Is DHS Gearing Up to Murder Americans in Cold Blood? Whats With Their Order to Buy 450 Million Rounds of .40 Caliber Ammo?
Is the Nazi Molestation By TSA Goons Now to Be Followed Up By Cold Blooded Genocide by Hitler 2: The Obamination?
Velcome to Amerika- Your Showers Are Ready! Is UN Codex Hell About to Be Unleashed? What We CAN DO TO PREPARE!!!
IAHF List: Urgent Alert! Be sure to read this entire alert, MANY new developments point to rapidly approaching martial law! IAHF needs your help to fight back! In this alert, you will be guided on many specific steps you can take to defend your life, and the lives of your family members! America will never fall to the NWO tyrants if enough of us actively fight back as I am here! (Fighting back is FUN when you realize you are NOT ALONE!!!)
I just returned from the Nutritional Therapy Association Conference in Vancouver WA (near Portland OR) where I had a booth from which I sold my Sulfur and educated practitioners to the fact that most MSM on the market is crap. I urged them all to watch this documentary and to keep a look out for the sequel, soon to be released. IAHF is in touch with film maker Michael Murphy, and you'll be glad to know we will have input into this valuable new film that warns people of the genocide now in "progress", and more importantly, how we CAN FIGHT BACK!!!)
The practitioners at NTA were surprised to learn that Cardinal, Opti, and Rich (the three biggest brands of MSM) are all quadruple heated to 486 degrees which renders them nearly inert, a complete scam! They have some biological activity, but not nearly as much as my sulfur. I explained to them that these brands don't grow good crystals, an indicator of how well they'll work to chelate toxins being sprayed on us via aircraft, and how well they'll work to open up cell membranes to flood in oxygen and to help toxins escape the cells.
Remember- these three brands are being private labelled under many other brands sold in health food stores and that most of it also contains silicon dioxide, (ground up quartz) which acts as an anticaking ingredient, and keeps the filling machines from clogging and breaking when they flow MSM into capsules, but it should never be put into sulfur because it blocks its uptake to our cells! So, if you are getting MSM in a health food store- think twice!!  I'd either toss it or only feed it to my houseplants, and get the stuff you can rely on!
I explained to them that my sulfur is only heated to 271 degrees, twice, enough to purify the water used in the distillation process, not enough to turn sulfur into a gas or to destroy its biological activity the way other manufacturers unfortunately do. I explained that you can assess the biological activity of any sulfur by doing a simple ph test. Take ordinary tap water. Do a ph test. Then mix in MSM, and re-test. If the ph differential is not at least 2.5, throw out that MSM and get mine!
You better get it while the gettin' is good too, because I might leave the country, or at least divide my time between this and another country in order to have contingency plans for self protection. I'm seriously considering it right now. I might not be selling it much longer. I'm still hoping right now to make enough from it to be able to help Kevin Miller make the sequel to our film of 6 years ago (We Become Silent- the Last Days of Health Freedom) but I also want to remain fluid in case TSHTF and I need to split for shear survival, because that could actually happen- and like all of you, I'm playing that by ear.
This sulfur is going to be worth as much as FOOD and MORE than GOLD if we come under martial law, and if you read on you'll see that we're getting very close now.... If you're not on autoship for sulfur, you should be, and if you haven't ordered LARGE QUANTITIES, you should seriously consider doing so, just as you should also be stockpiling emergency food supplies, and making other survival plans given what is undeniably heading our way...
(Anyone who buys 4 pounds or more of Sulfur, or who signs up for Autoshipping within the next week will receive a free, comprehensive survival guide from IAHF containing a lot of very valuable information to assist you and your family in preparing for the now fast approaching martial law....)
Why Did DHS & ICE Sign Contract With ATK For
45 Million Rounds Of .40 Caliber Ammo?
Why Did Obama Just Sign an E.O.
Described by a Democrat Attorney
As "Martial Law- Lite"?
