Norman Solomon
June 9, 2011
Dear Friend,
I'll never forget visiting a group of about twenty Afghan women in a very poor Kabul neighborhood. We sat on an earthen floor as they spoke of dire conditions and steadfast hopes.

When I asked what they needed most of all, their answers were unanimous with a single word: "Peace."

I think of that moment often as I look forward to a rally -- "to call for peace and an end to permanent U.S. warfare" -- being hosted by Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey on Saturday, June 18 at 1 p.m., in downtown San Rafael. For details, please click here.

I'm proud to be one of the speakers at this rally, where I'll aspire to help amplify the voices of the women I met in Kabul nearly two years ago.
The invitation from Congresswoman Woolsey provides great clarity. "Nearly a decade of war is bankrupting our country morally and fiscally,” she said. “How many more of our young people have to die before we stop this madness? How can we spend $10 billion a month to occupy Afghanistan when we have so many unmet needs at home?"
She added: "I encourage all members of the community to come out on June 18 and unite for the cause of peace."
In San Rafael, on the afternoon of June 18, we can tell the North Bay -- and the world -- that Lynn Woolsey speaks for us every time she calls for an end to endless war.
Best wishes,
P.S. -- Speaking of perpetual war: If you'd like to read my recent article "The Search for War," please click here. Also, the main focus is on war and peace in an interview with me that appears in the current edition of Marin Magazine, which can be read here.

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