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Peggy Orenstein - Tuesday, February 15
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Cinderella Ate My Daughter
Tuesday, February 15 at 7 PM

Don't miss a great discussion with acclaimed author Peggy Orenstein, as she reveals the dark side of the rise of the "girlie-girl." In her new book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, Orenstein (author of the groundbreaking bestseller Schoolgirls) examines the not-so-innocent side of princess culture represented by Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, and others. Motivated by wanting to protect her own young daughter, Daisy, Orenstein investigated: She went to Disneyland and the international toy fair, visited American Girl Place and Pottery Barn Kids, and met beauty pageant parents with preschoolers dressed like Vegas showgirls. The stakes turn out to be higher than she - or we - ever imagined: nothing less than the health, development, and futures of our girls.

“With insight and biting humor, the author explores her own conflicting feelings as a mother as she protects her offspring and probes the roots and tendrils of the girlie-girl movement.” — Publishers Weekly


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