The Enchanted Forest Canopy
Volume IV, Issue 1                                                                                             July 1, 2010
Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary and
36 Seasons of Great Adventure
with the spotlight on Six Flags Great Adventure's
third park, Hurricane Harbor!
In The Spotlight:

In 2000 Six Flags Great Adventure opened an entirely new park, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, a tropical paradise filled with state of the art water slides, play structures, a huge wave pool and one of the world's longest lazy rivers.
Hurricane Harbor was a great example of how great a Six Flags theme park could be combining rides with story and fanciful architecture and elements.

 Have a Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrate the park's 36th anniversary and Great Adventure History's 3rd anniversary
with the debut of Saturday Night Lights on Sunday night!

Good things come in threes...
Celebrate our 3rd anniversary with our new contest:

First prize- $30 in Six Flags Gift Certificates!

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