To become fully aware of the significance of NACSA (North American Cooperative Security Act), I sure hope more of you will read this archive that I helped to create on the NHF website

To FULLY UNDERSTAND the extreme importance of ACTING on the instructions provided to you on how to communicate with Congress against NACSA (see PHONE SCRIPT) I've got a very personal story to relate here about my DAILY battle with the Department of Homeland Security which has made it VERY CLEAR to me that they regard ME to be a "TERRORIST" due to the things I am saying, and doing.


I am writing this to you in case anything ever happens to me and you stop hearing from me because I could be scooped up and murdered by these people at any time. Its been made ABUNDANTLY CLEAR to me by the PORT DIRECTOR of the Point Roberts Border Crossing here where I live that I am VERY MUCH on BIG BROTHER's RADAR SCREEN, and last week they started inspecting me EVERY SINGLE TIME I cross the border. I also came VERY CLOSE to being charged a $5,000. fine for border running, (even though I never ran the border- more on this below.)

I cross the US Canadian border almost every day, and sometimes cross several times a day because I live here My situation makes me a "Canary" in the NWO Coal Mine- and I urge you to read the following books which will help you understand whats in store for ALL OF US unless more people fight back:

1. No Place to Hide by Robert O Harrow, Jr

2. Spychips by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre re RFID chips being put into everything including clothing, shoes, drivers licenses, passports to track our every move. These Radio Frequency ID chips are INTENDED to result in identity theft as a way to manufacture consent for the microchipping of our BODIES which is coming next unless we take steps to OPPOSE it as I am.

3. The Cattle by Greg M. Sarwa His book is a novel, but its very true to life and it makes people think. In it he references current legislation such as the Real ID Act. The book is an effort to WARN us about the direction things are heading in very quickly in the hope that more people will jump in with both feet to try to arrest these liberty killing trends before its too late. You can use it to open the eyes of people who might otherwise ignore things like the implications of the REAL ID ACT which has been passed and is going to soon result in our Drivers Licenses and Passports having RFID chips put into them which will enable the FEDSTAPO to monitor every aspect of our lives including such things as whether or not we've gotten vaccination shots that they'll require.

Within the past couple of weeks they've tightened so called "security" here on the US/Canadian border where I live, and due to an interesting "red flag" the FEDSTAPO has on me, suddenly they are pulling me over for inspection EVERY SINGLE TIME I return home to Point Roberts, and the Port Director here thinks he's the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini (he's a "drunk with power" Italian originally from Brooklyn who has decided that I am a "Border Runner" (even though his own immediate second in command disagrees with him.) Keep in mind that I HAVE to cross the border here to do almost ANYTHING. I buy my groceries in Canada, go to a hardware store across the border, belong to a gym on the other side, etc.


Friends, I can't fight this anti NWO battle without your help, and far too many of you are sitting on your HANDS!! This HAS to change!! I am one guy sitting in his living room at a computer terminal. I see a VERY BIG PICTURE pertaining to whats unfolding in the world around us, and I am TRYING with every fiber of my being to STOP the New World Order, but unless a lot more of you START CARING and start PULLING YOUR WEIGHT BY WORKING WITH IAHF TO ORGANIZE LOCAL MEETINGS at which you can show our DVD documentary "WE BECOME SILENT", we are going to lose ALL of our most cherished freedoms, INCLUDING our ability to stay healthy via accessing the dietary supplements of our choice (!!!)


The FBI started a file on me the day I was born back in 1957 as a matter of routine because my father had a very high Security Clearance. He had a duel career as an electrical engineer at Bell Telephone labs where he did defense contracting and was the world's foremost expert on ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) and on shipboard anti missile systems.

Unbeknownst to our family, for years he was also a Naval Intelligence officer and he led a double life during the Cold War. He was a cog in the military industrial complex til the stress of it all got to him. He flipped out, landed in a mental hospital, and upon emerging was stripped of his top security clearance. He felt relieved. As the son of two artists, he was a deeply sensitive man and it bothered him a great deal to be involved with the development of weapons of mass destruction. He finished out his career doing ordinary engineering work, no more defense contracting which was just fine with him.

