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IAHF List:
Today I took a hike up to Lily Point near my house here in Point Roberts WA where I picked a big gunnysack full of fiddlehead ferns to feed the chickens and to sautee in butter with mushrooms and onions and a bit of hotsauce for myself, something I like to have with eggs which I have in abundance from having my own chickens.
Eggs, fiddleheads, and beautiful scenery I have in abundance here on the Point. I count my blessings to live in this rain forrest by the Pacific ocean because it will be a lot harder than most other parts of the USA for our would be New World Order overseers to touch, as long as I have anything to say about it, and I do because I make a point of exercising my unalienable right to freedom of speech quite regularly much to the chagrin of the Whatcom County Council- only two of whom are heeding my efforts to sound an alarm. (See my info with comments that follow in the Bellingham Herald.)
I'll never forget my father's expression at the dinner table growing up back in New Jersey when he would tell his stories from the Great Depression. He had a haunted look on his face as he told us about the huge garden they planted in their yard, and about how they bartered with the neighbors who had chickens to get eggs.
One time, when he was retelling a particular Depression era story for the 500th time and I got tired of it and complained, he looked at me with this really sad look and didn't say anything for several seconds as if trying to decide what to say, then he said "John, I really hope you and your brothers never have to live through anything like the great Depression, but I have the feeling you probably will, and when you see signs of things not being right with the economy, I don't want you to ignore your gut feelings, I want you to do what you can to prepare so you won't get caught flat footed when hard times come. I also want you to help those around you to the best of your ability."
Friends, the reason I picked that gunnysack full of fiddlehead ferns today was simple- I've got no money to buy feed for the chickens, and I'm surviving off their eggs, plus I eat the fiddleheads and other wild plants and stuff I grow in my garden. Theres no more gas in the IAHF financial tank, I'm living hand to mouth right now and I'm going to lose my house due to unpaid taxes unless I can earn more money than I have been from running IAHF.
I have a very good plan though, and with a helping hand from enough of you I'll be able to climb out of the financial hole I'm in due to inflation and due to grass roots donations all but drying up. With your help I'll be able to get back to where I was and I'll be able to send my alerts out a lot more regularly!
In 1989 I started my career of fighting the FDA. I became a soldier of fortune of sorts, living and working in several parts of the USA and traveling the globe to defend access to dietary supplements and to suppressed alternative healing modes. Along the way I became an expert on the ruling elite's population control/societal control agenda and right now its starting to play itself out with far greater speed than ever as we all witness a planned economic collapse intended to usher in the global totalitarian state.
With your help, I intend to monkeywrench those NWO plans in a variety of ways, while helping as many people as possible to stay safe and healthy in the process, but theres no more gas in the IAHF financial tank- so I'm reaching out to all of you for a hand so I can keep providing this valuable service.
My friend Marco is a commercial diver here in Point Roberts. Working part time he earns money at the marina cleaning propellers on boats, replacing the zincs on the propellers, cleaning boat bottoms, and unfouling nets that get caught on the propellers of commercial fishing boats just offshore here.
Marco wants to give me his business when he moves, just turn the whole thing over to me and he wants to train me to do this work. This is a very generous offer, most people running a business would never give it away, they'd sell it, but Marco and I are friends because we're both consulants to the natural products industry (he's a biochemist) and he and his wife have been helping me run the Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation that I just started here on the Point.
The catch is that I need to come up with the $ to get a used 7 mil wetsuit, hood, gloves, booties, tanks, regulator, weight belt and other diving gear and I also need to take an open water certification course that costs money. I'm hoping enough of you can come through for me here because I wouldn't ask for this help if I didn't really need it. Please donate here or via the address below.  See what I will send you in return below.

I'd be doing this diving business in spare time, but the extra income will make it possible for me to keep running IAHF. I am eligable right now to go on welfare and foodstamps, but I oppose socialism, and refuse to ever go that route no matter how big a squeeze the criminals in government and the Federal Reserve put us in. I've always found ways to pull myself up by my bootstraps and I'll find a way right now if you guys can just dig deep and help me get this gear I need.I'm not looking for a hand out, I'm looking for a hand up, so I can keep helping all of you.
Friends, theres some things you can't learn in books, you can only really learn surival by doing it.I've been fighting the government professionally since 1989 to defend access to dietary supplements and alternative medicine. All of us are heading headlong into a situation that requires fluid, on the spot survival thinking of a sort most of you aren't accustomed to doing. My dad was a Navy commando, one of the forerunners of today's SEALS, I learned a lot from him, also from a Scoutmaster who was a Green Beret who survived two tours of Vietnam.