When I was in the Philippines recently, the Department of Homeland Security installed  
steel swing gates that can be used to completely block the road at the US Border crossing into Point Roberts, WA where I live. Will Canada soon be following suit to seal us in here a la the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland under Nazi occupation where thousands were genocided- starved out ?
(Remember- The ruling elite have carved their intention to kill off 9 out of 10 of us into solid granite via the Georgia Guidestones, and via UN  Agenda 21.)
With the Bilderberg Group controlling Canada to such a degree that they're harmonizing their laws to the EU via the CETA Trade Agreement, anything is possible. Canada is a Nazi country already as evidenced by this website- Hidden from History- The Canadian Holocaust.
Those who don't learn from history are often condemned to repeat history. Man has definitly not evolved any since WW2- we're obviously on the verge of a Third World War right now... Please click here to watch this documentary about The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising- the same thing could easily happen where you live now. Be prepared for anything! 
As concious as I am of the chemtrail instigated genocide that my sulfur is helping defend people against, this development struck me as ominous, and I will be making a presentation expressing strong concerns about the gates at the Point Roberts border crossing next Tuesday night before the Whatcom County Council in Bellingham WA, my county seat. I'll upload photos of these gates in my next alert and will be taking them before going to discuss this before my County Council.
I'll also be meeting with my County Sheriff to demand that he honor his oath of office by stopping the Fedstapo and the Canadians from sealing us in here, and I want him investigating DHS also due to the contract they just signed with ATK that will provide them with 450 Million rounds of .40 caliber ammo, more than enough bullets to kill every man, woman and child in America. (Our current population is 311 Million. We all know what happened a My Lai in Vietnam, never say that sort of massacre couldn't happen here- we could be up against battle hardened vets who did door to door weapons searchs in Afghanistan and Iraq, or UN troops, or a combination.)
As you can see from this contract which ATK has secured with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) it is OPEN ENDED . In other words, if 450 Million Rounds of .40 caliber ammo isn't enough to "do the job" they can get even MORE!!! (Got body armor?  Got Night Vision?  Got Sulfur?  Did you realize that the government has been buying up massive quantities of freeze dried food?  Got your own?
Got a garden? Got chickens? Did you join Weston A. Price Foundation like I recommended so you could start learning as much as possible about how to grow a garden, so you can learn as much as possible about nutrient dense foods in case we lose our access to supplements, and how to make your own lactofermented foods? Its not too late to start now to do these things, spring is here- its the perfect time to learn!
I'm a chapter leader in WAPF and strongly recommend you join this organization if you haven't already! (We should hope for the best, and do all we can to fight the FDA to defend access to supplements, while simultaneously preparing for the worst!)
Shades of the Warsaw Ghetto from Nazi Germany? Everyone living in our border community of 1500 people here in Point Roberts has noticed the sudden installation of these border gates, and we all feel like canaries in the coal mine. The government is clearly anticipating martial law...Obama just signed a new Executive Order that even a Democrat attorney has described as "martial law lite". 
Is the NWO setting the stage to attempt kill 9 out of 10 of us as we're warned will happen via the Georgia Guidestones, and via UN Agenda 21? Why has the Pentagon been actively wargaming martial law with increased frequency?

Why are DHS labelling legitimate American activists "terrorists" and why has DHS contracted an Israeli company (the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response) to make these determinations? (Their address is P.O. Box 18356 Jerusalem 91182, Israel +972.2.571.1526  They also have an office in Philadelphia which I just called at 215.922.1080 They were very tight lipped. Refused to respond to any of my questions. Wanted me to identify myself, and when I refused to do so, they hung up on me! I asked them how they were funded. No response. I asked if they were contracted to DHS. No response, even though we know they are! They list these organizations as their partners. This obvious Mossad cut out organization has even been spying on Quaker peace activists in Pennsylvania, and wants them labelled as "terrorists"!
The State of Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security ended their contract with this Israeli run organization, shouldn't the FEDSTAPO stop contracting with them too? What is REALLY going on in Amerika? Who REALLY was behind 911?
