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Waste Management & Recycling  
Exhibition & Conference for South-East Europe
7 - 9 March 2017, Sofia, Organizer: Via Expo
Turning waste into a valuable resource is important and necessary for each country's economy. In the context of the circular economy, the EU has set new targets. By 2030 they are: 55% recycling of municipal waste; 10% landfilling; 75% recycling of packaging waste.
Knowledge and technology transfer from developed to developing regions is crucial for the achievement of ecological and resource efficient management of growing and unused quantity of waste. Being the only specialized exhibition in Bulgaria in this field, Save the Planet contributes to the entering and promotion of modern innovations to the market and to achieve the objectives.
In the November issue of Save the Planet bulletin we will familiarize you with the promotional opportunities of the event and with the latest news from some of our exhibitors and partners.
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The 8th edition of SEE 'Save the Planet' 2017 will once again be held under the patronage of the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water
The organizer Via Expo highly appreciates its well-established long term collaboration with the Bulgarian Ministry. Minister Ivelina Vasileva officially opened the Forum’16 and an expert from the Ministry participated in the SEE Conference on the topic of 'Waste Management in Bulgaria'. This attendance is of real significance for the event as the Conference participants acquire relevant information on how Bulgaria has implemented the requirements of EU law in the field of waste management.
The main goal of the national policy on waste management is to achieve an integrated framework for their management, to reduce the environmental impact of generated waste, improve efficiency of used resources, increase the responsibilities of polluters and stimulate investment in this field.
More relevant news from the website of MOEW can be read here.
Interview with Peter Fiedler - responsible for Project Management & Sales,
IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH
  What projects are you currently working on in South-East Europe?
IFE is working on projects related to classification and separation of bulk material and recycling in general. IFE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vibratory conveyors, screening machines, magnetic and eddy current separators for bulk material handling.

IFE developed know-how and specialized equipment for aluminum separation for its clients. Tell us more about this project.
IFE is a well-known producer of eddy current separators for the separation of non-ferrous metals from all kinds of bulk material. Eddy currents are generated by induction in metals. The extremely strong pulsating magnetic field and the high rotational speed guarantee superior separation results even for fines and inseparable particles.
The whole interview can be read here.
Interview with Mr. Peter Stämpfli, Hybag Automationen AG
  Hybag Automationen AG is not a debutant at Save the Planet. You have been among the participants for several years. What makes the market in the region interesting for your company?
We are looking into the future. The separation, the treatment of organic waste and renewable energy is a growing theme, because landfills will also disappear in Bulgaria.

The Tutto system allows processing of large quantities of bio waste. What makes this system so reliable?
The patented Hybag system is developed to treat large quantities of organic recyclables from the food industry and nevertheless to reach a very high substrate quality with minimum contained impurities and a smallest particle size. This results in a high gas yield, less fermenter cleaning intervals, a high quality fertilizer and therefore in a maximum sustainable profit for the customer.
The whole interview can be found here.
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