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IAHF List: The information in this mssg follows my previous mssg about ABC News alerting people to the possibility of an Avian Flu Pandemic this winter that they say could kill over a BILLION PEOPLE globally https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+415

Under Project Bioshield, Congress gave the DoD and HHS the power to declare a national emergency, wether real or imagined and FORCE VACCINATE people
http://www.dhhs.gov/ophep/bioshield/ http://www.milvacs.org

We just witnessed FEMA murder huge numbers of people in New Orleans by blocking distribution of water, blocking unloading of diesel fuel from coast guard boats, cutting phone lines of the Jefferson County President forcing him to position armed sheriffs to defend the lines once repaired.

Whats our protection going to be in the event that an Avian Flu Pandemic triggers a declaration of Martial Law via Project Bioshield?


An idea came to me today when I saw an article in my local paper by a nurse advocating that people get flu shots.

I used this as an opportunity to educate people in my community by writing a letter exposing the danger of mercury, etc in flu shots, and used it as an opportunity to delve into the threat of an Avian flu pandemic, safe, natural protection against flu and pandemics and the possible declaration of Martial Law with the attendant threat of forced vaccination.

Our only real protection in the event of something like this is PUBLIC EDUCATION. I printed out copies of the letter I just sent to the editor, and went door to door in my neighborhood to discuss this situation with my neighbors. I urge you to do the same. We need to educate people to safe alternatives, to the wisdom of stocking up on vitamin C, oil of oregano, Thieves oil, and to utilize things like the personal air purifier discussed in my previous mssg.

In New Orleans, while FEMA was busy MURDERING people via their genocidal policies, ordinary people like you and me performed the rescues and saved thousands of lives.

In Bellingham Washington there is a local organization called "Sustainable Bellingham" that is working actively to network everyone partly in case the SHTF and martial law is declared. They did the advertising for the talk I just gave on Codex and we're going to have more public meetings where all of this can be addressed.

You can form a group like theirs in your city or town, its just a matter of reaching out to your neighbors and getting to know them. Get a copy of "We Become Silent" to help educate people in your area!! $24. inc shipping, for $30. I'll throw in a copy of the hour long audiotape of a recent talk I gave. Address Below.... Urgent Donations Needed to assist with public speaking nationwide- the life you save could be your OWN. Please FORWARD WIDELY, don't act like a DEER caught in the HEADLIGHTS, we CAN fight back, we CAN Defend Ourselves via KNOWLEDGE, via NETWORKING!