WHO BENEFITTED? Do any of us benefit if WW3 Breaks out because either we, or ISRAEL invade IRAN?

Why has DHS labelled Pro Lifers as "Extremists"? Pro Lifers as "Extremists"?
(We're "extremists", while the Israeli company contracted by DHS to "assess threats "at our borders is LABELLING US this way are arming themselves to the teeth with 40 Million Rounds of .40 caliber ammunition??
Are our "showers" now ready? Are we all soon to get a hefty dose of "lead poisoning"? Has Amerika now officially become the reincarnation of Nazi Germany, (with a little help from Israel, a nation that routinely acts like the reincarnation of Nazi Germany as they bulldoze innocent people on the West Bank into mass graves using gigantic earth moving machines?
I have been coming and going through the US and Canadian borders now for nearly 10 years since moving to Point Roberts from Virignia, and having experienced the surly, in your face demeanor of border guards (many being ex military, ex police, ex border patrol) at Peace Arch border crossing especially who act totally desensitized, as though we were all THEIR ENEMY, I have NO PROBLEM envisioning these guys someday strafing us with bullets.
All of us who live here have witnessed the incredibly impersonal nature and drunk with power attitude of border guards. Some have managed to capture audio such as this which illustrates the Nazi mentality of these American border guards. This sort of heavy handed behavior is, unfortunately, TYPICAL.
I have experienced this, and WORSE at the US border, numerous times. All of us who live here have, so if you think my concerns about this ADK press release are "over the top", you're wrong. They screen these scum to insure that they HAVE a Nazi like demeanor- they were the worst sort of control freaks. If they were ordered to shoot to kill innocent people, many of them WOULD do it. Many of them have hair trigger tempers, and will get in your face and scream at you at the top of their lungs.
One time, when I came up border hill a bit too fast for this one jumpy border guard named Mike to be able to stand, he actually dropped into a defense crouch, both feet braced, and stared me down from a defensive crouch, both arms outstretched on his weapon.
He looked very foolish with his huge gut shaking like Santa Clause when I told him I just had to take a piss real bad. He put his gun away and mumbled something about how I shouldn't drive so fast as I approached "a border zone." This guy has a huge beer belly, acts like he was once bullied in school years ago due to being covered in zits, and is now getting his revenge on humanity! He often works the graveyard shift here and he's twichier than a toad on LSD stuck inside a Loonie bin! Someone should take his gun away before he kills some innocent person!
Another time I made a 5 minute trip over the border from Point Roberts into the neighboring Canadian town of Tsawwassen, BC to get something at the hardware store "over the line" that they didn't have here at Neilson's. When I came back in, the border guard told me I had to go into the immigration building. He handed me a red card, and told me to pull into the parking lot and go inside. When I incredulously asked why, his body language told me he didn't agree with the Port Director's "reasons".
Perplexed, I went inside where the Port Director, this obese hot headed Italian guy with a Brooklyn accent who reminded me of underworld types I'd rubbed shoulders with growing up back in Jersey proceeded to scream at me at the top of his lungs for no reason at all!
He was furious telling me that if HE had been on duty the previous evening (when a female supervisor let me go, and did not fine me 7 Grand for alleged "border jumping" that he WOULD HAVE FINED ME if HE had been on duty!  This pompous A-Hole was totally in my face over absolutely nothing!
The previous day I was coming back from swim practice with a full bladder. I handed my passport to the guard who scanned it, and handed it back. Believing the inspection was over, I hit my gas hard and gunned it out of there because my back teeth were swimming.
I ended up not making it home, but had to take a piss in the parking lot of the realty. Apparently, a split second after my passport had been handed back and I took off, the ALARM had gone off because I used to be red flagged in the computers of both countries til I went to court by phone with a Judge in Florida who removed the red flag after talking with me about a conflict I'd once had with an editor who I'd sent a facetious email to that he overreacted to, being a pussy.
So, this Port Director raged at me, but I didn't take it. I shouted him down, THROTTLING HIM in mid sentence.
