Hi everyone,
Happy August everyone. Have you gone outside? it's great out there.
A couple of bits of big news. Firstly the TV show I've been teasing for the last six months is only blummin Taskmaster! I am one of the contestants on series 10 which is only Channel 4 from October, along with Johnny Vegas, Daisy May Cooper, Katherine Parkinson and Mawaan Rizwan. It's all recorded and the winner has been decided. Can I do it? What do you think? It was such a funny show though and I hope you laugh at it as much as I did. Look at my excited face.
Secondly we're doing a couple of kickstarters to try and raise some funds to pay for the RHLSTPs we recorded at the end of last year and the start of this and soime future online content.  The first one is for Stone Clearing and has some great rewards. Details below.
Richard Herring
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The Stone Clearer Kickstarter gives you the chance to get a Stone Clearer's Guild Membership Card, some amazing sew on Scout style stone clear badges, a 16 page guide to stone clearing and a Witch's Finger or Dick plucked from the field in a presentation box.
These rewards will not be available anywhere else and are sure to become collectible and (if past kickstarters are anything to go by) should go up in value.
It only happens if we hit our possibly ambitious target.
There will soon be an alternate kickstarter based on the snooker podcast, with a Punani sticker album and stickers of all the players.
All the money goes to making the rewards and making more content for you to enjoy.
RHLSTP is continuing through lockdown.
Podcasts are released every Wednesday. Check them out on Acast (and everywhere else) and Youtube on these dates
Coming soon
19th August Daniel Sloss
26th August Jo Caulfield
2nd September Bettany Hughes
9th Sept Bilal Zafar
16th Sept Sophie Duker
You can listen here

Or watch them recorded live on Twitch here
I am doing lots of things on Twitch
Snooker on Mondays (and usually Tuesday)
and Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun on Thursdays. These are also released as podcasts where you get your podcasts and videos on Youtube
Series 3 of Relativity finishes on Radio 4 next Friday at 11.30am. You can catch up on (nearly) the whole series here.
Episode 1 came down today so you can't listen to that.
If you missed out on series 1 and 2, you can catch up illegally here.
Fridge filter still unchanged.
Coming soon podcasts with Lou Sanders and Nathan Caton
You can preorder my book "The Problem With Men" as a book, ebook or audiobook wherever you get your books.

If you prefer to GET money whilst donating then why not join Bulb. You'll get up to £50 credit  (£25 if you just change either gas or electricity - £50 for both) if you use my code and so will we. And we'll be putting all the money raised this end into the pot to film the tour

Plus use my code and you and I will both get up to £50 credit and my up to £50 will go straight into the pot to make more podcasts. Yay!
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