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  January 2012
ICTeachers LogoProbably the least monthliest e-newsletter in the world!
This month:
Combating Youth Mobile Phone Crime
Army STEM resources
Websites for Schools who would rather not...
Free School E-safety self evaluation tool
Family News (for those who want it)
Supplement that pension -
Pay less for household bills -
Combat Youth Mobile Phone Crime

1 in 5 youngsters get their phone stolen so says the National Statistics. The Home Office and the Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum have developed a website for teachers and parents to combat this through:
- Videos
- handouts in PDF
- Lesson plans for KS2-4 in ICT Drama and English
- A competition for youngsters to create their own safet video
Well worth a look.
Army STEM resources 

The British Army has just produced a free resource for teachers entitled ‘STEM: BUILD YOUR FUTURE’.  
These are FREE materials for students aged 14-16 based around the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths curriculum on their website where they also offer to send one of their army carers advisors to kick it all off with a presentation about the materials.
Websites for Schools who would rather not...
ICWebs has been offering schools the easy option for 10 years.
They build the site, host the site and maintain the site ie you just send the stuff and they upload it for you and do all the jiggly things that take forever.
If you want to do somethings yourself then they can make that easy to do ie emergency messages or changing the prices of jumpers on a page but if you want the easy no fuss option contact ICWebs
So for lazy ICTcoordinators or heads who would just rather not, hand it all over to ICWebs who will do it all for you for a mimimum of fuss and bother.
Prices is £499 per year to build/redesign a website, host it, update it with your materials as you require. 
E-safety school self-evaluation tool

The 360 degree safe online tool provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to review their eSafety provision and to develop an action plan to bring about improvements. The tool is currently free of charge to schools on completion of a simple registration process.
The thing that makes it stand out for me is that it not only lets you record where you are, but suggests where you need to go next to improve!
Well worth a look for any who are concerned with whole school approaches to e-safety.
Family News
I find it incredible that I've not done a newsletter since July.
So what I've done is include our 2012 Round Robin Christmas letter as an attachment, enjoy!
Update to it, John didn't get into Cambridge, but he's got a place at Bristol Uni so we're all very pleased and James passed is Grade 4 Keyboard. Hooray!
If you have any feedback on the Round Robin I'll pass it back to Lizzie who wrote it.