His eyes were buggin' out, and the veins on his neck were bulging. He was smashing his closed fist into his open hand as if he were considering coming over the counter AFTER ME, so I first shouted back:
"YOU BETTER WIND IN YOUR NECK AND SHUT UP- I'm the Son of a NAVY SEAL and I used to kick HIS ASS. You want a piece of me, dirtbag? Meet me after your shift is over, without your badge, without your gun, OFF US SOIL, over in the parking lot of the Rose and Crown tavern in Tsawwassen, and BRING A BODY BAG you despicable sack of human shit! You act like a cross between a Nazi and a Commie, and I've got NO USE for people like you!  I've got your BADGE NUMBER, I'm reporting you to my Congressman, my Senators, and YOUR SUPERIORS, because I want YOU shipped out to Little Diomede Island in the ALEUTIANS!!!!"
I walked out of there shaking with rage, half expecting the sheriff to come to put me on the Coastguard Boat to Bellingham Jail, but it never happened (!) I think I caught the sonovabitch off guard, like my reaction was the last thing in the world he expected! Most bullies are just like him, they never expect anyone to stand up to them!
As I was yelling back at this guy I could see all the other border guards smiling because they hated this guy as much as I did, and knew he had been wrong to yell at me. They knew I was totally justified in yelling back, and they were just glad someone could get away with telling him off, something I'm sure they all wanted to do themselves. They all knew I would have subpoened a bunch of them if I had been arrested.
I was very happy when this Port Director got transferred out of here and was replaced with a much better man. Most border guards here at Point Roberts aren't too bad, the really bad ones are down at Peace Arch, but theres always a few at any border crossing who I think are sick enough, and crazy enough to actually open fire on someone for the least provacation- so I don't trust this DHS contract for 450 Million rounds of .40 caliber ammo at all, and I am officially complaining about it. Please join me!! Theres safety in numbers! None of us has to take this shit! Please mass forward this, post it to your websites, urge all your friends and family to join the IAHF list for free.  (tell them to scroll down on my front page to the sign up menu.)
(Copy and paste this section of my alert into a Word Document that you can print out and either email, or Fax in to your Senators and Congressman, then call them via 1-877-SOB-USOB (gets you to the Capital Switchboard, to discuss the concerns expressed herein.)
To: The Honorable Senators ____________________________________ and _________________________________________
and to Congressman ___________________________________________________________
Connect These Dots: Big Trouble Looming on the Near Horizon!
Why did Obama just sign an executive order that effectively puts us under martial law? (Even a democrat attorney has pronounced this "martial law lite." DEMAND ANSWERS!!)
Why did the Department of "Homeland Security" just put in an order for 450 Million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition? This is more than enough to kill every man, woman and child in America, and they can renew the order as needed..... See the youtube discussion of this here.  
Read this article: Group Demands Investigation Into DHS Long History of Labelling Americans "Terrorists." DEMAND ANSWERS!!

The US Secretary of Defense just announced on March 7th to a Senate Committee that the military now takes orders from the UN, and then they announce their decisions to Congress, which means the UN now supercedes our US congress.  I felt that announcement should have easily pulled every person to storm Washington D.C. , but from what I can tell, nobody even cares, and nobody has done anything about the announcement that we are no longer the USA, but the UNSA. DEMAND ANSWERS!
Why did DHS just put swing gates across all lanes entering Point Roberts Border Crossing from Tsawwassen, BC, Canada? Is DHS now leaning on Canada to gate the NORTHBOUND LANES as WELL which could turn Point Roberts into the next WARSAW GHETTO?
Why are parking lots in places like LAX Airport being turned into rendition camps with razor ribbon fences to hold vast numbers of dissidents? What about the Pier 57 concentration camp in NYC where thousands of prisoners are already being held, blocked access to attorneys, while being exposed to toxic chemicals and asbestos? See This and go to the 13:11 mark- see the footage of the rendition camp at Pier 57 in NY, and the one in Sand Point, Idaho... we've got concentration camps in America RIGHT NOW that prove Obama is the next Hitler.
