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Farewell to our mentor and special friend
 A message from NAHJ Student Representative, José Antonio Acevedo

Dear NAHJ Student Member,
It is very sad to know that one of our Latino journalist, and National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ Student Campus mentor has passed away. According to CalCoastNews, George Ramos died at the age of 63 inside his Morro Bay home. Many of us feel deeply saddened because of this heartbreaking news, but I believe we should be happy because of his great work and dedication to Latino students.
I met George during the 2009 Student Campus at Puerto Rico, and immediately he was a truly inspiration for me and the other students who were participating in the Program. He and our fellow mentors encourage us to pursue a bachelor degree in Journalism, stay active in the NAHJ, and maintain the excellence in our further projects.
I know that without George’s wise words about believing in ourselves many of us will not be involved in this field. He was a passionate journalist who believed in the fair coverage of our communities, an excellent reporter and columnist, and like a special dad for many of us.
George motivated many Latino students both inside and outside the NAHJ. George truly believed in the importance of education and the reinforcement of our Asociation's Students Programs. He believed in the next generations of journalists. He believed in the future of our profession.
He, through his excellent skills to do great journalism, was recognized with three Pullitzer Prizes and an induction into the Hall of Fame of the NAHJ in 2007, but it is his talent to deliver confidence and honesty that has been rewarded with the affection that we all have for him.  
This is not a good bye, is a farewell to an extraordinary human being, mentor and friend of us. He will stay in our hearts and will continue to be a motivation for all of us. We will never forget his big smile, his stories about life, and his humble words.
I have faith that he is happy to see so many students achieving their goals and dreams. He is absolutely happy to know that he was, is and will be an inspiration for all of us. Lets keep his desire alive…
"Descansa en paz, querido amigo".

José Antonio Acevedo
Student Representative
National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ)

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George Ramos, a lifetime member of NAHJ and inductee into the NAHJ Hall of Fame, has passed away. He was 63. George was a mentor for the Student Campus at this year’s convention in Orlando, volunteer work
he had done for many years. He was
the consummate journalist, and was part of three teams whose work won Pulitzer Prizes for the Los Angeles Times. We grieve his loss and miss him. This tribute is written by NAHJ’s Vice President for Broadcast Manuel de la Rosa, one of George’s many protégés. – Michele Salcedo, President

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