TODAY IS THE 12th!  Things to note:

1. Once again, there is a signed and numbered edition of prints from the "12 Months Rent" series available in my Etsy Store
2. This time around the print is called "NEW FRIENDS"
3. If "NEW FRIENDS" is your third purchase from the "12 Months Rent" series, I will send you a download prize of unreleased songs!
(If you are a 3 print collector this month, include the pass-phrase  "TRIPLE-THREAT" in your order, so I know to double check and send you the download link.)
4.  For those of you who have yet to collect 3 prints, fear not, you may redeem the "TRIPLE-TREAT" prize with any combo of print orders over the remaining months.
5.  For those of you who redeemed the "TRIPLE-THREAT" prize last month - congratulations - and thank you!  (also if I messed up and you never got the link remind me and I will make amends!)

FINALLY - As always, there are only 50 copies, priced mega CHEAP ($25).  As a result, they sell stupid QUICK.  Don't sleep! 

Hot Damn,
Tim Fite

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