The Obamination...................Rev Johnny H, Master of Disaster, Selling Sulfur at Nutritional Therapist Assn Conf.
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The best thing about ingesting sulfur water twice a day is that it helps us be far more grounded, it helps us smile through the chaos currently raging around us as the Obamination destroys America, and as the Rockfeller created "National Council of Churches" seeks to infiltrate, and destroy the Christian Church. Below you will see that I learned all about this evil scam by challenging the local Lutheran Church on many things to the point where they literally threw me out in the end....(please see my special EASTER message below!)
How do I keep a smile on my face despite all this evil? Simple- I learned how much smiling HELPS us physiologically as well as spiritually, especially when we're combatting evil head on! The more sulfur we ingest, the more we smile!!
The more we smile, the more ENDORPHINS we produce, and the more Glutathione (sulfur containing amino acid that alleviates depression and anxiety) our bodies produce. We could end war on planet Earth, and stop the satanic UN and the Rockefeller's evil plans just by getting lots more people to drink sulfur water, helping people smile through the chaos so their bodies would produce more Glutathione! 
The Illuminati's motto is "Ordo Ab Chao" (Order out of Chaos). They create chaos, in order to do their divide and conquer thing. They create wars for this purpose even as they seek via the evil National Council of Churches to subvert the Christian Church via ecumenicalism. Watch this video about how the Rockefellers have been subverting the Bible!
Glutathione is your body’s main antioxidant that is produced inside your cells. In today's environment, toxins and stressors overload our immune system daily. The role of glutathione is to grab hold and push out all of these nasty toxins from: processed food, water, chemicals, pollutants, and carcinogens. And glutathione protects from radiation damage by protecting and restoring the health of damaged cells.
Endorphins ("endogenous morphine") are endogenous opioid peptides that function as neurotransmitters.[1] They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise,[2] excitement, pain, consumption of spicy food, laughter, love and orgasm,[3][4] and they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being.
In this previous alert, I told you of my battle with our local Apostate Lutheran Church that sicked Whatcom County Sheriff Deputies on me one morning as I walked up the steps into the Church Sanctuary. The attack proves that this Marxist social club masquerading a "Christian Church" is actually nothing but a cog in the Orwellian Police State that surrounds us as the Obamination and his shadow government string pullers go into hyperdrive to microchip us all!

I was recently trespassed by the Whatcom County Sheriffs Department  from the Apostate, Idolotrous, Trinity Lutheran Church here in Point Roberts WA. Please see my urgent Easter Message below to learn just how deep the Rockefeller tentacles go into our churches around the world as they seek to crash the dollar, herd us into food lines and microchip us in order to inventory us like cattle!
Christianity is being intentionally destroyed from within by secular humanist scum who have been literally brainwashed in places like the Rocekfeller controlled Union Theological Seminary, and I was shocked to see that most parishioners are utterly blind to this, and whats worse, when you try to alert them they pay no attention, however we are not powerless to stop this and the first step is awareness!

If I ever set foot on the grounds of this Satanic Marxist Social Club which passes for an alleged "Christian" church again, I'll be put on the Coast Guard Boat down at Point Roberts Marina and they'll transport me across Boundary Bay to the Whatcom County Jail in Bellingam.... all for merely openly opposing satan and the Rockefellers who masquerade as "christians".

(Naturally I wrote a Blues Song about this whole bizarre fiasco....  It was surreal what happened!! Last week I was tossed by this evil church via a kangaroo court when I wasn't even there to defend myself, and a few days ago the sheriff  came to my door to tell me I'd been trespassed, BANNED BY these misguided parishioners led by  LUTHERAN BISHOP MARK HANSEN LUTHERAN BISHOP MARK HANSEN WHO WENT THROUTH UNION THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ON A ROCKEFELLER FELLOWSHIP, and who openly says "the Bible is not the final authority"

