Who will wear 6500 skulls in Qatar? 
  1. Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen#Qatar6500. A necklace of skulls for official visitors to Qatar.
  2. Galschiot makes Amnesty's Media Award
  3. Worlds first Refugee Museum wants Galschiøt sculpture. 

    The Pillar of Shame updates
  4. #ReturnThePillar - New campaign
  5. Art Beyond Democracy - Conference in Amsterdam
  6. The Pillar of Shame - Exhibition in Berlin. 
  7. Taiwan – visit in Feb./March.
As always, artist Jens Galschiøts' Gallery is bustling with activities. Some follow up on the Pillar of Shame, by planning exhibitions in Europe and contacting lawyers in Hong Kong. Others work on petite art pieces or monumental sculptures, or organize conferences and concerts at the gallery. On top of that, Jens Galschiøt is (un)fortunately extremely good at coming up with new crazy ideas for human rights happenings that we are all passionate about realizing. The latest happening is called #Qatar6500.
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Hans Christian Andersen (Danish writer 1805 - 1875) 
Qatar's hosting of the World Cup has offered countless scandals. It would almost be comical if it weren't for the enormous human consequences. According to Amnesty International's report more than over 6,500 migrant workers have died as a direct result of the work to build new infrastructure, like stadiums and roads for the World Cup.
To mark this tragedy Galschiøt has bought more than 30,000 skulls. In collaboration with the Danish broadcasting station 24syv, the skulls are used to focus on Qatar's horrible working conditions and the victims the World Cup has caused.
Celebrities, soccer players and others have chosen to collaborate with Qatar in connection with the World Cup. They have every right to do so, but they risk legitimizing Qatar's human rights violations! If they choose to participate in Qatar's campaign, they should distance themselves from the country's horrible human rights violations. For example by wearing a skull bracelet.
  • The necklace with 6500 skulls: We have braided a necklace with 6,500 skulls. One for each migrant worker who has died preparing for the World Cup. We are in contact with highlighted representatives to wear the necklace during his/her official visit to the Qatar!  
  • The Skull Bracelets: We have made a large number of skull bracelets. By presenting the bracelet on social medias with the hashtag #Qatar6500, or by wearing the bracelet during official visits to Qatar, one clear stand against human rights violations in Qatar. 
Who should wear the necklace and bracelets? Please help share this email and #Qatar6500 with soccer players, politicians or others you think should take a stand against Qatar's human rights violations. 
We can send a limited number of bracelets to key actors that accept to wear it. But, better yet, you can easily get a skull bracelet/necklace online by searching for mala skull beat necklace.
We hope the campaign can help create better working conditions in Qatar. We support Amnesty International's demand that FIFA compensate the families of the dead migrant workers, and ensure proper working conditions and human rights in Qatar - also after the World Cup. See Amnesty Internationals' demands. 
Some of the people who endorse/work with Qatar and should speak out: • David Beckham • Robbie Williams • Black Eyed Peas • Naomi Campbell • Jung-kook BTS • Jeff Koons • Olafur Eliason • Adidas • Coca Cola • MacDonalds • Peter Schmeichel • Brian Laudrup  • Morten Breum (DJ)  • Martin Jensen (DJ) • COVI (company) • FL Smidths (company)  • Rambøll (company). 
Facts: The 6500 skulls in one row would stretch 60 meters – higher than The Statue of Liberty (without base)!
Contact Radio 24syv for comments or suggestions: • Kristoffer Kristensen: krkr@24syv.dk • Anton Ringdal: Phone (0045) 2984 5544 / or write gallery Galschiøt at aidoh@aidoh.dk
Do you know others who have collaborated with Qatar and should take a stand? 
Then forward them this email!
Galschiot making the skull necklace
Amnesty International Denmark's Media Award
Galschiøt has designed Amnesty International Denmark's new award. Amnesty International awards the media prize to journalists who, during the year, have distinguished themselves by sticking to a story/issue where human rights are central.
In addition to delivering the award, Galschiøt participated in an on-stage conversation with Amnesty's communications and press manager. Here he told about how he has used his artwork, The Pillar of Shame in Hong Kong, to focus on the Tiananmen massacre and set freedom lovers, politicians and activists across continents in motion in the fight for freedom of expression in China. 
Galschiøt sculpture for Refugee Museum
The newly opened museum FLUGT (fleeing) in Denmark has started a collaboration with Galschiøt to create a sculpture for the museum's foyer. If the project is completed, the refugee sculpture will stand in the middle of the beautiful BIG-designed foyer in the museum.
The Refugee Museum is hugely important for Denmark. The country has had an extremely tough immigration policy for the past several years. The museum helps to put a face on the people who are forced to flee and we hope the museum can help to create a more tolerant approach towards refugees. You can read more about the entire museum on their website
The Pillar of Shame out of Hong Kong
The Pillar of Shame that was taken down from the University in Hong Kong last December is currently locked in a container in an unknown location in Hong Kong.
Handing over the sculpture should be a technicality. But the university and its lawyers have delayed the process for a year. After standing at Hong Kong University for 25 years, the university removed the sculpture last year in the dead of night. Without even notifying Galschiøt, who is the sculpture's rightful owner.
Now, in collaboration with NGOdei from Hong Kong, we have started a campaign to get the sculpture back. Among other things, the focus here will be on the use of 3D-printed Pillars of Shame and 'Augmented Reality'. You can read more about this in future newsletters, and follow the link to the campaign here.
Artist talk in Amsterdam
In October, Galschiøt and two employees traveled to the Netherlands to participate in a debate about art and democracy, with offset in Hong Kong. Watch the debate here. In this connection, there was a screening of the highly praised documentary film 'The HongKonger' about the now imprisoned media mogul Jimmy Lai. It was a great trip, which also gave us the opportunity to plan the further work with The Pillar of Shame. 
The Pillar of Shame in Berlin
On November 27, Axel Springer Freedom Foundation officially opens. It is celebrated with a major ceremony to pay tribute to the Russian dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza and his tireless fight for a more democratic Russia.
In this connection, Galschiøt has been asked to exhibit the large Pillar of Shame sculpture in front of Axel Springer's head office in the middle of Berlin. 
Taiwan - visit in Feb./March 
Galschiøt had actually been invited to Taiwan this month by the organization New School of Democracy, where he, among other things, should have met with Taipei's mayor and have attended an exhibition with China-critical artist Kacey Wong. But since the visit came at the same time as The Pillar of Shame exhibition in Berlin, and the Qatar6500 happening, Galschiot has chosen to postpone the visit to February or March.
About Jens Galschiøt:
Danish artist Jens Galschiøt has created many socio-critical sculptures and installations through the years. Most often they are placed in public spaces around the world – as needle-sticks and silent reminders of a world that, in his opinion, is out of balance, and where exploitation of the world’s resources, inequality and migration are a constant part of the picture.
"Internationally, Galschiot could be characterized as one of the most significant Danish artists of late modernity (after 1980). His artistic production covers a wide field of expression; from jewellery and small dainty figures to gigantic, politically emphatic sculptures. He is among the best-known Danish artists abroad. His reputation extends from Hong Kong, and Mexico to Germany, Spain, and the U.S.A. Apart from clothing sculptures Jens Galschiot creates international happenings to highlight the present imbalance of the world." Bruun Rasmussen’s Art-Auction
General information about Galschiøt:

Galschiot making the skull necklaceAward for Amnestry InternationalRefugee Museum - designed by BIG


Pillar of shame in Hong Kong Galschiot 2013

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