Asparagus Fern Out Day
Saturday - Sunday April 2nd &3rd

Once again we have an opportunity to get rid of one of our most noxious weeds Â…the dreaded asparagus fern!
We did so well last time and National Parks collected over 50 bags of weeds.
There bags will be collected from your nearest wharf on the week commencing April 4th.

If you need any help identifying the weed or indeed would like some 'hands on' advice on how to get it out, check out page 14 in the POD or visit one of our bush care groups in Catherine Park on March 13th 4-6pm
If you want to get started bags will be available this week from Scotland Island Lodge behind the Fire Shed (tel 9979 3301) or
Shar Jones on the South Side (Tel 9999 1346)

We have got plenty of notice this time so let's make the most of it.

If you are overwhelmed by all your asparagus fern and need help why not hire an island teenager to give you a hand?
If you can offer help or need help ring 9979 3301

Thanks a million!

A very big THANK YOU to every one young and old who gave up some of their time last Sunday to help make this year's clean up the most successful one ever.
Some of the rubbish removed had been on the island beach reserves for many many years including abandoned boats.
With the help we got on Sunday we were able to move it off the island for good.
A special thanks must go to the volunteer site organisers,Graham Wackett, Jo Smith, Juliette Robertson, Gwynn Perkins, and Jessica McGowan.
Also a big thank you to Cass Gye, Shayne Charmen-Kraaal, Shar Jones, and John Marshall who were all extremely helpful before and during clean up and Colin Monger on the community vehicle who helped transport me around the island on the day to the various clean up areas.
To Toby and Dave and crew on board the barge who got a record amount of rubbish away on Sunday .Thank you l
Finally to everyone involved in Clean UP 2005



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