Perugia Press is pleased to announce:

by Amanda Auchter

is the PEN Center USA

What Does This Award Mean for Perugia Press?
How Can You Be Part of the Excitment?
PEN Center USA, one of two centers in the United States and the third largest in the world, strives to protect the rights of writers around the world, to stimulate interest in the written word, and to foster a vital literary community among diverse writers. The awards dinner and ceremony in October is their main fundraiser, and Amanda will have the opportunity to speak. Read about it in the Los Angeles Times. We at Perugia Press are extremely proud.

As a thank you, PEN Center USA gives copies of the winning books to their donors. They have asked us to contribute 500 copies of The Wishing Tomb for this purpose. What a great opportunity for Amanda’s book to get into the hands of influential people in the literary world.

So we are having a fundraiser to support their fundraiser! Here’s why: While other publishers and small presses may be able to supply books for this purpose, we can not. Perugia is tiny, and with only one book each year, we can’t give it away. For Amanda’s book to be part of PEN Center USA’s appreciation, we need your help. 

Please consider making a donation to underwrite getting Perugia’s prize-winning book to the Beverly Hills Hotel in October. A $25 donation would insure that 5 books get to the PEN event; $100 would send 20 books to an evening where supporters of writers from all over the world will be gathered. Please give what you can. After all, PEN and Perugia (and you too) share the goal of promoting writers and writing. Thank you so much.


Editor Susan Kan and Prize-Winning Poet Amanda Auchter at AWP in Boston, March 2013
PO Box 60364, Florence, MA  01062