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December 2012 - In This Issue
  • ‘Tis the season to listen ‘in stereo’ to stories of family and friends (some stories heard many times over the years but may have ignored !) but nevertheless, stories with lessons for us to share with our audience
  • Want to revive and retell an old story? Have a new one to tell? Check the proven skeletal story structure below to ensure it truly is a valid, viable story to tell so you can create change in others while keeping them at the edge of their seats!
Quotation of the month:
“People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end anymore. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.”Steven Spielberg
Have you heard, or given one of those stories?
    No problem, it can be  easily fixed using this tried and true formula
Magical Makeovers for Memorable Stories...
…ones you may have used or heard before:
What a perfect season to listen to old and new stories that contain great messages or lessons!
After all, isn’t that why we speak? To teach other lessons we have learned, create change in others and better their lives?
Follow this proven technique to develop a memorable story!
  • Listen to others’ stories, or recall some of your own; decide whether or not they have the 5 C step skeletal structure upon which you can build a story.
  • For each C; write just 1 sentence; this will ensure you have a foundation for your story.
  • Use this format any time you wish to develop a story!
Character(s) _________________________________________________________________
Conflict _____________________________________________________________________
Cure ________________________________________________________________________
Change _____________________________________________________________________
Carry-out Message  ___________________________________________________________
Once you have your skeletal story structure, you can expand on the 5C’s using:
  • Characters and their dialogue
  • Conflict that rises to a boiling point, a revelation, a process learned .Click to hear the power of the conflict/hook of all stories 
  • Cure (climax, when the process learned is revealed)
  • Change (in the character’s thinking, feelings, actions and the benefits of this change)
  • Carryout message (which is you-focused, fewer than 10 words, rhythmic, so it could be memorable; having trouble with this? Ask friends, family, toastmaster club members to help you out; together they’ll likely come up with one that will be great!
Yes, you CAN breathe new life into old stories and revive them, so they’ll be remembered and repeated by others!
My best wishes to you and yours during this festive, family season.
Join me next month, when we discuss the letter “N” as it relates to another storytelling skill.
Happy storytelling!

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