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13th April 2009

Stitchin’, Bitchin’ and a Nice Bit of Gorgonzola

WIN Knit Cafe Book... Race for Life... EXCLUSIVE Science Museum Meeting... Knit Me Event

Sun has got his hat on greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, finally able to safely stash away your winter woollies and release your more sunshiney knits into the wilds of London.

Our big news is an exclusive meeting at the Science Museum
. You can blow things up, conduct dastardly experiments, and do Wallace and Gromit cheesy grins while you stitch.  

It’s your last chance to get in on the Race for Life fun. We’re racing on the 6th of May and stitching as we go. You can sponsor us to knit and race, buy our almost-free hat patterns, or just come along to Battersea Park on the day to cheer us on. We’ll walk faster if you wave cake. 

Competition Time leaps from the undergrowth again with the shiny new Knit Café book, we check up on the giant knitted rabbit with our satellite spycams, and we offer you a the chance to cover a British landmark in your stitchery. 

Also coming up is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and the giant radioactive city-crushing Godzilla that is our 2009 Knit Crawl on June the 13th. Put a big woolly X in your diary now.

The Royal Festival Hall saw us forming a knitterly pool in the centre of the main bar, longing for headtorches as the lights were dimmed, knitting all kinds of wonders from film strips to future graffiti, and making crafty friends with the lovely blokes from Skart, whose thought-provoking arty-craftiness can be seen at the Space studios right here in our fair city.

Leon was the usual blend of whirling yarn and healthful but tastified munchies. Spitalfields market echoed with the sounds of us doing the two things we do best (it’s not all about the stitching, you know) as it was warm enough for us to sit outside at last. Yay!

Stitch and Summer’s Nearly Here 

Details of the next meeting: 

Join us as we venture (kinda) outdoors this week at the centre of London’s theatre land. We’ve previously had musically themed sing-alongs and stitched to the sounds of string quartets. No doubt we’ll be in for treat once again. And if it rains, do not despair, we will be completely sheltered from any possible showers. 

From 6pm
Venue: The Crusting Pipe
27 The Market
Covent Garden

Map Website Nearest Tube: Covent Garden, Embankment

Stitch and Weird Science and a Knitting Dog

Details of the meeting after that: 

Tonight’s special gathering brings us to the Science Museum, for the new Wallace & Gromit exhibition. We’ll be stitching away in the Revolution Café, which will be serving traditional English grub (plenty of lovely cheese and fish ‘n’ chips). Yum! And if you fancy it, the night’s special ‘late’ opening gives you a chance to get interactive with the exhibition without any pesky kids around. 

The museum’s official opening time is 6:45pm, however, being special guests for the evening, we can sneak in early, in advance of the general public. You’ll need to go to the Groups Entrance (off Imperial College road, opposite the

Mormon temple) for 6:15pm. Anyone arriving later will need to go to the main entrance to get in at 6:45pm. 

From 6:15pm (15 mins later than usual. Pay attention!)
The Revolution Café (ground floor)
The Science Museum
25 Exhibition Rd

Tel: 0870 870 4868 

Map Website Nearest Tube: South Kensington

Stitch and EVerybody Loves Mezze

Details of the meeting after that: 

From 6pm
Venue: EV Delicatessen
The Arches
97-99 Isabella Street
London SE1 8DD

Map Website Nearest Tube: Southwark, Waterloo

Stitch and Bloody Big Bunny

From our S&B archives we went back to check on our friend the giant knitted bunny…

So picture this: you are sitting on an aeroplane sipping your glass of in-flight vino, you managed to sneak your Denise knitting needles through airport security (yay!) so you’re purling away, you nabbed a window seat to inspire you with planeside views, you peer down on the world, you see tiny houses, you see teeny trees, you see a giant pink knitted rabbit, you see…hang on! What?!

Near the town of Artesina, in the Italian Alps, lies a GIANT KNITTED PINK RABBIT! A group of four Austrian artists called Gelitin have spent five years, and possibly a lot of pairs of needles, knitting a beast so big you can see it on satellite cameras.

Think we’re talking rhubarb? Click here to go to our blog post and marvel at the bunny on Google Maps.

