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IAHF List: See my latest communication with Randy Dennin of PFIZER, the world's biggest band of legalized drug pushers, below.

This is the THIRD and FINAL time I will ever challenge Randy Dennin of PFIZER, the WORLDS LARGEST DRUG COMPANY to debate me publicly.

If he passes up on this opportunity, (as he has every other time I have challenged him) he'll never get another chance. If you appreciate my effort to stand up to the largest drug company on earth, in an effort to defend your access to dietary supplements, please make an immediate donation to the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive at


Please SNOWBALL this message, and tune in to the web based radio show at between 9 and 10 pm US eastern time Wednesday night, see the press release below my email to Dennin which I just sent to him at I called Capsugel/Pfizer to verify that I was sending to the correct address and they said "yes."


Several years ago you were contacted by Gary Null, PhD and challenged to debate me on the air regarding the highly questionable actions of IADSA which is only PRETENDING to defend the dietary supplement industry, while in REALITY it is helping PFIZER, your company, to DESTROY the dietary supplement industry.

You declined to debate me then, so I am challenging you again to go on the air by calling in to Highway to Health between 9:30 and 10 PM eastern time Wednesday September 24, 2003. See the press release below.

You gutlessly and wrongly threw Maury Silverman out of the room, not allowing him to participate in the Joint International Meeting of NNFA and AHPA at Expo East in Washington DC the first week of September because he'd been circulating copies of my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine which discusses the extreme importance of the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, and the global ramifications as pertains to Codex, and to the fact that the FDA has set the USA up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute via which our dietary supplement laws can be harmonized to the EU and to Codex.

You don't want people to know about this, and neither does the Pharma Dominated Council for Responsible Nutrition, or the Pharma Dominated Dietary Supplement Working Group of the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue, both of which Capsugel/Pfizer is a member of.

This is why CRN is advising its members NOT to back the ANH lawsuit , isn't it?

This is why you kicked Maury Silverman out of the room, isn't it? After you did that, I challenged you publicly to respond and told you in my email that I was going to give you EQUAL TIME, if you dared to respond. You can see my email to you at and also on the IAHF site but you did not respond, so I continue to debate an empty chair.

In that email I told you that the website exposing IADSA which used to be at mysteriously disappeared from cyberspace the week before Expo East. There was never any complaint from you or anyone to ME about it, it just vanished one day due to an obvious complaint to Tripod, the free hosting company that had let me post the site. Tripod has no incentive not to remove a site based on any complaint, and I think you are probably the one who complained, in an effort to COVER YOUR TRACKS prior to Expo East. I told you in my email that if you had ANY DISAGREEMENT in ANY PARTICULAR with ANY of the information posted on that site, to contact me immediately so we could discuss it. I gave you my email address, phone number and mailing address- but you did not respond.

I told you that if you did not respond, that I would put the information which I feel you are trying to SUPPRESS up on SEVERAL MORE WEBSITES and I have made GOOD on that promise as you can see by going to

You should know that by now this information is also up on numerous ADDITIONAL sites because MORE people are making mirror sites because they do not TRUST you.

IADSA's wrong action towards NNFA New Zealand speaks for itself. IADSA did nothing to protect NNFA New Zealand from harmonization to Australia, and you are trying to harmonize the WORLD to the most pharmaceuticalized regs possible. THIS is why you oppose the ANH lawsuit, and its why you are doing nothing to defend New Zealand from Australian harmonization. All you care about is selling CAPSULES, all you care about is INCREASED MARKETSHARE, you don't care about what we can or cannot put INTO the capsules, and THAT is why you are doing NOTHING to oppose the EU Food Supplement Directive.

I am disgusted with NNFA for not kicking you out of their trade association. I feel that you are in direct violation of their Conflict of Interest Disclosure Bylaw and their Code of Ethics, and I don't make that charge lightly- I am making it publicly and have been openly challenging you to respond for the past several years, but you have NOTHING TO SAY. When Null challenged you to debate me on the air years ago, you declined. Well I am challenging you to call in to the Highway to Health show Wednesday night to debate me. I maintain that you haven't been responding because you CAN'T without EXPOSING PFIZER's AGENDA to RAILROAD the dietary supplement industry as UNWANTED COMPETITION. Once again, I am giving you EQUAL TIME to respond to these allegations, and will post any response that you have to my accusations on the IAHF website along with this email, but if you FAIL to respond, any LACK of response will be very conspicuous to anyone viewing this message, and you can be sure it will cause MANY to make DONATIONS to the ANH lawsuit before their OCTOBER DEADLINE by going to

How can you claim to care about the dietary supplement industry when you work for the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical drugs in the world?
I'm supposed to believe that PFIZER does not mind the loss of revenue incurred when people stay OUT of hospitals and AWAY from doctors because taking dietary supplements makes them HEALTHY???

I wasn't born YESTERDAY, Mr.Dennin. Take your baby kissing hand shaking routine elsewhere, but get OUT of my industry. You are not WELCOME in my industry.

When you wrongly kicked Maury Silverman out of the meeting of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA, he looked you in the eye, and said "You don't know me, and I have never met you before, but I'm only here to learn and to provide my input at this meeting. Censorship is un-American and DESPOTIC. Because of your action here, you leave me with no choice but to agree with the things John Hammell is saying about you."

Do you have ANYTHING to say?

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom

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TWO Guest Presenters this Wednesday September 24th @ 9 PM - Eastern Time:

David P. Amrein
Founder of the Dr. Clark Research Association
Will be talking about Dr. Hulda Clark's theories (Cure For All Cancers)
the latest legal challenges and health freedom.

John Hammell, President of International Advocates for Health Freedom will reveal how Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, has infiltrated the dietary supplement industry, and is setting the industry up for destruction. When you learn how Pfizer has infiltrated the dietary supplement trade associations, and how they are keeping the vitamin companies, health food stores and consumers from learning about the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, and about the huge threat this Directive has to adversely impact international dietary supplement laws, you will be stunned, and you'll want to do everything possible to rapidly snowball this in formation!! Dietary Supplement Consumers only have until the middle of October to make donations to an all important lawsuit which is direly necessary to defend consumer access to these natural products world wide.

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