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 January 2013
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The “Place To Be” On February 2 — General Meeting of the Library Minyan
Cancel whatever else you were planning on Groundhog Day (I’m sure the little critter in Punxatawnee will see his shadow anyway), and come to the semi-annual General Meeting of the Library Minyan, Shabbat, February 2, 2013, following services and a co-sponsored kiddush. Everyone is welcome. We need and want your ideas, input and feedback regarding how to keep the Minyan vibrant, friendly, and flourishing.  If you have suggestions regarding agenda topics, please email Scott Taryle. If you would like to be a co-sponsor for the kiddush on that date, please contact Hospitality and Social Chair Carl Sunshine.
Purim Seudah to Roast Mitch Malkus 
The Library Minyan will be hosting our third annual Purim Seudah, a morning of food, drink, and homespun comedy, on Sunday, February 24, 2013, from 10 a.m. to noon at the shul, following the morning Megillah reading. This year's theme will be a roast of Pressman Academy Head of School, Rabbi Mitch Malkus, who will be bidding our community farewell this summer.  As Norm Saiger says, "Let's Pin Pithy Purim Puns on our Poor Pressman Proctor.”  This event will be open to the whole Temple Beth Am community. We ask only that you bring your sense of humor and fun, as well as a monetary donation for the mitzvah of Matanot LaEvyonim. If you would like to be involved, please contact Sandra Lepson or Norm Saiger.
Launching a New, Ad Hoc Committee on Facilities
In order to support the Library Minyan’s awareness and involvement in matters affecting our physical prayer space, including upkeep of the shulhan, aron kodesh, and other fixtures and possible improvements to the Dorff-Nelson Chapel, the Library Minyan is forming a new, ad hoc Facilities Committee. The committee, which so far includes Carl Sunshine, Larry Harris, Robert Pflug, Jerry Krautman, and Bob Roosth, would welcome more participants. If interested, please contact any of the above.
        Did You Know?
Song During Glilah, by Rachel Green
IT is the customary practice of the Minyan to sing a song while the Sefer Torah is wrapped at the end of the Torah reading. Usually whoever starts singing first gets to pick the song, although this could be changed if Minyan members so desired. Most Minyan members prefer to use two different songs if there are two Sifrei Torah used in one service. I thought it might be fun to list some of the songs usually used and the lyrics and their meanings for some of the songs. Often the number of people actually singing decreases dramatically after the first few words. Hopefully a review of this column will refresh your memory and help you keep singing.  I will use the Beth Am convention of h to distinguish Het or Haf and use h for Hey.
One song we frequently sing while wrapping the Torah scroll:
Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah,
Torah tzivah lanu Moshe, (2X)
Morasha Kehillat Yakov (3X)
Torah tzivah lanu Moshe
This song is taken from Deuteronomy 33:4 and means "The Torah, commanded to us by Moses, is the inheritance of the Congregation of Jacob."
 Another song we often sing while wrapping the scroll: Several traditional siddurim include this song as part of the formal liturgy for this part of the service. Please particularly note the words in the 3rd line below, where we usually just sing yai lai lai.
Etz Hayim hee la mahazeekim bah V'tomheha m'ushar (2X)
D'raheha darhei no-am v'hol n'tivoteha shalom (2X)
Oreh yamim b'minah. B'smolah e'sher v'havod. Adonai hafetz l'ma'an tzidko. Yag'dil Torah v'yadir.

These verses mean "It is the tree of life for those who lay hold to it. And they that uphold it are made happy. It's ways are ways of pleasantness and all its path's are peace. Length of days are in its right hand, and in it's left hand wealth and honor. The lord was pleased for the sake of his righteousness to magnify the Torah and glorify it." Translation from the De Sola Pool siddur.

And for the Hagim only we sing:
V'samahta B'hageha v'hayita Ah sameah (4X or more)
"And you will rejoice in your festivals, and you shall be altogether joyful" Deuteronomy 16: 14-15
And probably our least common song: Dayenu, sung ONLY when the 2nd Torah is wrapped on the LAST day of Pesah. I promise, you know that song.
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
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Steering Committee Minutes  Posted
On January 6, 2013, the Steering Committee of the Library Minyan met to discuss several matters, including ideas for educational projects and a proposed series of darshot, the upcoming Purim seudah, minyan member outreach ideas, the new Ad Hoc Facilities committee, and a financial report. The Steering Committee currently includes Rachel Green (Education Chair), Larry Harris (Finance Chair), Jerry Krautman (Gabayim and Coordinators Chair), Susan Laemmle (Membership Chair), Norm Saiger (Ritual Chair), Carl Sunshine (Social and Hospitality Chair), Sandra Lepson (Youth Chair), and Scott Taryle (Rosh). Please read the minutes of the meeting on our website, www.libraryminyan.org.
"Did You Know" Column Returns
Did You Know? is a new (or returning after a VERY long absence) feature in the Minyan Monthly. The two goals of this column are to share information and to open discussions about the minyan's prayer practices. We hope the topics will range from the fun (see left column) to the particular (when to bow - next month) to the spiritual. Suggestions for topics and comments about this column are always welcome. Please send yours to rachelrubingreen@gmail.com and put Did You Know in the subject line.
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