My question about the GATES at Point Roberts border crossing are NOT "over the top", not when you see what ELSE is going on right now all over America where concentration camps have clearly already been established.
How do you intend to uphold your oath by removing him from office? Give me one reason not to take steps to defend my life, and the lives of my family in the face of this unfettered tyranny? What do you intend to do to protect me from the US Military? If the answer is nothing, you are hereby put on notice that you are a traitor, and the second amendment is still very much alive despite your communist/Nazi efforts to enslave us.
City:___________________________ State_________Zip______________________
Has the American Revolution truly become a "fat lady drivin' a Cadillac"? Are American dietary supplement consumers really so complacent that they've suddenly agreed to capitulate to UN Codex driven genocide?
This is a call to arms, folks. I'm not taking this lightly, and you shouldn't either. Call your congress critters via 1-877-SOB-USOB (no thats not a made up phone number, it will actually get you to the US Capital Switchboard) and read the smarmy traitorous bastards the RIOT ACT citing all of the above, (especially the fact that DHS just put in an order for 450 Million Rounds of 40 caliber ammuntion: and DEMAND ANSWERS!!
Let them know that you are a very angry dietary supplement consumer who refuses to yield to UN driven Codex genocide, and that in response to this announcement that the US now "takes its orders" from the UN, and that DHS just ordered that you have joined Gun Owners of America in defense of the second amendment and all OTHER unalienable rights, and that you will fight to the DEATH if necessary to oppose the Obamination and his fellow traitor terrorists in Congress who obviously prefer that we all be forced into a global totalitarian state, a prison planet.
Are they gearing up to pull the plug on the economy and start herding us all into food lines to be microchipped and turned into total, complete, absolute slaves? (At the last link, please watch the video of my friend Sue Ford, aka "Brice Taylor" naming the names.... she escaped from the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program and wrote this book to warn us all. Please read it! I spent a week visiting her once just to pick her brain. She is the real deal!
Are we done for? Not if  I have anything to say about it, and I do have a LOT to say, and so do ALL of you!! NONE of us is DEFEATED unless we choose to ACCEPT defeat, and thats NOT an option!
We need to re-kindle the spirit of '76, thats 1776. If you value IAHF's efforts to defend your freedom, please make a donation via this site  or send a donation to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281
If you're not autoshipping sulfur to yourself, do it HERE.  If you haven't yet started stockpiling sulfur, do it here.
You should be buying multiple pounds because I am not sure how long I'll even remain in this country.
I'm a marked man here. I'm on the red list of people to be executed just before martial law. That was told to me by a guy who used to work in the top echelon of FEMA who quit his job after having a tour of the concentration camps, wanting nothing to do with implementation of martial law. He became the headmaster of a Boys Military Boarding School in Front Royal, VA. That was where I met him. He wanted to warn me. He learned that he was on the red list from a guy he used to work with. I drove a 4 hour round trip to meet with this man when I used to live in Floyd, VA.
He called telling me he had something he could only tell me in person, not by phone, not by email. He was added to the rest list because he knew too much and because he'd done 2 tours of Vietnam as an Army Ranger, he knew too much, and was in a position to provide leadership against the NWO. I was added to the red list due to being the first in the world to blow the whistle on Codex and for pushing for Congressional oversight even when ordered via death threats over the phone to stop. So I might be around much longer, but theres something else I want you all to know: this is not all there is. We have a creator who loves us. I know from an out of body experience I had when I was 16 when a tree fell on me in a tornado. I was on the edge of crossing over to the other side, but was given a chance to return to my body. So don't forget to pray, it really is calming and grounding!  
If you are waiting to receive sulfur from me, please be patient! I'm snowed with orders, and only have one person helping fill them. I promise I will get yours to you! Your friend, John.  PS: Please forward this massively! Please repost it to your website! Please urge more people to buy sulfur and to support IAHF with donations! The life you save could be YOUR OWN!!