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Unacceptable Levels - A Movie Screening…

Where…Carmike Thoroughbred Theater 20-Franklin, TN.

When…November 14, 2013 at 7:30pm.

We have breast cancer awareness, allergy warnings/awareness, wheat/gluten warnings, nut allergy awareness, and on and on…

Most everyone stops and pays attention when the weather experts start talking about a major hurricane…well folks, this subject deserves the same attention; it is a hurricane in a different form. Chemicals in our food, in our homes, in our personal-care products, in our water… daily, hourly, constantly…weaving through our lives like a hurricane searching for a place to explode.

Most, if not all of our health issues that hurt, cripple, and kill could be drastically reduced and many totally wiped-out…by reducing/removing the chemical intake.

We must, as a nation, become more aware, more outraged, and more active in the process of elimination…if we don’t, we are in essence saying…”I don’t care what happens to the next generation.” Is this the legacy we wish to leave our children and grand-children?

Dany Kunz is a woman on a mission, I know her to be a mighty force, when she is fueling the fire it burns bright.

Please join Dany and many others whom have taken the pledge to make a difference. If you are anywhere in the area of this film showing, please come out and support the awareness, then take the pledge and start your own movement…it matters and it all counts.

If not “I” then “who”? If not “now” then “when”? Any other time than now will be too late!

We, Sage Hill Farms…a family farm project dedicated to Chemical free growing/living fully support Dany and this cause.

Thank you and hope to see you there~
Bea Kunz