diversity that makes up this amazing city.

Ladyfest also aims to promote feminist discussion and activism, to work with a DIY ethos, and encourage knowledge and skill-sharing. They put on accessible, affordable, and all-ages events, which are volunteer-run and non-profit event and aim have fun – sounds like a regular S&B meeting to us!

Be sure to keep your eyes on the newsletter in the coming months for more news on Ladyfest, till then consider this your exclusive heads up.


Stitch and Mushy Love Stuff Knit Commandments

Love and knitting go together like…um…well…do they go together? There are certain rules the other half has to abide by in order to become a knitter’s true love and stay that way. The main ones are as follows (we’re sure you can think of more):

Thou shalt not talk to me when I am counting rows
Thou shalt appreciate an item I have spent weeks/months/a lifetime knitting for you (even if it is seven sizes too big and looks like a circus tent on you)
Thou shalt not utter the words “I don’t know why you buy more yarn when you have so much at home.”
Thou shalt be patient with my annoyance at the 500th person saying “Knit me a scarf” on finding out that I can knit
Thou shalt not use my knitting needles for DIY jobs
Thou shalt be willing to hold skeins of yarn so I can wind them
Thou shalt not touch my knitting in progress EVER
Thou shalt always check the sofa for knitting needles before you sit down
Thou shalt not tell your work colleague/squash partner/second cousin that I will knit something for them without asking me first
Thou shalt understand that “Just let me finish this row” could mean I continue knitting for some time

It might be a good idea for those of you in the first stages of mushy love stuff to print that list out and hand it over before things get too serious…

And if you don’t have a brand-new love blooming then how about you knit yourself some Love smokes, and we can sit around feeling bitter about those who do and pretending to smoke away our troubles. Healthier that way.

Stitch and a Knitting Magazine for the People

S&B London loves Yarn Forward magazine for a few reasons. We love it because it is made by knitters for knitters, we love it because it is an independent knitting magazine that is just as good as the big fish, we love it because the patterns it contains are consistently fabulous, and we love it most of all because it knows that knitters think and treats readers like they have brains in their heads, as well as sticks in their hands.

So we are very proud to let you know that issue four of Yarn Forward is now out. Not only is it stuffed to the woolly gills with patterns and stuff to get your knitty brain around, there is also an article in there on S&B UK day penned by our own Lauren ‘Deadly Knitshade’ O’Farrell, with some shiny photos of the big day to peruse.

You can grab a copy on the Yarn Forward website or on theYarnbox website.

That’s just about all the knitting news we can squeeze in this week. Until next time, wrap up warm, and save those pennies for Excel at the end of the month. Remember, speed knitting stops those fingers from turning into ice!

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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