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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
December 6, 2009
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Jetty Tax Court Case Tomorrow :
Urgent Request for Valuation Certificates
Dear All

Do you share a jetty with your neighbour(s) ? You might be able to support the legal challenge by a Clareville jetty owner.  The case is before court tomorrow, Monday, so please read on and act immediately if you can help.


Have you received a separate Notice of Valuation for the Department of Lands for your waterfront facilities? 
Separate valuations for jetty/waterfront and adjoining freehold are infrequently raised by the Valuer General, but are being sought urgently to defend a legal challenge by a Clareville jetty owner in court on Monday. 
Separate valuations may be issued when the registered owner of the freehold land is different from the registered holder of the jetty licence, for example in the case of a jetty shared by adjoining neighbours.   

There are a handful of such instances known to WAG in Sydney Harbour, but none known in Pittwater which is the reason for the urgent request for assistance.  
The Waterfront Action Group’s detailed request is attached.
If you are able to assist, please urgently fax a copy of both valuation certificates to George Citer, secretary WAG on 9948 5228, or scan them and email them to citer@iprimus.com.au  If you wish to clarify this request further, please call George Citer on 9948 5228, or alternatively call Graham Forster on 4342 7487

Friends of Currawong Newsletter
December 03, 2009
Dear supporters,

News has reached us that Unions NSW has signed a sale agreement with “Eco Villages” with a settlement date of twelve months from now.

We imagine that the sale will be dependent on a successful development application. Details of the deal are thin on the ground as usual however this is no cause for despair. We always knew that this was one option that could crop up and you can bet your boots that the Heritage restrictions that we put in place with our historic win this year will make life very difficult for them.
At this early stage it is a case of wait and see, always the hardest part. Now would be a good time to remember that:
  • they will never have a housing estate on the site which they intended last time,
  • they will never dump half a million tonnes of infill on the site like they intended last time,
  • they will never build a gated community on the site like they intended last time,
  • they will never destroy the heritage significance of the site like they intended last time,
  • they will never dredge the creek like they intended last time.
The last time we fought and defeated them  we were fighting over a piece of real estate (although a very special one) this time we are fighting over a registered heritage site….every single square inch, thanks to all of you.

And this time we are a well oiled fighting machine with years of experience, we have a local Council that is 100% behind us and a local Member who is a totally committed fighter and we have our dedicated and caring supporters without whom none of this would be possible. I couldn't put it any better than Rob Stokes who raised the issue in Parliament last night and I attach his speech below for you all to read.
In short, we have never been in a stronger position in the entire history of the fight and we confident of a positive outcome.
So, we will take a well earned break over Christmas and come back fresh as ever to engage in the next exciting phase in our battle to protect the Heritage of Currawong Beach forever.

With patience and persistence we will prevail.
In Solidarity,
Shane Withington.
President of the Friends of Currawong.

Speakers - Stokes Mr Rob
Business - Private Members Statements, PRIV

Page: 77

Mr ROB STOKES (Pittwater) [6.09 p.m.]: I bring to the attention of the House a very sad matter I have become aware of in the last half an hour: Unions New South Wales has, by virtue of a joint venture agreement, sold Currawong Beach, in Pittwater—that beautiful, unique, heritage bushland site—to property developer Eco Villages Australia. This event is appalling for the people of Pittwater. It demonstrates a complete failure on the part of the New South Wales Government to show leadership by taking the opportunity to buy back this unique site for the people of New South Wales.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Government to do something really special—to buy back a site with real meaning, real heritage significance and real environmental value, surrounded as it is by a national park that has just been recognised as a Commonwealth heritage place because of its outstanding biodiversity values. A coordinated approach by the Department of Planning, the Department of Lands and Pittwater Council, together with financial support already committed by the Pittwater community and the Friends of Currawong, could have, with a bit of leadership, seen the Government step in and use its close relationship with the union movement to negotiate a purchase of the site. But it seems that Labor is too distracted with its own internal leadership woes to do something positive and visionary that would have real, tangible environmental and social benefits for the people of New South Wales.

The sale simply demonstrates why this Government will go down in history as the Government of wasted opportunities. Future generations will not thank this Government for what has transpired this afternoon. However, it puts one thing in clear focus: There is now no doubt that, whatever Unions New South Wales might have been established to do and regardless of any heritage of service to working people that Unions New South Wales might claim, Unions New South Wales has now—under the leadership of first Michael Costa, then John Robertson and now Mark Lennon—been morphed into nothing more than a property developer. Rather than being motivated by concern for the welfare of working people in New South Wales, the unions have entered into a joint venture with a property developer that has been a major donor to New South Wales Labor, using the extraordinary ministerial discretion available under the notorious part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, to seek the rezoning, subdivision and residential desecration of a unique waterfront bushland heritage site.