The giant bunny will be lounging on the hillside for the next 20 years (or until a giant knitted fox comes to eat him), so if you’re in the area you are invited by the artists to “climb up along its ears, almost fall into its cavernous mouth, to the belly-summit and look out over the pink woolen landscape of the rabbit’s body, a country dropped from the sky”. Field trip, anyone?

Stitch and Mine’s a Latte: Greetings From Knit Café Competition

Its competition time again! This month publishers STC Craft have given us 5 copies of the delicious Greetings from Knit Café which 5 of you jammy dodgers can win. 

Los Angeles. Home of people with very white teeth, a city that has a HUGE sign with its name on in case it forgets it, and a fabulous little place called Knit Café. 

Greetings from Knit Café includes 30 California style knitting projects ranging from hiking socks to a bikini, cute lace skirts to a red carpet gown. This is mixed in with stories about how the real Knit Café, on Melrose Avenue in LA, came to be and the range of customers including actors, surfers, doctors, and directors that gather there. This is a really lovely book and even has a few favourite recipes from regular customers included. If you can’t find anything you want to make in it we’ll eat our hats (providing they are made of cake).  

So, to win a copy, simply answer this brain-taxing question:

LA is home to a famous place called The Knitting Factory. What kind of place is it?
a. A giant yarn shop
b. A music venue
c. A place where Nannas knit Shreddies for a living

Email us at with: 

The subject "I am a yarn-and-cake-aholic"

Answer A, B, or C

Your full name, email address, and contact phone number (if you have one) 

The deadline for the competition is Wednesday 22nd April at 10am. The 5 winners will be picked (by our clever Winner-Selecting Angora Rabbit) from all correct entries, and notified by email or phone within 48 hours.   

A quick reminder that yarn and cake bribes will get you nowhere! It’s as easy as choosing your answer, emailing us, and then sitting back with your double shot cappuccino and rocky road slice for the results to come in. Good luck! 

Competition rules: 1. One entry per person. 2. Competition ends 22nd April 2009 at 10am. 4. Winners will be drawn from all correct answers, and notified within 48 hours via email or phone. 5. If winners don’t reply with addresses within two weeks of closing date then new winners will be chosen. 5. No cash alternatives. 6. Book will be posted to winners.

Stitch and Bridging the Gap

The Skye Bridge links the Isle of Skye with the mainland in the West Highlands of Scotland and is a vital part of life for those that live on either side. Luib na Lùban, a new textile art group in Skye and Lochalsh invites you to take part in their ambitious project to cover the entire Skye Bridge in knitting. 

This rather large piece of guerrilla knitting is being made as part of Highland Homecoming 2009, which celebrates 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth as well as Scotland’s great contributions to the world. But you don’t have to be a Scot to join in with the knitting. 

You are invited to knit or crochet large panels, scarves, or smaller rectangles to specific dimensions, which will be joined together to cover the bridge. The project will demonstrate the knitty links that exist all over the world, which in turn emphasises the link that the bridge represents to the residence on either side.  

The deadline for sending in your contribution is the 25th September and all sections will be auctioned off for charity at the end of the project. Find out all the details at their website and we promise to keep you up to date with how this mammoth project progresses.

Stitch and Knit Me Baby One More Time

Kat is giving us another chance to contribute to her fab final year design project, Knit Me.  

If you couldn’t join us at the Trafalgar Square event, or would like another go at the massive collaborative project then why not pop along on SATURDAY 18th APRIL to the RFH and add your creativity to this growing artwork? 

1pm - 5pm
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall (1st floor by the glass lift)
Address: South Bank Centre 
Belvedere Road 

Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment 

You can find out how we got on at the Trafalgar Square event on the blog.

We hope to see you there with the most random yarn you can find.

That’s all we can possibly squeeze out of the knitting world for you this time. We hope to see you cheering us on at Race for Life, whipping up a hat or two for cancer fighters, and enjoying the springiness of London in the spring. Whilst you are busy doing this please spare a thought for all those involved in the horrific earthquake catastrophe in Italy, where one brave knitter has survived with the power of the knit.

May the stitch be with you, lovely S&B Londoners.

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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