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March Gardening And Other Thoughts Of Spring~~~2012

The grass is greening, the trees and shrubs are budding, some in full bloom, the woodsy critters are coming out for spring dining…all seem to say spring has arrived…except, it is a bit early and we are living under a threat of the last winter bashing.

We have, here at Sage Hill-planted the spring gardens-if not planted now some things will not mature well, if at all, so it’s a chance we must accept and pray the weather gods have our best interest in mind.

The Sage Hill project is going into the 9th year-has it really been that long ? Everything seems so young and still in the infancy stage at times-we are still learning, trial and error- and much success ! Adding, taking away, and always having fun.

Food Choices

I’m sure you all are up to date on all the food/environmental issues we have been dealing with over the past few years. It is distasteful and often-unbelievable-but, we do still have choices. I’m still advocating for ‘ Truth In Labeling’….although it seems that battle has been lost, at least for now and in the manner we were looking to go with it. Many other things within the food industry that should not have come to pass-has. Can we undo that which isn’t right-time will tell.

I would like to imbed this idea into your thinking:

Now is the time to make a choice , understand the options we have when choosing our food needs and wants. We can no longer afford to straddle the fence.

This is the time that making certain choices will make a huge impact on the direction we go in the future. If the majority of buyers say no to GM foods-then there will be no purpose in producing them. This is the only way we can interfere with this truth…it’s out there, buy it or don’t…if we do, then we have no reason to complain…we have to make a decision and be willing to back it up.

Will it be easy…it will take some thought and action--- will it be more expensive….perhaps, but consider the cost of the alternative.

Spring is the greatest time to make a new plan, get excited about it, get mad, get determined, and get busy. Just say ‘No’ to GM/Monsanto…and find another way.

Tip…from my own experience, a great way to redo the shopping/eating habits…throw out everything you know to be unhealthy-then replace it with whole foods--healthy vegetables, grains, and fruits….say no to all junk food for at least a month, you’ll then discover you don’t want or like the taste of junk food.

Seek out other places to shop besides the local super markets, you may be surprised at how many you’ll find.

Tip…the bulk of GM ingredients are found in processed foods, boxed foods-center isle choices.

Remember….we hold the power to force change…our checkbook is a magic wand…use it wisely.

Sage Hill has many new projects to share as the spring and summer unfold.

If you are local…look forward to our ‘Herb sharing and Wine tasting' under the trees. This will happen in late spring when the weather has warmed and prior to the heat of summer.

It promises to be a fun time and perhaps will be a yearly event.

New classes to begin March 15th…

Chemical Free Herb Gardening……March 15th……11:00 AM--12:30 PM….$ 35.00

This will be outside if the weather is good…

Herb plants will be available beginning mid April.

Chives, parsley, sage, basil, oregano, thyme, lemon balm, black peppermint etc.

I’ve had some interesting requests this week about what and how to grow certain crops.

One of those involved growing Asparagus. This can be a tricky crop to get started…if you are planning to try this…in the colder regions/north…it should be planted in the spring and harvested in the late summer and until the first killing frost.

In our region/southeast… does much better to plant in the fall and harvest in the late spring/early summer. Heat is not its friend - especially in the early stages of growing.

Asparagus also does much better started from ‘Crowns’ versus seed starting.

Leeks…plant as soon after the last frost as possible. Once they begin to grow, keep the soil mounded around the stalk base, this allows bleaching of the section you will harvest and eat. You may begin harvesting as soon as the stalk is a good size for your liking…I wait until they are at least the size of an egg…about….too big and they will become stringy in layers, too young and they have too little flavor. Leeks will last in the ground until early winter in the warmer climates. If you have many, and wish to keep them fresh, pull and store in cool sand boxes for as long as 8 weeks.

An Invitation~~ Are you interested in forming a group to discuss and promote new ideas around your business. Call or send me an email for more information.

Do You Know…the key to staying well during the cold and flu season is a strong immune system. Herbs--seasonings, and teas can be a mighty tool in that goal.

Visit the website or contact me if you need special information or guidance.

~By law I must tell you I am not a doctor, not offering any medical advice , product, or service.~

Happy spring my friends~

Bea and Mike Kunz
Sage Hill Herb Farm

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If you have trees and shrubs with the beginning of spring buds…cut a few, place into a tall vase (in water) and watch them come to life (full bloom) in a few days.