Matt Pyeatt- Ron Paul's Grandson // Ron Paul- A Man Trapped in an Illusion: Help Wake Him Up!!


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Your help is needed to increase awareness of the fact that we're witnessing a real life version of the "Truman Show" with this current supposed "election." ( I discussed this in detail here if you missed it or want to reflect again on what I said about this.)

Please go here where you'll see Ron Paul's grandson's Matt Pyeatt's article "The GOP Race, My Grandfather, the Patriot"

Before the New Hampshire Primary I probably would have read Matt's words and would have wholeheartedly embraced them, but since the NH Scam happened, and since RP came out with the lead baloon that "No Fraud" occurred in NH, I've been rethinking this whole sorry scam the elite are trying to foist off on us as an "Election" and now I see it for what it REALLY is.

Below Matt's article at the link above you'll see my comments which I hope Matt will relay on to Ron Paul. I also sent these comments to Ron via his brother David, and via other people close to him. Go ahead and add your own comments if you wish, and please forward this information widely. Join me in posting it throughout Daily Paul and other blogs. I am not "undermining" Ron since no actual election is taking place, so please don't accuse me of doing something that I'm NOT doing!

For the sake of our own survival, all of us need to learn to think the way the Bilderbergs think, or we're doomed. The Bilderbergs and other Ruling Elite are masters of deception. When it comes to warfare, they've mastered the strategies of Sun Tzu who wrote The Art of War:

They are masters of deception. They have the exact same level of skills as the Greeks did when they skillfully got inside the City of Troy via their "Gift" of the Trojan Horse, without even firing a shot! The Greeks handily seized control of the City. Those who haven't learned from history are doomed to REPEAT History:

John McCain is intended to be the next "Dole". He's old, he had cancer, his neck makes him look like Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, and his rhetoric reminds everyone far too much of George W. Bush as he goes around acting like a frat boy making jokes about wanting to bomb Iran by singing twisted version of Beach Boys Songs.

Make no mistake about it, the elite intend on INSERTING him as the "Republican Nominee", and they intend to insert Hillary as the "Democrat Nominee", but these choices will NOT reflect the will of the PEOPLE, they'll reflect the will of Computer Programmers who the elite have been paying to rig all the Black Box Primaries as well as the so called "General Election." (How can anyone possibly doubt this after watching this testimony?

I'm not at all racist, or sexist, but I do know how the ruling elite THINK. Wouldn't surprise me if Hillary named Obama as her "running mate" and the elite then went on to INSTALL both of them as our next Dictator and Vice Dictator because that would create the ILLUSION that a "woman and a black" "Finally" got voted into our Highest Offices, but this will all be an illusion, it will not reflect any choice WE made, but it would be intended to keep us in LINE come November to give them more time to disarm us so we can't rebel and so they can microchip us.

We all need Ron Paul to publicly discuss Election Fraud or nothing will change, and what I am saying here will, in all probability play out.

With information like this publicly available, no one can tell me this is "far fetched"

Please go here and add your own comments to what I'm saying and please forward this widely!