I've done a lot of backpacking, wilderness canoeing, I've lived in rural Maine, rural Vermont, and rural Washington. I've lived for an extended period without electricity or running water and I've lived off the land. I've heated with wood for years.I used to deliver yachts up and down the eastern seaboard as a professional sailor and have been on the crew of commercial vessels including schooners that took out paying passengers. I'm a former lifeguard and former volunteer fireman. I know a lot about gardening and raising chickens. I live in a rural area now where I'm learning from people all around me. I can pass a lot of this on to you- but I need your help right now!!
I may not have money right now, but I do have a lot of survival experience to draw on as the New World Order vice increasingly squeezes us all. I can see a much bigger picture than most, and as long as you can help me keep IAHF's doors open, I can continue to be here for you to help you chart a path out of the New World Order swamp.
I've gotten a Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter off the ground here, and I can help you start one wherever you live, anywhere in the world, or can help you add a lot to an existing one if there is one you can join.
There are several advantages to joining a WAPF chapter. Through it you will learn all about nutrient dense food, how to grow it, how to can it, how to prepare it. Through WAPF you can learn to make your own butter, yogurt, cheese, kefir, kavass, sourkraut, and you'll find incredible recipes in Nourishing Traditions, the cookbook of Sally Fallon, WAPF's President. Don't forget that the ruling elite are already using food as a weapon, and they'll be doing this with increasing frequency as they intentionally cause an economic collapse. It pays to learn how to prepare nutrient dense foods as part of a network of people who can all help each other!
I have written a hard hitting article about UN Agenda 21 and how it threatens to force farmers (and people in rural areas) off their land. It will be published in the summer issue of the Weston Price Journal, yet another reason to join, and to urge everyone you know to join. Theres safety in numbers! If more of you help me alert more people to the immense threat posed by UN Agenda 21 and the NGO organization pushing it (ICLEI), together we can monkeywrench this agenda and get more counties and cities to emulate places like Carroll County Maryland, one of a growing list of places that are quitting membership in ICLEI and blocking UN Agenda 21 as more people come to see this communist scam as part of an evil agenda to destroy America.
For a donation of $50. or more I will send you my very well researched article about UN Agenda 21 complete with extensive footnotes.
For a donation of $100. or more I'll send you the UN Agenda 21 article plus a list of survival and gardening books and information on where to get the best garden seeds and sprouting seeds as well as info on food storage  that you won't want to be without and I'll include instructions on how to build a chicken coop and how to raise chickens.
The ruling elite's goal is to make you get in line for food in exchange for being microchipped and being forced into government approved housing in urban areas where their intention is to cluster people so we can be far more easily controlled. The way to thwart their agenda is to learn how to grow your own food, and the best way is to band together with a Weston Price Foundation Chapter or to start one and I can help with that. I have a lot of hand out materials I can forward you and you can learn from my experience.
You can wake a lot of people up where you live by doing your best to follow the example I've set for you via my two presentations before the Whatcom County Council which was reported here in the Bellingham Herald where you can see my written comments to the Council, and where you can see 67 comments from the public- some of which are quite interesting and valuable.
You can also have a meeting with your County Sheriff the way I did with Sheriff Elfo here in an effort to alert them to the threat of economic collapse and to urge them to obey their constitutional oath the way the Oathkeepers organization is trying to do via Operation Sleeping Giant which I urge you to tell your Sheriff and more people around you about.
The key to thwarting the New World Order is education. Encourage all your friends and relatives to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at no charge HERE.  With your help we can help many people around us to wake up to the ruling elite's evil agenda, and we can rally around the Constitution to stay safe ourselves and to keep those around us safe. Sheriff Elfo is glad to know that many of us here in Point Roberts are preparing because that makes his job easier, not so much likelihood of civil unrest when people are seeing this threat and gearing up for it. Keep in mind that with 1 in 7 Americans on food stamps (up 40% in past 2 years) when we go into hyperinflation people will do anything they can to feed themselves and their families including loot supermarkets which will be swept bare.
The elite want to put us under martial law, and to conquer us, but that can only happen if we let them.
Please, folks, I wouldn't ask for your help this way if I didn't really need it. All for one, and one for all. You help me survive this crunch I'm in right now so I can take over Marco's commercial diving business, and I'll be able to KEEP being here for you in the way that you need!! Please make your most generous contribution possible here via paypal or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA..... and God Bless You!!
Please forward this widely and urge more people to join IAHF because theres safety in numbers and together we CAN DEFEAT the New World Order!