I was conditioned from early childhood to hate and distrust the govenment because dad used to do military inspections of my room, forcing me to pull my bedsheets so tight he could bounce a quarter off them. Any time I crossed him on anything he'd make me drop and do pushups til I dropped. He was a SEAL and I grew up having bloody fistfights with him which later stood me in good stead during the 4 years I spent mired in the psychiatric gulag where I was forced to fight on many occassions in direct defense of my life against goons who had murdered others and who hated me because I was a leader, and I organized my fellow patients against the system.

In one hospital I was elected President of the patient-staff council and an attempt was made on my life because of it. For those of you who may not know me, my life was saved by vitamins that I was forced to smuggle in to the last hospital I was in and to hide them in a cavity gouged from the underside of my foam mattress which I took secretly while mouthing the toxic medication that they tried forcing me to take (which I hid under my tongue and spat down a toilet. You'll find my full story here

In '97 I had an FBI visit when I used to live in Florida due to a pissed off email I had sent to the HQ of the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission in Rome, Italy. In my email I merely expressed the opinion that if the German Codex proposal for vitamins was ever shoved down the throats of the American people, that blood would probably flow in the streets.

I sent this email after witnessing Dr.Beth Yetley of the US FDA commit illegal acts at CODEX intended to set the USA up for harmonization of our laws to grossly restrictive emerging international "guidelines". Contrary to what some are trying to say, there is nothing at all "voluntary" about these "guidelines" and if we fail to kill the North American Cooperative Security Act they'll be shoved down our throats as part of the planned destruction of America- see

There is a LOT MORE to this story than what I'm telling here.... If you don't think you need to TAKE ACTION to oppose these NWO WHORES, you'd better check out this FREE DOWNLOAD: Blueprint for a Prison Planet- The Plan to Microchip Humanity, And Why You Won't Believe It: Also check out the ANTI NSA section on my website at .

Please DONATE to IAHF. I need donations for traveling to do public speaking. For trips to DC to do lobbying against the NACSA. I also need donations to attend EXPO WEST vitamin trade show at the end of March, see where I intend to spread the word on whats going on to ceos of vitamin companies who are being lied to and set up by the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations. We're trying to get these companies to quit NNFA and support our Coalition for Health Freedom, (of which IAHF is a part.)

This is a TRUE grass roots battle folks. I need more of you to order our Education Kit for $50. minimum donation so YOU can hold meetings in YOUR local area. I can speak via speakerphone if you want me to, and would be glad to work with ANYONE to bring you up to speed sufficiently that you can run a meeting completely on your own without my direct involvement.

The EDUCATION KIT contains:

1) A Letter that you can copy and hand out at your meeting to organize people against NACSA (and Codex via opposing NACSA)

2) A Copy of the DVD "We Become Silent" which you can show at your meeting to CATALYZE people and get them to HELP in this fight back.

3) A cassette tape of a talk I did last summer on these issues at the Pennsylvania Natural Living Assn conference. Hearing it will help you do your own talk.

4) The Codex Emergency issue of the Crusador Magazine (which you can get FREE extra copies of to hand out at your meeting for just the price of postage from Greg Ciola, the publisher.

5) An IAHF bumper sticker to get more people to sign up at in order to swell the ranks of our growing grass roots army.

Any amount you can send beyond $50. would be very gratefully received and would be put to very good use. We need help to rent an $1100. Living Room Suite at a Hotel where we intend to do filming necessary to update and expand We Become Silent. If this filming doesn't get done because not enough of you care, you WILL lose your health freedom, because we're the only peg you have on which to hang your HAT.

Making an expanded, updated version of this film is ESSENTIAL to our ability to expand the scope and reach of our Coalition for Health Freedom. It is ESSENTIAL that you help us to help you, because via our Coalition, we're reaching out to all the vitamin companies to explain how NNFA, CRN and the other pharma dominated vitamin trade associations have been LYING to them re the CODEX issue. IAHF is the engine driving this coalition. We're the GLUE thats holding the Coalition together. We're kicking the BUTTS of the others within the Coalition to keep them in MOTION.

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