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We plan to bring you awesome deals in the future and lots of great information. We want this newsletter to be a valuable resource.
We specialize in purchase card and simplified acquisition buys but larger orders are welcome.
Welcome to our November 2012 newsletter
We hope you agree that this format is the best solution to keep you, our customers, informed about PRA International. We look forward to your feedback and hope you always look forward to future issues. Feel free to share this newsletter with co-workers who you think might be interested in or could benefit from its content.
We wanted to remind everyone who purchases HP product, and must buy on contract, that we are able to sell on HPs GSA and SEWP contracts as an authorized agent.
HP GSA GS-35F-4663G  and  SEWP IV NNG07DA17B
Please inform us if you plan to make a purchase so that we can ensure we receive credit.
We are now resellers of the HID Omnikey smart card readers so please consider us for any smart card reader purchases you make in the future.
The times are a changing folks! Most kids have never seen a cassette tape, we all use email more than snail mail and many of us have phones smarter than we are.
As technology becomes ever more necessary in our lives it is important to know some best practices and tools to keep yourselves and your information secure. We hope to shed a little light on those topics in this portion of the newsletter.
This month we build on the basics:
1. This suggestion facilitates last months suggestion #2 (keep drivers and programs updated). A free program called Secunia PSI scans your system for non-Microsoft (third-party) vulnerabilities. The program can be downloaded from
2. If you know a site has a secure login get into the habit of typing the secure address in your browser.  For example: for our site. (you will get an error if you type this as our site does not require/support this feature.) Ensure the site displays https vs. http and look for the secure icon if your browser uses one.
3. For those who use Outlook (probably most of you) and need to open unfamiliar emails try dragging the unopened email to your desktop then opening Notepad and dropping the envelope from your desktop into Notepad. This should allow you to see the contents and minimize the possibility of any programming scripts affecting Outlook. I would still avoid clicking links if not familiar with the sender and test this process with a known safe email first.
As the holiday season approaches spend some time with friends and family, do something you enjoy, and have a few good laughs. Try to minimize the holiday hassles and remember that you are the firewall or antivirus that protects your peace of mind or well-being. HAVE A HAPPY TURKEY THURSDAY!
As always the full site URLs are listed for those of you following the best practice of not clicking links.
Thanks for reading,
Paul Astwood
PRA International
PRA International, P.O. Box 151203, San Diego CA 92175