Unions New South Wales has become a property developer first—focused on deals with developers, not on the real needs of working people. It is now clear that the first test of the new prohibition on developer donations must be for the Premier to rule out ever again taking money from Unions New South Wales. That money is now tainted, laundered as it has been through the device of an option to purchase workers' land by a wealthy eastern suburbs developer company. If this deal has gone through on the basis of a payment of $15 million, which is the figure talked about in the media, then something is seriously amiss. The Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel on Currawong made it abundantly clear that there is virtually no commercial value in Currawong as a development site. The geographic, infrastructure, environmental and heritage constraints of the site mean that its value must be half of that quoted in the media.

Of course, because Unions New South Wales is a private business, its records and the deal with the developer will remain hidden from public view. But I inform this House now that if $15 million has passed hands, something is not right. And this deal should not be hidden from public view—first, because at the time the deal was considered Unions New South Wales had a representative on the New South Wales Heritage Council. Unions New South Wales has benefited from 60 years of not paying land tax on that site—a deal that would have gained Unions New South Wales millions of dollars worth of value, since it is now treating the site not as something it holds in the public interest but nothing more than a site to be flogged off to a property developer mate. Secondly, at the time this deal was negotiated the current Minister for the Environment was the head of Unions New South Wales. He was the bloke who said, "I can put D9s and chainsaws through Currawong if I want." And he is now the environment Minister of this State!

I give a word of warning to anyone who thinks they can get a greasy deal through under the radar. Will the Pittwater community and the wider community simply shrug their shoulders and say, "Well, we tried", and then go away? No, that will not happen. We will not go away. This fight is not over. It will go on and on, until Currawong is forever saved from the scourge of greed and self-interest that threatens it with dismemberment and desecration. The Pittwater community is united. They have been through many attempts to flog off this land, to the detriment of many and the benefit of a few. I will not go away, Shane Withington will not go away, and the Friends of Currawong will not go away.

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Local Council Notices
Holiday Activities at Mona Vale Library 
Mona Vale Library will run three exciting activities throughout the holiday period starting on Monday 14 December 2009 with the ‘Summer Read Rate & Raffle’.

The Read Rate & Raffle is open to all ages and gives library members an opportunity to rate the book they have just read.  

Participants are asked to submit a rating form on a scale of 1 to 5 estimating their satisfaction with the book they have borrowed. All completed forms will go into a weekly prize draw for adults and children.

Pittwater Council’s Community & Library Services Manager Lindsay Godfrey said the initiative was a great way to encourage reading during the summer holidays.
“Through the raffle we’re hoping to get a real sense of what people like to read which helps library staff tailor future stock orders,” he said.

Librarian Catherine Buddin said another activity for children during the holidays was ‘Draw Your House’.  On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout January, primary school children are invited to come along and draw their house on special fabric, using pens provided.  

“The best work will be included in a wall hanging displayed during Heritage week in April 2010,” said Ms Buddin

Throughout January Mona Vale Library will also hold a photo exhibition celebrating the history of Scotland Island.  

Pittwater Mayor Harvey Rose said the exhibition celebrates the 200th anniversary of Scotland Island, when Andrew Thompson was given the grant at Scotland Island in 1810.
Mayor Rose said the Scotland Island community would be holding events on the Island in 2010 to mark the anniversary for offshore residents.

To find out more information about activities at Mona Vale library during summer visit:  www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/library or call 9970 1600.

Christmas Training in the Park
Get a head start on the Christmas kilos!
Come along and try fun, outdoor training with a difference.
Friday the 18th Dec, 6:30-7:30am. Catherine Park (near tennis)

All welcome!
great opportunity to try out a class before term starts 2010
$15 Bookings essential
Bring water, sweat towel and yoga mat if you have one.

TERM 1 2010 starts January 11th. Pilates and Group training classes.
For more information and to register for Christmas session contact
Patrice Corrie 0408 707 679 or email patrice.corrie@gmail.com

You Asked..
Cleaner required:
Wanting to organise a cleaner for a home.
Does anyone offer this services on the Island?
Pamela Morales
+61 410 163 883

Rental - One Bedroom Off-Shore Ground Floor Dwelling
Covered open living area – lounge – bathroom - has limited kitchen facilities nevertheless previoushouseview tenants have set up outdoor living area for cooking. Shared laundry facilities and washing machine included.
  • $250 per week (includes electricity) – rent period paid fortnightly in advance
  • Access by shared private jetty and/or short walk from North Elvina ferry wharf
  • Available from 11th December 2009
  • Bond $1,500.00 (equivalent to six weeks rent and notice)

Also short team holiday season rental negotiable 
Unique Aspect Overlooking Elvina Bay
Contact Marion and Michael Edols
AH land line: 9979 3993
Michael's mob:  0402 65 69 67

Wanted House to Rent
Juniper and Michael are looking for a house to rent from February 7 onwards.
We are a mature professional couple pursuing a change in life style.

Need two bedrooms but no frills, prefer own jetty access but not essential.

Please contact us on 0407984449 until December 31 then overseas till Feb.

Juniper and Michael Greve

For Sale 
If you have something for sale that you think locals would like - let us know and we will put an entry in the PON at the beginning of each month...

"Baby Born"
Very good condition with clothes and accessories, great Xmas pressie, also a dolls stroller, no good offer refused.
Phone Rowena 9979 5466 or 0406 046 256

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