Richard Herring Newsletter
March Part 2 2016
Hi all
Thanks so much to those of you who have already donated to the AIOTM kickstarter. We're a third of the way in and have raised almost a third of the money, so anything could happen and every donation will make a difference.
We're going to be releasing the filmed version of the Motorcycle Clothing sketch as a reward/punishment soon. So get along to the new AIOTM (aiotm) kickstarter if you haven't already. Look, you could get a tea-towel that looks like that!
You can also now book your tickets for the live recordings (we're going to do something regardless of whether the kickstarter works, but it will be much better if we have the budget). I want to give the opportunity to get in there first. They start on September 11th (try and remember the date somehow). I think 11/9 will go down in history.
And the kickstarter advert is now up on the AIOTM itunes feed. So why not listen back to the old episodes and subscribe to it to help it up the charts.
Or if you prefer listen to it on the British Comedy Guide.
Happy Now?
Croydon aside, the tour is going really well.
I am in Glasgow tonight (a few tickets left) and York tomorrow (loads of tickets left, but it's a stupidly big theatre) and Norwich on Saturday (Sold out)
You can see all the remaining dates below.
I know I am asking an awful lot of you, but I think we can make something really special with this money and I'd love it if it could be funded by the fans. Which just seems apt for the project.
Richard Herring