IAHF List: Its a VERY GOOD SIGN when Neocon sycophant press organs such as the CFR connected Washington Times start churning out spin such as this article, because it shows how DESPERATE the ruling elite are becomming as the grass roots continues to OUTFLANK their LIES:

Bush Denies Superstate Rumors

Excerpt from this article that is worth noting:

Mr. Harper said the trade talks were far more mundane than many realize, citing a morning meeting with business leaders at which one CEO complained that "the rules for jelly bean contents are different in Canada and the United States.""They have to maintain two separate inventories. Is the sovereignty of Canada going to fall apart if we standardize the jelly bean? You know, I don't think so," Mr. Harper said.

Of course this effort to downplay the planned merger between Canada, America and Mexico entails one HELL of a lot more than merely the standardization of "jelly beans" and Harper, Bush and Calderon are well aware of the fact that the FDA, Health Canada, and their Mexican Equivalent have been working overtime for the past several years holding meetings that are illegal under the governing laws of all 3 countries for the purpose of literally SPRINGING harmonized food and drug regulations on us with ZERO public input, and they're also well aware that the US Commerce Department has been holding covert meetings with their Canadian and Mexican counterparts with nothing less than DISSOLVING all 3 nations in mind for the purpose of forming a North American Union Dictatorship modelled DIRECTLY after the EU!

These sycophants are well aware that the internet is abuzz with millions of people watching videos like this from which the AWFUL TRUTH is getting out world wide, and they're DESPERATE to stop the rapid spread of information, because it results in very angry people like March For America- Washington getting together to build coalitions to hold Street Marches and Rallies like this one where I stood on top of a rock sculpture on the grounds of the Federal Building in Seattle this past Saturday from which I educated a large crowd, including several mainstream media reporters about the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter which Congress SO FAR has not held oversight hearings on despite our having nearly 23,000 signatures on IAHF's position due to Congress being awash in Pharma PAC donations------ but what happens when we have a MILLION sigs on our petition?

I'm feeling excited folks! I haven't felt this good in a long time! All summer I've been active in 3 different Ron Paul meetup groups and we've been accomplishing a lot through them to awaken the sleeping giant, the AMERICAN PEOPLE to the New World Odor's stenchorific plans to destroy the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the US Constitution and to slam both nations together with Drug Lord Run Mexico whether we like it or not, but we are NOT POWERLESS to shape our destiny!

We are NOT POWERLESS to toss monkeywrenches into the New World Order's juggernaut, but you need to get off your hind quarters and spring into ACTION so as to IMMULATE the anti NAU March/Rally that Jonny Crivello just organized in Seattle so as to act in concert with the thousands of protestors who are all around the Chateau at Montebello Quebec right now where Harper, Bush and Calderon are plotting to run roughshod over us all whether we like it or not!

Increasingly, its becoming like that movie "The Network" where all those people spontaneously stick their heads out the window and start screaming at the top of their lungs "I'm MAD AS HELL AND I'm NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!" watch excerpt of Howard Beale's famous speech

(See where you can buy a copy to show to everyone in your neighborhood and use it as a tool to awaken them to the info at: and

When I was giving my speech trying to warn the American people about the enormous threat posed by the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter a group of Neocon assisting so called "anarchists" threw beer bottles and water ballons at me while screaching obscenities and yelling inane taunts through bullhorns while clanging cowbells and generally doing everything possible to try to DROWN OUT my health freedom message!

They had a skirmish with the Seattle Police in which one of them was arrested and several got pepper sprayed. Frankly, its a damn lucky thing for them that the Seattle Police thwarted their effort to get across the street to where the MFAWASH coalition was giving speeches, because if that cerebrally challenged pack of mental midgets HAD managed to cross the street to get any more in my face than they were, I could have easily crippled a few of 'em and I would have enjoyed doing it too!

The sickening thing is that Komo 4 News, Fox News, and the Seattle Times all did spin that HELPED the anarchists and socialists as they sought to marginalize our street march and rally, but its going to become increasingly hard for the mainstream media to carry on in that vein when the Anarchists post this sort of sophomoric mindlessness on the web for the world to see:

Make no mistake about it people: We're fighting for the SURVIVAL of America, Canada and Mexico right now, but its NOT an unwinnable battle!

What will help you get your priorities in order so that you will get directly involved in the fight to preserve our freedoms is AWARENESS.

Take the time to examine whats REALLY going on outside the mainstream news spin, and it looks like this:

The New World Order crowd are trying to force us into a global totalitarian state in which they intend to heavily cull our numbers and to control the survivors via electronic mind control, technology that they've been hard at work developing since Josef Mengele got that ball rolling in the Nazi concentration camps with horrific studies done on twins via which he got the nickname "The Angel of Death".

At the end of the war, the Russians got a bunch of the Nazi mind control experts and continued developing the technology, so the fledgling CIA decided they had to keep pace- so a bunch of those buggers were brought to our shores and put to work in some very high places in the military.

Under cover of "National Security" they developed technology which they intend to unleash on us all in the near future unless we fight like hell against ALL their nefarious globalist plans. See (scroll all the way down on front page to countermeasures and you'll understand why they're so desperate to block our access to healing nutrients via Codex and via FDA's TCC with Canada and Mexico.)

Certain specific nutrients radically interfere with both implanted microchips and directed energy in the form of microwaves. Its not just to mess up our immune systems that they want to ban our access- they have other even MORE nefarious reasons.

The best way to stop whats going on is to throw your heart and soul behind Ron Paul's Revolution. The man has more grass roots support world wide than any other US Presidential candidate right now and his support comes from all sides of the political spectrum. There are many reasons for that which you will learn upon joining the Ron Paul Meetup Group nearest you (Google "Ron Paul, Meetup".

The Seattle Ron Paul meetup group just handed out over 5,000 slim jims (campaign tracts) at Hempfest in Seattle, and our Bellingham group handed out a ton of material at the NW WA Fair in Lynden, and we're planning more things like this! The Vancouver BC Canada RP Meetup has been handing out RP material to both Canadians and Americans in Vancouver, and their group keeps growing in size and enthusiasm as the word gets out of the tremendous leadership qualities RP has!

No one has done more to oppose Codex or to defend health freedom than Ron Paul, and I enthusiastically urge all of you to get active in his campaign! If you're a democrat who is gagging at the idea of supporting a "republican" please know that RP is HATED by the inner sanctum of the Republican Party and by the Media and there are a lot of reasons WHY they hate him, which is why at the NW WA Fair in Lynden, I was even allowed to sit at the booth of the Democratic Party to hand out RP literature!

If you're a Republican, and that makes you gag, please know that RP is truly trying to restore the Republican party to what it once was when it used to care about fiscal responsability, and protecting the constitution!  The man is the New World Order's worst nightmare which is why WE all need to enthusiastically get behind him!

IAHF needs your donations to do this work! With YOUR help we can travel more easily nationwide to assist groups organize the sort of anti NAU demonstration that we just had in Seattle! Please help by sending your most generous donation to:


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If you'd like a copy of Byron Richard's book "Fight for Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America" in exchange for your donation, please let me know, and if you already have a copy, get another one to give to a friend! Together we CAN roll this health freedom boulder uphill in order to send it crashing down on the Neocon pond scum!