Lacking the honesty, or integrity to hold a congregation wide meeting to address my documented allegations of apostasy and idolatry, on the sunday that I was at the Nutritional Therapists Assn Conference selling sulfur, this gutless band of satan worshippers elected to have me Trespassed from the Church by the Whatcom County Sheriffs Office.
That really got me digging for info on what would cause them to act so strangely and I found hard evidence that the ecumenical movement created via the National Council of Churches and World Council of Churches is being used to trash Christianity by blending all the relgions together the better to usher in UN instigated Gaia worship and to microchip our asses so we will become the property of the Rockefellers...... (get the whole sordid story below along with solid ways to fight this evil  !
Here I am in the photo above, (right), at the the Sulfur for Health booth at the Nutritional Therapists Association Conference,Vancouver WA, March 15-17th. It was a great feeling to educate all the Naturopaths and other Practitioners at this show regarding the healing properties of the world's best organic sulfur.
Many of them were not aware that we are all undergoing massive biological attack from aircraft dumping toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria and other crap on us as the ruling elite seek to cull the human herd.I lined up several new wholesalers who were glad to learn that sulfur chelates all these toxic heavy metals to safely remove them from the body!
The Thrive Movement has just published this new, very useful article which includes an action section that gives me more hope than I've ever had before that we can stop this evil toxic assault! Please take action yourself, and urge everyone in your family and circle of influence to join you!

Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:11-12)
I began my 14 page, footnoted "Prayer for the Future Survival of Trinity Church" with these quotes:

a man who, even in his new state of belief, is spiritually living not primarily in the content of that faith, in the pursuit of goals appropriate to it, but only in the struggle against the old faith and for the sake of its negation."[2][3]

 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”
Isaiah 5:20 ([i])

I'm proud to be the only person in the history of Point Roberts WA to ever be trespassed from Trinity Lutheran Church by the Whatcom County Sheriffs because it means I'm fighting satan head on, tooth and nail, taking no prisoners while openly mocking the Obamination and his shadow government stringpullers, esposing them for the microcephalic non entities that they are!(This especially includes the Rockefeller created "National Council of Churches" which is ably exposed as a satanic subversive, communist front group here. 
(Check to see if the church you attend is a member, if they are, please do the same thing I did and see what happens! You will be thrown out the same way I was, via a kangaroo court, when you are not present to defend yourself. These people have zero honesty in them, they can only operate under cover of darkness.)

I was stunned by how deep the rabbit hole goes, but perhaps I shouldn't have been. I realize from what I've just been through in this Marxist Social Club that poses as a "Christian Church" that all over America and the World, at Easter services tomorrow, millions of people will be innocently singing hymms and listening to sermons being delivered by treacherous, traitorous pastors who are secretly communist globalists who are working overtime to destroy Christianity from within!
Read this about the satanic UN and their Lucifer Trust Publishing Company.
When I attempted to point out to the four pastors of Trinity Church (all of whom revere the UN along with the Obamination) that there is an Alter to Satan directly inside UN Headquarters, all of them refused to look at the information, and the Church Council refused to discuss it.
The only reason I even had a meeting with the Council was that one of its members (who has since stopped attending church due to disgust at how the Church has handled this situation) forced the meeting where I was attacked by all the other Council members including Gina Gaudet, one of the Marxist pastors who turns a deaf ear to all I've been saying about the UN "due to UNICEF" which is like someone saying they "love the MAFIA because it sometimes helps Widows and Orphans". (These pastors are being systematically BRAINWASHED in Rockefeller controlled seminaries such as Union Theological Seminary. They don't realize what they're doing.)

Read this expose of the World Council of Churches.
Read this expose of how the World Council of Churches is openly destroying Christianity by Baptizing Heathenism.


In the "Church" I was just thrown out of, there is a pastor named Ernie Loreen who is an avowed communist. When I asked him how he reconciled this highly questionable genocidal belief system with his alleged "Christianity", informing him that in China during the Cultural Revolution Chairman Mao murdered an estimated 34,000 Christians and more than 3 Million people total making him the biggest mass murderer in history, and since 2000 more than 3,000 Chinese Christians have been murdered. and that today in China, North Korea, Cuba and other communist countries persecuted Christians have been driven underground. He had nothing to say to this.
What COULD he say? Ernie had come to my house to attempt to tell me that I was "violating God's law" (by being a gun owner/ pro second amendment person.)Carrying a weapon for self-defense is never condemned in the Bible. In fact, it was mentioned in a positive light by Jesus Himself on one occasion (Luke 22:35-38).

