Hope you're all well.
I have been a little poorly, but things are looking up now, though not so much for my right testicle (pictured) who has decided to go solo.
You can find out how it's going for him (and me) on Thursday nights on my Twitch channel here
Luckily all the unpleasantness has been removed and I've had one shot of chemo which should stop it coming back. So am feeling very lucky, if a little lop sided.
I suspect there will be more material on this subject to come.
But in less orchidectomy based news, WE'RE DOING SOME LIVE RHLSTPS!
We're going to be back in an actual theatre in May, June and July and the exciting news is that you can come and watch them in person (or, if you prefer, online). It will all be properly socially distanced which means you can only buy live tickets in pairs. Sorry about that.
They're at the Clapham Grand on May 24th, May 31st (matinee show), June 7th, June 14th, June 21st and July 5th. There will be two interviews in each show (don't reveal this secret to anyone)
I am in the process of booking guests now and will let badgers know first about any big names - but I am aiming high and physical tickets are limited, so I'd advise you to book NOW. If you have enjoyed the free content and can afford to pay then it'd be great to get your support. If you can't, then the shows will all be released as free podcasts as always.
And of course you will also be providing a huge support to the theatre after this long period of closure. But it will be an actual night (or in one case afternoon) OUT. Let's get into the new Roaring Twenties!
Richard Herring
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I've been commissioned to write another six episodes of the Radio 4 sitcom, Relativity and have just started "writing". I guess my character is going to have testicular cancer.
The remote shows on Twitch continue for the next few weeks, so you can watch them live and free on Wednesdays at 8pm here
Upcoming guests are
14th April Pippa Evans
21st April Anneka Rice
These will be released as podcasts a couple of weeks later. And we're going to give you a chance to catch up on classic RHLSTP eps on Fridays with some retro re-releases of my favourite shows.
The latest show with JOHN OLIVER has just gone up and is a strong recommend. The recent show with Jeremy Paxman is well worth your time too.
Or watch on my youtube channel where you can also see all past Twitch of Funs and snooker and stone clearing shennanigans.
Please spread the word about the podcasts
My fourth appearance on Pointless Celebrities is on BBC1 this Saturday evening. I am playing with lovely Les Dennis, who has been on 2 times before and not won. So that's five out of five losses for the team. Can we turn it around by working together?
No plans to do Edinburgh Fringe this year, but am having lots of ideas for a stand up show about my recent experiences so hope to be premiering that in 2022.
Catie and me were recently on the brilliant game show Who Said That?
I had a lot of fun on this British Library History quiz which you can pay to watch from tonight (8th April)
I am recording an episode of The Gargle tomorrow (out next week wherever you get your podcasts)
And taking part in Off Menu Redemption Dinner Party on Sunday (again pay to view but only £8 and some of your money goes to charity - as does my fee)
Please check your balls, chests, breasts and bottoms and go to the GP if you spot anything unusual. I am glad that I did.

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