Today on Easter, this apostate idol worhipping Marxist will be celebrating the ejection of one John Christopher Hammell from their midst via a Kangaroo court held while I was away at the NTA Conference, along with nearly everyone else in this so called "Christian" church, but its ok, I can feel all of you pulling for me, the sun is shining, and life goes on, and I'm ingesting tons of SULFUR! I am smiling! My body is producing more Glutathione, and I'm getting healthier and healthier DESPITE all the toxic heavy metals and other toxic crap being sprayed via chemtrails!!
Not surprisingly, this Apostate Church totally ignored everything I tried telling them about chemtrails too. I went before the Congregation to discuss the fact that we're all undergoing massive bio attack, and even offered to GIVE free sulfur to anyone in the congregation who couldn't afford it..... Almost all of them mocked me. One of the few who didn't was my friend Craig Jacks, who is helping me run Sulfur for Health.
Craig is one of the few true Christians I've ever met. He would give you the shirt off his back, and he really makes the effort to get to know people. He was on the Canadian National swim team, but got burned out so never became an Olympian, but could have. He was also on the Canadian National Rugby team, and is a professional musician, and an arborist who trims trees all over Point Roberts. Craig could not see the apostasy until he saw it through what just happened to me. If your church belongs to the NCC, and you do what I did, you might be thrown out like I was, but if that happens, perhaps your example will open some other people's eyes the way I was able to open Craig's!
By witnessing to people this way, we can derail the Rockefeller's evil plans to crash the dollar, usher us all into food lines and microchip us to control us as their "property". Massive pressure was put on me by people in the Lutheran Church here to conform to the Apostasy. They all demanded I worship Obama and the UN. All 4 pastors and the entire Church Council REFUSED to examine this information about the Alter to Satan inside UN Headquarters.
What helped me have the strength to fight them as long as I did was drinking sulfur water which neutralized the acid caused by the immense stress of the situation.
Drinking sulfur literally helped me to smile my way past satan's snares, and it will help you too! You will produce more Glutathione, and you will be able to awaken more people to the massive threat posed by the New World Order as they seek to hijack the Christian Church from within via this Rockefeller created Trojan Horse: the "National Council of Churches". Please mass forward this Special Easter message from IAHF/Sulfur for Health!
Most of your friends and family have no idea that they just put money into the collection plate of an evil, satin infiltrated church at Easter today, so please call them! Tell them about this email! Forward it to them and urge them to read it and to take action against evil themselves! If enough of us do this, we'll have Satan on the run, and the Rockefellers and their ilk will be terrified by how fast we are derailing their evil plans! 
Whats the key to this whole equation? SULFUR!!! By drinking it we can overcome all the stress they're putting us under! By drinking it we can detox all the heavy metals they're spraying on us, and we can have the endurance we need to outlast them! We can work out more, laugh more, smile more, and pray harder!
At the NTA Show, I just signed up several Naturopaths, and Nutrition Counselors to wholesale my sulfur.  The theme of the show was "inflammation" and nothing works better to stop inflammation than my sulfur! I wrote an article about this that I will send anyone who becomes a wholesaler to help drive your sales along with the documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
I have a couple 55 lb drums already subdivided into 5 lb bags that I can ship out in at least 10 lbs at a time starting tomorrow to anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer who is in a position to resell it!
You can package it in one pound food grade plastic cannisters ( ) or the way I do in plastic bags. I can email a template to use to design your own labels that you can print out using Avery #5164 or eqivalent labels (6 on a sheet). (I had food grade plastic cannisters with sulfur at the NTA show but they're more expensive to ship, so I ship in ziplock bags that I get at Costco. People really don't care what the sulfur comes in, they can always transfer it to a glass jar once it arrives- the main thing is that it is incredibly versatile in addressing numerous health problems as we see from this article by Stephanie Seneff, PhD!
I will sell 10 lbs of sulfur to anyone at the discounted price of $32/ lb, and for US customers I'll throw in free shipping, but to get the $22/ lb price, you must prove an ability to resell it, and you must buy a minimum order of 20 lbs. What constitutes proof of ability to resell? You must own a health food store, gym, hair salon or other business, or be an ND, Chiropractor, MD, or other practitioner with an active practice and be able to prove it via a website or some other means. You must be using the sulfur yourself and be conversant with its beneficial properties so you can educate others.
Wholesale and Foreign orders are not put through the Sulfur for Health Website, they're put through this IAHF paypal link.  Don't be put off by the disclaimer on this link or by the word "donation" on it. 
Paypal forced me to put that disclaimer language there because they're acting like an extension of Uncle Sam, and the word "donation" is there because I also use it for IAHF, but I can tell the difference between a "donation" and payment for sulfur, I've been using this link this way for a while now.
Questions about shipping to your area on a big order? Email me at
We can end war on planet earth, protect against the carnage being caused by chemtrails, totally destroy Big Pharma, and wreck the Rockefeller's global domination plans, including their evil efforts to subvert Christianity and to microchip us if enough people take sulfur, so please become a wholesaler and work with me to get this important mineral out to the masses! Questions? 1-800-333-2553 North America, or 1-360-945-0352 World (Pacific Time).